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Persecution begins in little ways NASA bans the word “Jesus” February 11, 2016

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Well, at least our sexular pagan betters are becoming more and more open in their Christophobia. The word “Jesus” is to be excluded from the day to day operation of the federal government.  And that will just be the start.  Federal practice sets a legal precedent that then filters down to all levels of government and, before long, private enterprise.  When people say they fear Christianity may be driven from the public square, perhaps what they should really fear is whether we’ll be able to breathe the name of Jesus, or wear a crucifix, publicly.

Johnson Space Center officials have apparently banned the word even from internal communications advertising for a Christian-affiliated group of center employees who meet after hours:

The name of Jesus is not welcome in the Johnson Space Center newsletter, according to a complaint filed on behalf of a group of Christians who work for NASA.

The JSC Praise & Worship Club was directed by NASA attorneys to refrain from using the name ‘Jesus’ in club announcements that appeared in a Space Center newsletter…….. [Are there muslim groups?  Can they use the name “allah?”  Could this group openly ID as Christian?  Can the muslims/hindus/Jews?]

……..Since 2001, employees had gathered during their lunch hour to pray and sing and read the Bible. There had been no censorship issues until last year…….. [Seems like they met for about half an hour weekly or even monthly]

Soon after that, the legal department called the organizers and told them they could not use the name Jesus in their announcements,” Dys told me. “They said, no Jesus.” [The Holy Name has great power.  It inspires and gives great comfort to the faithful.  It repels and terrifies the unfaithful.  You can literally see visceral reactions against “Jesus” from some folks]

The club’s leadership was told that “NASA would be censoring all future club announcements that featured the name, ‘Jesus’,” Liberty Institute alleged in its complaint letter.

NASA’s legal department explained that including the name ‘Jesus’ within the club’s announcement made that announcement “sectarian” or “denominational.” [Oh BS.  I guarantee a huge double standard applies. I would bet money other religions are not treated as if the name of their god/founder/lodestar is some kind of despicable unmentionable.]

They also alleged such announcements would cause NASA to violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. [Just incredible.  Just allowing the Name in print now establishes a religion.  Again, I would be shocked if other religions received such strict treatment.  Some a-hole Obama-appointee is enjoying his ability to show who’s boss and engage in some tribal virtue signalling]

Dys said the club organizers offered to provide a disclaimer, notifying readers that the announcement was private speech and was not endorsed by NASA or any other government agency. However, that offer was rejected as “insufficient.”

The club members knew right away that NASA was censoring them and they were not comfortable with that,” Dys told me.

And so began a long process to resolve the matter.

“The bottom line is that NASA should not be censoring this club just because they use the name ‘Jesus’ in an employee advertisement,” Dys told me. “That is blatant religious discrimination.”

So, remember when the satanists wanted to blaspheme by destroying a statue of the Blessed Virgin, or have a black mass?  And we were told the government could do nothing, because it would violate their free speech to do so?  And remember how they said if they were to do anything to stop this evil, they’d be taken to court?  And that would waste the taxpayer’s money, cuz they’d just lose out of hand?

But Christians have no free speech, right?  Because you can’t even use the word Jesus in a government e-mail anymore.  But notice here, government (admittedly, a different entity) is VERY willing to go to court to block this form of free speech. Apparently they don’t think this squashing of free speech is a sure loser. Apparently saying Jesus would just cause a giant St. Peter’s to suddenly form right along NASA Parkway.  I mean, it would just suddenly “establish” a religion with a pope blasting out commands, nuns and monks everywhere, priests running around incensing the Space Shuttle Constellation Orion nothing, scads of faithful…….right?  No?

Ever get the impression it’s really just about shutting Christians up?

Yeah, me too.  It’s almost like sexular paganism is a competing religion that will brook no competition from its hated rival, or something.

Ah, well, they’re protestants, so can we expect an urgent intervention by Francis on their behalf?



1. Faith of Our Fathers - February 12, 2016

One thing that NASA certainly won’t be banning is lies . To think of the $Trillions spent on whether they went to the moon or didn’t go the legacy left is a non stick Frying Pan. It’s no wonder they want to ban Jesus and his teachings. They are now officially the modern day Pontius Pilate “Truth what is Truth”

2. baliosv - February 12, 2016

It finally comes down to the demand for solidarity, right?. Christians of every faith are going to have to put down their antipathies and unite to return this country to it’s Christian roots. That could mean writing to our representatives, voting as a block for Christians who stand up for the faith, doing business with Christians first. Funny, that Christians used to do this but were convinced it was not “nice”. But it’s ok for gays to attack Christians and support each other. Muslims, too! And they do stick together and promote each other. It’s a wake up call which is being constantly repeated.

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