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Petition in Dallas Diocese to rescind diocesan gun ban grows February 11, 2016

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A local Catholic has started a petition asking for the “30.06” and “30.07” signs posted on all diocesan property by order of Bishop Kevin Farrell to be removed.  These signs serve as a legal declaration by a private entity that concealed (06) and open carry (07) of firearms is not permitted on the premises.  By posting the signs, the entity declares their refusal to permit firearms on premises by lawfully licensed individuals.

The local Catholic feels a crisis in conscience in that they now face the choice of either being able to protect their family, or assist at Mass.  They also note that Bishop Farrell’s recent action dramatically restricted gun rights on diocesan property – before this very emotional response to the passage of an open carry law in Texas, virtually no diocesan properties posted 30.06 signs, meaning concealed carry had been permitted by the diocese for many years.

Some argumentation from the petition, which I largely agree with:

This past Sunday I was faced with a major decision upon entering a Church. I had to choose between my First Amendment right and my Second Amendment right. For the first time in 20 years in the State of Texas, these two issues are at an impasse. I had to choose between practicing my religion and protecting my family. The choice was either commit a Class A misdemeanor or, in my religion, a mortal sin. Why after 20 years am I (and many others) placed in this conundrum?

The answer is Bishop Farrell made the decision to “keep me safe” by mandating across the board in the Diocese that Texas Penal Code 30.06 signs be posted on all Diocesan properties. The Bishop will say it is the law. On the contrary, the Bishop has the legal option to give effective consent for concealed carry by not posting 30.06 signs. He may also choose to only post 30.07 signs (or none at all). Yet, he chose to have both 30.06 and 30.07 signs posted at all Diocesan locations. [Thereby banning all carriage of handguns.  However, the 30.06 and 07 laws have nothing to do with long arms.  Just sayin’.  I mean, if a group of Catholics were to protest this draconian restriction of their lawful rights on diocesan property by showing up, en masse, at Mass carrying ARs, AKs, etc., who would I be to judge?]

Most people would compromise and accept the restrictions (30.07) on open carry in a place of worship while retaining the right to conceal carry as has been the case for 20 years (No posted 30.06). [So there is a compromise many would find reasonable.  But that wouldn’t give Bishop Farrell the progressive virtue signalling feelz]

This dilemma only occurs at my place of worship. When presented with 30.06 in other locations I have the option to take my business elsewhere. Alternative options exist for movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and so on. I doubt the Bishop would recommend I attend the First Baptist Church of Dallas (where no 30.06 signs exist). I am a Catholic; I am a Texan. I should not be forced to choose between the two.

I am asking for my previous freedom to protect my family in the event of eminent danger to be restored by removing all Texas Penal Code 30.06 signs from all Diocesan churches. Let us remain a Universal Church. Otherwise, my only recourse is to drive to Tyler to fulfill my Sunday obligation. I neither want to commit a Class A Misdemeanor nor a mortal sin. Something must change.  [If Mrs. Halisky, the author of the petition, were to see this post, she might contact me.  Leave a comment.  I might be able to suggest a way forward short of driving to another diocese.]

For those who say they will conceal carry regardless of the posted sign, I ask, what will you do when metal detectors are installed as in schools, airports, and the like? [If that day comes, I expect quite an uproar]

Sanger and North Richland Hills are a lot closer than Tyler for most.  Can. Worms. Opened.

I think more persuasive than a petition would be a drive to convince local state legislators to submit a bill permitting liability suits against private entities with such bans in the case of some kind of armed attack, while simultaneously indemnifying them from lawsuits for accidental discharge or said attacks if they permit concealed/open carry.  There is a bill underway to that effect in Tennessee, as I noted in a previous post.  This would upend the liability calculations that serve as the practical rationale for this kind of ban.  Instead of all the liability benefit being towards denying people their rights, it would instead encourage entities like the local diocese to permit lawful carry.

Nevertheless, I signed the petition.  I have been a little surprised at the degree of vehemence expressed against this anti-2nd Amendment policy.  I expected opposition, but not to the degree I’ve seen here and there.  It gets back to that post I did a week or so ago asking why the gun rights movement has been so much more successful in defending and expanding gun rights in this country, while almost every other conservative cause has met with results ranging from much more limited success to abject failure.  If only as many people would get as exercised about abuses in the Mass and the teaching of heresy/error/progressivism from the pulpit!

Again, you can sign the petition here. And you don’t have to be in the Diocese of Dallas to do so, I’m sure.



1. ChronicSinner - February 11, 2016

This reminds me of the stark difference between the feminized post Vat II Church and the pre-Concilar Church Militant. I often attend the SSPX chapel in my locale and they explicitly allow conceal carry on the premises and in fact, have had it sanctioned recently both in the weekly bulletin and from the priest at the pulpit preceding his Sunday sermon.

2. skeinster - February 11, 2016

Well, remember what we discussed. We can, if we have to, fix bad catechesis on our own, or not take part if bad parish programs.
But we can’t fix dead.

Tantumblogo - February 11, 2016

Comprendo. I do recall.

3. camper - February 12, 2016

Don’t tell the bishop “I’m a catholic and a texan. I shouldn’t have to choose…” Tell him, “You’re a barbaric foreigner for banning firearms.”

4. Gary - February 13, 2016

America is made up of people that believe in standing up for their rights; the rest are just along for the free ride. Love God, the Church and your neighbor.

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