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I’ll never forget February 12, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Admin, disaster, General Catholic, Papa, sadness.

The third anniversary of the tragic abdication of Pope Benedict XVI was yesterday, but I still feel betrayed and massively let down. I remember my wife telling me the news, and at first I thought it had to be a hoax.  I refused to believe it until the evidence became overwhelming.

I know some feel he had every right, that he alone could judge his age and capacity, but I am convinced Pope Benedict XVI was “forced out,” or fell to the wolves around him.  His resignation remains unparalleled, the comparisons to Celestine being really apples and oranges.  It was the seizure of Vatican financial assets that compelled him to believe he could no longer govern, I think.  We’ll likely never know for certain, in this life.

I also cannot believe what happened later that same day was just “one of those things:”


In less than a year, Jose Bergoglio will be 80.  But mark my words, he will never resign.  He is having waaay too much fun remaking the Church to suit his ideology.  Progressives almost never give up power voluntarily.



1. John Watkins - February 12, 2016

Except Nikita Kruschev, the wiliest Soviet of all time.

2. Tim - February 12, 2016
3. Chrissy - February 12, 2016

Yes, I agree, Benedict was too good, so had to be removed. At the time of the election of Francis,I was sure that the lightening was a bad sign, also the doves, which were attacked by the larger bird. It was no surprise to me when Francis started to wreck our church.

4. guy Mcclung - February 12, 2016

“remaking the Church to suit his ideology” ? How about “stupidly, arrogantly, with consummate hubris and futility, attempting to remake the Church, which cannot be remade since it is the mystical body of Christ” ? Guy McClung, San Antonio TX USA

5. Mitchell H - February 12, 2016

Yes, that was a bleak day to be sure. I was driving to work when I heard the news, and I think my heart skipped a beat or three. As the conclave approached, I was one of those urging caution in the face of pessimism, that we should wait to see what happens before assuming the sky was falling. I did, and it did anyway, but I think we must still maintain and persevere regardless, with honor and dignity and many prayers for the Church and the souls affected by this pontificate. And also a stress-reliever or two from time to time!

6. La Gallina - February 12, 2016

I remember opening up Drudge and seeing a picture of the back of PBXVI — and I knew before I even read the headline that he was resigning. And I felt like everything I fought for in my parish about maintaining traditions and following the teachings of the Church were going to be thrown out the window because “my” pope had broken tradition — and ABDICATED! I didn’t have an ally in the Vatican anymore.

It was heartbreaking. That was a very, very bad day.

However, I can say that now I have a much, much better understanding of the situation in the Church. And I now understand why the ancient Catholic faith is the true Catholic Faith. Under Pope Benedict it was easy to be lulled into thinking that things in the Church were ok.

I don’t know if I would have found this blog if it weren’t for Pope Francis. As soon as he was chosen, I went desperately searching for Catholics who could show me the true faith. I knew nothing about blogs like this, or the Remnant, Catholic Family News, etc. I thought Mark Shea and Jimmy Akin were the most authentic Catholics on the planet! But when they started making excuses for Francis’ heretical remarks, I knew it was time to ditch them.

George - February 12, 2016

Poetic justice would be if Francis dies before Benedict.

Baseballmom - February 13, 2016

LG, I too found this blog because of this dreadful pontificate…. A silver lining. Yes, I recall the day so well… My husband woke me up to tell me…. I too thought it was a hoax or wrong information …. A sad sad day….

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