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Oh, the science is settled, you say? Then we can zero out your research grants, right? February 12, 2016

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The schadenfreude is strong in this one.  The Australian government, citing “the science is settled” meme, has cut 110 climate scientist jobs. Because if the science is really settled, why are thousands of paid political activists PhDs still doing “basic research” still necessary?  The cries of outrage from the climate change industrial complex are still ringing around the world:

With an ax rather than a scalpel, Australia’s federal science agency last week chopped off its climate research arm in a decision that has stunned scientists and left employees dispirited.

As many as 110 out of 140 positions at the atmosphere and oceans division at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will be cut, Larry Marshall, the agency’s chief executive, told staff Friday. Another 120 positions will be cut from the land and water program. Across the agency, 350 climate staff will be moved into new roles unrelated to their specialty.

Scientists say the cuts would affect Australia’s ability to cope with climate change. The nation is already the driest on Earth and experiencing significant shifts in rainfall. It would leave the global research community disabled, since CSIRO ran the Southern Hemisphere’s most comprehensive Earth monitoring and modeling programs. And it would leave young climate scientists at CSIRO without direction.

None of which has been even remotely proven to be related to some kind of human-caused “climate change,” which has never been substantially proven to be occurring, anyway.  There is simply zero scientific rationale to establish that X percent of the ongoing climate change – which has always occurred, and will always occur – is due to human action.  And unless and until China, India, Russia, and other massive emitters are brought on board, any efforts to reduce emissions are not just a joke, but nothing more than an attempt to circumvent popular will and install a global economic authority along socialist lines.  Which has always been the point, anyway.

The Australian government, or at least the center-right Liberal party, seems to have some cheek about it.  They have set what some view as severe limits on illegal immigration and do not mind sending people back the same way they came.  I really like what is being done here, it cuts to the core of the problem, government-paid political activism masquerading as “science.”

Nicely done, Malcolm Turnbull.  I hope they have the courage of conviction to stand by these cuts in the midst of what will surely be a very energetic reaction.




1. guy Mcclung - February 12, 2016

This is a somewhat fraudulent comment- I just want to insure I get all future comments! All-have a fullofwonder weekend!

2. FiliusPastori - February 13, 2016

‘Popular Will…’ Out, Rousseau! Out!

A little in jest of course, but the point is not that people do or don’t want something, which is mostly irrelevant, but that the thug defies all logic and understanding. Not to be nit-picky, but words are important.

It surprises me to hear this news out of Australia. I would have thought them to make a new climate commissariat to ensure perpetual ecological revolution.

3. Guest - February 13, 2016

I don’t think environmentalists do understand global warming. There’s the meme that air conditioners cause global warming but all air conditioners do is transfer ALREADY EXISTING heat from indoors to outdoors. Air conditioners do not cause global warming any more than any other electronic device running on energy supplied by carbon releasing fuel. At the same time, nuclear power is also bad for environmentalists because of nuclear waste. I got news for them. Any industrial process produces waste! Their ultimate solution is to deindustrialize the world, because that is the only solution they can ultimately accept.

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