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The Goddess of War Wants to Consume Our Daughters February 5, 2016

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Good commentary by Michael Matt on the recent support given by the politicians in uniform for opening registration for selective service to women.  I’m a bit surprised this is happening, at least so soon, I thought there would be some uproar, but apparently, we’re too far gone for that.  We can see how much 8 years of Obama have brought the military chiefs into line, with even the Commandant of the Marine Corps dutifully repeating the company line, even though his own service tests revealed the disastrous unsuitability of virtually all women for any kind of ground combat role.  Long forgotten is even the faintest hint of the notion of women being the gentler sex, of being ordered for nurturing and bringing life into the world, not killing, and being protected from such evils as shedding blood for purposes of state policy:

“The top officers in the Army and Marine Corps testified on Tuesday that they believe it is time for women to register for future military drafts, following the Pentagon’s recent decision to open all jobs in combat units to female service members.

Gen. Mark A. Milley, chief of staff of the Army, and Gen. Robert B. Neller, the Marine Corps commandant, both said they were in favor of the change during an occasionally contentious Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the full integration of women in the military. The generals, both infantry officers, offered their opinions in response to a question from Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who said that she also is in favor of the change.

“Senator, I think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft,” said Milley, echoing the remarks of Neller.  [Self-serving miscreants]

After the hearing, Neller added in a short interview that any young American as a rite of passage should have to register for Selective Service….

“Carter’s action allows women for the first time to apply for a variety of physically punishing positions, including Army and Marine Corps infantryman, as well as Special Operations jobs, including Navy SEAL and Green Beret. The Defense Department plans to begin implementing associated changes in training and evaluation by April 1.”

Before I get to Matt’s searing commentary, let me inform you how this will play out.  Failure to have a certain number of women in “glamour slots” like the Green Berets, SEALs, or Marine Recon will be taken as evidence of sexism. Since zero women can qualify for those positions with their current standards, standards will be dramatically cut, if not obliterated. For a time, men will be held to the old, strict standard, and women to a new, much softer one.  But eventually, if history is any guide, all standards will be dramatically lowered as men bring suits to bear.  This has already happened across the military.

Even more, women can expect dramatically preferential treatment.  In order to prove how un-sexist they are, careerist officers will insist that women show up on the top of proficiency tests like marksmanship, orienteering, and the like.  This already happens with grim regularity today. But maybe a US military incapable of fighting is more of a feature, than a bug.

Some of Matt’s comments I found more choice:

I have five daughters, and the day that this increasingly demonic government attempts to drag them into combat is the day I take my family and leave this country. I don’t care what they do to me, but I fear the sick tortures of mind and body these globalist Christophobes have in store for my children and grandchildren……..

……..God help us, what a monster this evil Goddess Liberty has turned out to be. Mothers, sisters and daughters in combat—how liberating! Here’s where their precious ‘pill’ has taken them, to a world robbed of the civilizing leaven of femininity, with no maternal heart, no womanly gentleness, no queenly grace, no beauty, no life. [And the pill is one major reason why they have to draft women into combat in the first place, as we’re short millions of  young men that should exist due to contraception and abortion.]

Just an ugly, sterile, globalist prison filled with testosterone, crime, drugs and brutal sex. Not only is chivalry dead but its point and purpose no longer exists. [Testosterone, but not masculinity, and certainly not manhood]

The Godless ones are clearly transforming our world into a place where the sting of death may soon seem a small price to pay to get out, and where the living may well come to envy the dead.

This is the New World Order…and it will be no place to live. Everything true, good and beautiful is being systematically eradicated before our eyes, and now this modern Moloch wants to devour our little girls on the altar of Liberty.

They’ve taken God’s greatest gifts and urinated all over them all—from life, to love, to family, to innocence, to grace, to true liberty. I know I’m not the only one who’s grown supremely weary of the whole bloody reign of spiritual and moral terror. I cling to my faith, my rosary, my family—but I know the mob is coming to take them all away in due time.

Really well said.  None of this is accidental.  There has been a design at work for centuries, and all the things we see, from trying to make little girls play soldier to making little boys play Girl Scouts are not unintended consequences of the Revolution.  It is the inevitable end-product of a godless, amoral society.  And not to be a downer, but I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon, especially with the highest levels of the Church now seeming bent on caving.



1. dthy - February 5, 2016

“If a Mother can kill her own child, what is left….?”–Mother Teresa. Our nation under a pro-abort woman could be bloodier than the world has ever known–but, for that matter I suppose it is already, considering the blood of the unborn. But, it could get worse. Pray it doesn’t happen. Pray for an end to abortion, and for an end to the acceptance of contraception, which only degrades women, makes marriage meaningless, and leads to abortion and all its accompanying horrors.

2. Baseballmom - February 6, 2016

“Even more, women can expect dramatically preferential treatment.” Well, not from their captors. I will take my granddaughters wherever the hell I must…. They will NOT BE drafted.

3. baliosv - February 6, 2016

Correct, Baseballmom. For female military the greatest psychological malady PTSD = sexual abuse. Something you don’t hear a lot about, eh? unfortunately, so many girls think being the best you can be is … being a man. Drinking & drugs, loose sex, wild living. The really sad thing is that young men don’t like this type of girl. The flip side is the ultra thin, weak, clinging type. Also held in contempt. There has to be better marketing. The way to be the best and happiest is to be … a woman. What a concept! .

4. baliosv - February 6, 2016

I read that the greatest problem the female military suffers is PTSD from sexual abuse. Something you don’t hear about. War is obviously a man’s game and not like playing games with your big brother and his friends. Unfortunately the media teaches our daughters that the way to be the best and brightest is to be … a man. We need better marketing. The way for girls to grow up happy and healthy is to be … a woman. Sorry if this is posted twice. My previous attempt disappeared.

5. Sanfedisti - February 7, 2016

I have spoken with a number of traditional Catholic men about this news. Unfortunately, their responses reminded me of Aidan Mackey’s comment in his preface to Chesterton’s “Utopia of Usurers” [he was referring to governmental support of non-marital relationships, including homosexual ones, but it may be applied to the current issue]:

“My prophesy is that although there will be protests…the vast majority of people will accept this fresh insult with the same silent docility as they have accepted each previous injury from the State…”

The primary objection should not be that including women in combat, and potentially drafting them, will weaken our military; but rather that it is a direct challenge to God’s order, His plan, to traditional Christian culture. Even pagans, for the most part, do not send women out to fight. Every man who was reared on a diet of Arthurian legend, or something similar, should want to manfully face this dragon threatening our maidens. Make no mistake about it, this latest “injury” is a dragon. Men, don’t shrug it off, face it, challenge it, ridicule it, talk with other men about it and resist it for the right reasons! Our wives, daughters, and sisters, will be looking to us for protection.

Hilaire Belloc concludes his “Essays of a Catholic” with these uncomfortable words, “Whether we shall avoid it or succumb, none can tell”, and so it is.

6. c matt - February 8, 2016

The Defense Department plans to begin implementing associated changes in training and evaluation by April 1.

See, this gives it away! It is all a big April fools joke!

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