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Destroying Bayside February 11, 2016

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One of my favorite bloggers/Catholic resources – Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam – has done the world a favor in documenting the many, many, MANY problems with the supposed Bayside apparitions.  He introduces the effort here:

For the better part of three years now I have been promising a very large expose of the ridiculous Bayside apparitions and their absurd messages.

I honestly almost gave up on this project because it involved reading every single locution from Bayside, which proved to be the biggest waste of my time ever and unbelievably tedious. But, I finally finished and have it linked up below:


Bayside is probably one of the dumbest apparitions in existence [Yeah, there are some other pretty dumb ones, too, however] and I don’t plan to devoting much more time to it (although I think I may have one more article). And the tragic thing is people who are sold on goofy private apparitions really cannot be shaken in their convictions, so I doubt this massive article (so big it needed a Table of Contents) will change anybody’s mind; if it only serves to show others how wacky and unworthy of credibility this apparition really is, my purpose will be served.

Sorry Medjugorje supporters – nope, it’s not real.  Bayside is probably worse, though, for the banality and stupidity they attribute to the Divine.

A few examples from Boniface’s fisk:

Here, God the Son and His Mother depend upon Veronica to obtain a very trite piece of information for their records:

“Now you will continue, My child; look forward and find the other wheelchair, My child. It seems to be hidden. It is very necessary that you find that invalid, because we must have their name and address.” (June 18, 1988)

Jesus and Mary need to get somebody’s name and address!?

Mary tells Veronica to pray the Rosary. Veronica forgets Mary is coming back:

“I’m sorry, Our Lady. I had almost forgotten that You were coming back. I was so engrossed with the people in the infirm circle.”

……The Act of Contrition “will be cast from the books this coming year.” (Oct. 6, 1988)

The Act of Contrition was never ejected from any official Catholic books, let alone in 1989.

“A Ball that is fast hurtling towards earth! It will be here within this century, if not sooner.’ For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this Ball.” (June 18, 1988)

Woops. That century ended on December 31st, 1999……..

………“Within two years or less, there will be a great crash of the market. The whole world’s monetary systems will be paralyzed” (June 18, 1988).

Although there was an economic recession in the United States from 1990-1992, it was largely confined to the United States. The rest of the world was not effected, let alone paralyzed.

“Boris Yeltsin is the “man of sin”; no different from Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev.” (June 18, 1992)

Boris Yeltsin is identified as the man of sin but no mention is made of Putin, who is extremely more dangerous and sinister. Veronica clearly did not see Putin coming.

“The Ball of Redemption hovers now in your atmosphere” (June 18, 1994)

Remember, the Ball of Redemption is supposed to be large enough to destroy 1/3 of the African continent. It is no small object. Apparently it has been hovering in our atmosphere since 1994. Undetected. These messages are very common. She was saying the same thing almost ten years earlier, though in a much more alarmist manner:

“The Eternal Father has the Ball poised in His hand; your end can come by day. It will come upon you quickly, and how many shall be prepared? Do you have your candles? Do you have your water, your canned food, and your blankets?” (Nov 5, 1985)……

………..How about missiles being smuggled into the United States from Nicaragua?

My child, let the world know that Nicaragua is a center point for the capitulation of the United States of America and Canada. Already there are plans afoot, and in the making, with missiles and all dire instruments of destruction. These plans are being formulated from Nicaragua, to go into Mexico, and thereupon into the United States.” (June 18, 1987)

No doubt this message, dated from 1987, was influenced by the unfolding Iran-Contra scandal. It is a prime example of how Bayside messages constantly play to the contemporary headlines but have little objective value. There was not, nor has there ever been, evidence of any missiles being moved into America from Nicaragua. Furthermore, the contention that Nicaragua is the “center point” for the capitulation is laughable…….

……..Many times, the grammar of Jesus and Mary is just horrible. They say words that don’t exist, use words in improper contexts, and sometimes, when Veronica messes up and says a wrong word, she goes back and tries to fabricate an explanation in order to preserve the farce.

“I could repeat over and over the Message from Heaven of the past years. But I say to you: murders abound, immorality abounds… all the immunisms of humanism, lesbianism…homosexuals roaming. ” (Apr. 14, 1984).

All the immunisms? What?

“Do not feel, parents, that you are doing unjustment to your children (June 18, 1994)

What kind of word is “unjustment”? …….

………At Medjugorje, Mary once stated that adherence to the Medjugorje messages was necessary for one to the “approved” by God. Similarly, Veronica states through Mary that it is necessary for salvation to read all of the Bayside messages:

“That is why I say, and I say again: you must read all of the messages given from Heaven through the past years, or you will not be saved. Much is being overlooked due to the quantity of messages” (Oct 6, 1988)

Did you hear that? You will not be saved if you do not read all the Bayside messages. This is nonsense and heresy………[Yeah buddy.  It’s also blasphemy, attributing to a private revelation knowledge necessary for salvation]

…………Veronica specifically says that in the beginning was only God the Father, which she calls the “Spirit.” Then, at some later point, “He sort of subdivided Himself into a family.” This is a very fundamental Trinitarian heresy, as God has always been Trinity from eternity past; there was never a time when He decided to “subdivide Himself.” Furthermore, Veronica says that God “gave Himself to beget a Son and Holy Spirit; of course, only the Son is begotten by the Father, not the Holy Spirit. Original sin is repeatedly said to consist in eating from the Tree of Life – a major error, as it is actually the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that our first parents eat from. Finally, in a statement reminiscent of Neo-Platonist Manicheaism, she states that “eternity with joy” consists in “leaving the shackle of the body behind”, as if we would not be reunited forever with our bodies in the Resurrection. Are these sorts of blatant errors compatible with an authentic revelation of God?

Enough.  You can go check out Boniface’s article for the whole dreary mess.

I will add this, however.   There are some “prophecies,” so generically written and regarding obvious cultural trends going back decades, that could appear to have some truth to them (like the gradual advance of leftism through Western institutions being a sign of the imminent communist takeovers repeatedly prophesied).  Anyone remotely attuned to international events could utter generic statements about the advance or retreat of this or that movement that, in hindsight, can seem to have some plausibility.  But that is very different from a proper prophecy.

I love Our Lady.  I have great devotion to her.  And I think there is tremendous import in her recent spate of apparitions, from Lourdes to Akita.  There is more than enough wisdom and knowledge of the “signs of the times” from these approved apparitions, without needing to delve into these goofy unapproved sightings, which often contradict valid apparitions, contradict each other, and are contradictory within themselves.  They also sometimes contradict Catholic Doctrine, as we see above.

The thing about Bayside and some others, however, is that the claims are so wide, so numerous, and so play to current events, that they have a great propensity for luring souls in.  Almost anyone can find something in either that “rings their bell,” so to speak, that resonates on some personal level and, once that happens, they are quickly sucked in.  Such attempts at wide appeal have, to me, the mark of the charlatan, but I have always tried to assume these seers are simply well meaning souls possessed of more zeal than good sense.  I’ll also say that just because you, or someone you knew, had a “mystical experience” related to some of these less credible apparitions that is not, perhaps, proof of the validity of these apparitions but likely speaks better for your faith and openness to Grace.




1. Mitchell H - February 11, 2016

“Immunisms”? Among other attributes, I would assume that Our Lady was blessed with perfect grammar… 🙂

2. Rose of Lima - February 11, 2016

I asked a very good priest once who was from that area of New York about the “apparitions”. He told me that they found a pentagram painted on the floor of her house after she died, that Veronica had over 500,000 dollars owed in back taxes, and that she once yelled at everyone praying the rosary to shut up because she was having a locution.

3. LaGallina - February 11, 2016

Just last week I had to say “no thank you” when a sweet elderly lady offered me a “miraculous” photograph taken by her friend at Medjugorje. She was very sweet when I tried to gently fill her in on some of the unsavory details of that apparition of Satan in disguise.

Nearly every devout, Novus Ordo Catholic I know is deeply attached to some goofy apparition or “chaplet.” And there are so many amazing real apparitions, prophecies, Eucharistic miracles etc. to feast upon!

guy Mcclung - February 11, 2016

A few years after the seers, actually seer$s, of Medugorje began business, I met a man from that town and asked him what he thought. He was born and raised there. He told me some kids got caught out late smoking marijuana and came up with the story-they saw how well it played with their parents and they decided to go with it. And then he said – I am quoting – “and of course they are gypsies.” And the rest is history. For a sobering story of an alleged seer, check out Magdalena de la Cruz.

4. tg - February 11, 2016

One thing I remember that Pope Francis said that I agreed with – Our Lady is not like a postman, going around giving messages. I wonder if he alluded to Medjugorje. I believe in the approved apparitions like Fatima and Lourdes but I think it’s a mistake to always follow the mystical. Good post. I remember going on the Bayside website before I knew it was false.

5. Tradition and Lace - February 11, 2016

Anyone with Common Sense,
should KNOW a “False Visionary” & their messages when they see one. One of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is the “DISCERNMENT of SPIRITS”. We have been forewarned that Satan himself can appear as an Angel of Light, that he may lead Souls away from the Truth.
We are all fighting a Spiritual Battle, whether we know it or not. Faith, Prayer and Trust in the LORD!
These are our weapons.
Ave Maria!

Tantumblogo - February 11, 2016

I agree. And I really believe Medj is just as false, but much more destructive, than Bayside.

Tradition and Lace - February 12, 2016

Yes, I think so too. I remember when Medj. first made headlines. I read everything I could get my hands on about the Messages,etc. I knew several friends from my Church, who made the pilgrimage. But that was SO long ago! In my opinion, it is
FAR TOO LONG of a visit, to be the
Mother of God Herself.

6. Elizabeth - February 15, 2016

Another doozy of a cultish fake-apparition site is called “Holy Love” ministries. I know so many Catholics that are totally sucked in. Sheesh. Take a gander at some of the “messages” from God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Blessed Mother, and an array of Saints….it’s beyond belief that so many Catholic actually buy this as utterly real. http://holylove.org/

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