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No one is more sexist, than those who rage against the sexism of others…….. February 9, 2016

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…….just as the most racist among us, are those who constantly decry and claim to fight against the racism they claim to see all around them.

It was not always this way.  There have been legitimate complaints against racial injustice and perhaps some wrong-headed attitudes regarding the role of women in our society in the past (though I would argue that the feminist movement as such has always been problematic if not fundamentally disordered).  But since virtually all those battles were, by and large, overwhelmingly won decades ago, those who persist in advocating for radical forms of feminism and racialism have passed from fighting injustice into advocacy for new forms of supremacy.  Robert Stacy McCain has long proved to my satisfaction, through his multi-year expose of hardcore feminism, that these types have long ago shucked any real interest in equality, and in effect now want to see men castigated and subjugated just as women ostensibly were some decades ago.  It’s about revenge and continuing the revolutionary unmaking of all extant social mores much more than it is about true justice or concern for the good of others.

A major demonstration of this has occurred as Hillary Clinton’s campaign has continued to (hopefully) implode.  With more and more young women preferring the 74 year old cantankerous socialist Bernie Sanders to Queen Hillary, a good number of feminist ideologues have come out of the woodwork of late to tell these young women that they are betraying the sacred sisterhood by refusing to support a woman for president.  Not only that, but they have done so in ways that are as stereotypically sexist and offensive as can be imagined.

Example A: Gloria Steinem claimed on the Bill Maher show that the only reason ditzy young women were supporting Sanders is because that’s where the boyz are at, and obviously young women just do whatever boys say, or go wherever the boys are:

Asked why the former secretary of state isn’t doing better among young women, Steinem said females typically don’t start taking politics seriously until they get older.

“When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie,” Steinem added.

Maher was immediately taken aback by Steinem’s comment.

“Now if I said that — ‘Yeah, they’re for Bernie ’cause that’s where the boys are’ — you’d swat me,” Maher said.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Steinem fired back.

The aging leftist warrior later apologized for your taking offense through misinterpretation of what her words plainly meant.

Example B: Foul crone and only the second most incompetent Secretary of State this nation has ever seen (the other being the candidate she presently supports), Madeleine Albright, had even choicer words for those who betray the sacred secrets of the yaya sisterhood:

Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright introduced Hillary Clinton at an event in New Hampshire on Saturday, telling the crowd and voters in general: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” [Voting left is the only acceptable form of help, apparently]

As an aside, and just to show how disconnected from reality Albright continues to be (as she was back in the 90s), she also made this astounding claim:

Albright said: “When she was secretary of state, she restored America’s reputation.

“Those other people before made huge mistakes. They really undermined our reputation and our position in the world, and Hillary Clinton brought us back, she restored our position in the world.

Oh yes.  That’s just exactly what she did, with her stupid “reset” button (ask the Crimeans about that), abandoning Libya to jihadists, and enacting Obama administration policy supporting the “Arab spring” that gave us ISIS, interminable civil war, and jihadi terror spreading faster than stage 4 cancer.

Back to the main point – the kinds of extremism we see today is where radical rhetoric regarding “equality” always leads – to “black lives matter” types being openly bigoted towards whites, vehemently rejecting that all lives could possibly matter, and such.  It leads to an environment on college campuses for  young men worse than even the most outlandish leftist fever dreams about 50s McCarthyism.  That’s because equality has, for the hard left, always simply been yet another vehicle for what they really want, which is power.

Not that she was any great shakes, herself, but remember the campaign of hate-fueled destruction the left conducted against Sarah Palin a few years ago, for having the temerity to be a successful woman in public life who rejected the prevaricating shibboleths of the left?  That was just a more obvious example of what happens if one steps off the demonrat plantation as one of its constituencies.  The entire media lined up to proclaim that Palin was a traitor and  not even a “real” woman because she had a large family, didn’t support abortion, and wasn’t a leftist.

The message is always the same. Don’t ever think for yourself.  Don’t ever cross them. Just shut up and do what you’re told, and they’ll continue to pretend to care about you.  Otherwise, they’ll crush you like an ant, as Nancy Brinker Komen learned to her great cost.

And so it continues today, not just against high-profile opponents of the leftist-industrial complex, but even against lowly college girls who dare to vote the “wrong” way.  You would hope the young would observe this kind of treatment and be repulsed not just by the individuals promoting it, but by the entire movement that is so dependent on this kind of social ostracism and tribal shaming.  Unfortunately, they won’t.  Many have been indoctrinated in leftism since kindergarten and it will take a miracle – or maybe, someday, the cold, hard slap of reality – to shake them from their unthinking obeisance to progressive ideology.



1. Tim - February 10, 2016
Tantumblogo - February 10, 2016

Yeah that would have been what a smart person would have said.

2. camper - February 10, 2016

I recently read something from Redstate that predicted that Clinton would win by 30% in SC and most of the other primary states after NH. So we can expect to see Clinton in the general. Ugh.

Tantumblogo - February 10, 2016

Probable. Though Sanders has been narrowing the gap a great deal in national polls of late.

Tim - February 10, 2016

Unless she’s indited, but I’m sure they have backup teflon for that too. Bring her on in the general. I will have a bucket of popcorn to watch Trump destroy her in a debate.

camper - February 10, 2016

Don’t be so sure. Trump is a serial cheater. Clinton has tried to destroy the character of Bill’s bimbos, but she has never cheated on her husband.

Trump fares the worst in a general election matchup. It would be wonderful if we could deport the 11 million, but Trump is far too dangerous a candidate to get my vote.

Tim - February 11, 2016

Never, huh? Chelsea’s father is most probably Webb Hubble. Also, how many women has Hillary cheated on Bill with?

camper - February 11, 2016

Webb Hubble may well have been a lover of Mrs. Clinton, but lesbianism is harder to prove. In both cases, the National Enquirer was in on both of the stories. Not a wonderful pedigree.

camper - February 10, 2016

The Clintons are merciless. They will play the video of Trump mocking the disabled guy until election day, and even though Clinton is a horrible candidate, they could easily win doing that.

Independents don’t want Trump or Clinton. Though I think Cruz also has major problems (seen as a prima donna, for instance), I suspect independents would prefer Cruz to Trump and Rubio to both of them. Electability matters a lot.

3. mike - February 10, 2016

Hi. I need your help. I have looked long and hard on your site for a powerful and informative homily that was taken from a book written about 1987 by 2 gay activists describing the means to be used to mainstream homosexuality. It discussed anti discrimination and using anti bullying themes to recruit children. It discussed the dissolution of marriage, the pathetic response of the Catholic bishops.

Can you give me the name of the book and/ or the actual homily from your records? Thank you and God bless.

4. baliosv - February 11, 2016

Truly, the Left is deteriorating into a bunch of narrow minded control freaks, leaving me an Independent … who supports Trump. Let’s keep Cruz as a Senator. His illustrious experience (the courtroom) was basically adversarial and he certainly has continued in that vein. He is devoted to the constitution but he tends to be rigid and combative. Something we just don’t need right now. I haven’t heard that Trump is a serial cheater but B Clinton was not just a cheater. If the reports of his shocking abuse are true then he belongs behind bars or in an institution. What is interesting about Trump is his steady transformation during all this. He has lost a lot of weight and become increasingly calm, considered and articulate. By the time the election rolls around he might be quite the acceptable candidate. But we’ll see.

5. Faith of Our Fathers - February 11, 2016

The Homosexuals have of course got exactly the same agenda . In Scotland we have what’s called The Green Party its leader is a little snake called Patrick Harvie who’s a Homosexual. His policy first and foremost is to close Catholic Schools . Now CS in Scotland have the best results as per pupil ratio ,so you would think -well leave them alone – no snake Harvie wants them closed. I enquired as to do the Catholic Schools maybe burn let’s say fossil fuels . No it’s nothing to do with that the mind boggles -but obviously not his.

camper - February 13, 2016

May I suggest emigration? If you can stand it there is a lot more money to be made in Ireland.

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