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They got me February 18, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, asshatery.

It took 9 – or you could call it 10 – rounds, but I was laid off today.  My group has now been reduced over 90% from its staffing level of even 2 weeks ago, which was already nearly cut in half from what it was 4 years ago.  So, about a 94% cut over the past 4 years.

I do appreciate your prayers.  This position has been unique.  To be honest, I’ve milked it for longer than I should have, but what other job would pay so good and yet be so undemanding as to permit me to spend half my time blogging?  Perhaps now the piper will be paid, the reckoning will be made.

What this means for the blog is that I may post like usual while I’m looking but after that it will probably drop down to a much lower level if I can continue at all.  And there are always hundreds of things to do around the home, so my hopes of blogging may be much lighter than I’m planning right now.   Obviously, first thing is to secure another position.

Well, some gotterdammerung appropriate to the day:


So typical, this major blood-letting at my company began in 2011 after, you guessed it, they brought in a consulting company.  It’s been nothing but collapse ever since.  Those Harvard MBAs just bring success and glory wherever they go.

I tell you, I did let the VP who laid me off have it.  I’ll come out better on the other side, God willing.



1. tg - February 18, 2016

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been praying for you to find another position. God will provide as you are truly a person who has complete trust in God. Meanwhile, milk the unemployment. I will keep praying for you and your family. I hope you do blog some.

2. camper - February 18, 2016

Sorry to hear it Tantum. Please tell me, did the Harvard MBAs bring success or are you being facetious?

Edison Frisbee - February 19, 2016


camper - February 19, 2016

He enjoyed a high salary and was not working nearly as hard as he could have, according to him. I enjoy the blog a lot, but this really was not good – maybe for anybody. Businesses need to be profitable to continue.

Edison Frisbee - February 20, 2016

“So typical, this major blood-letting at my company began in 2011 after, you guessed it, they brought in a consulting company. It’s been nothing but collapse ever since. Those Harvard MBAs just bring success and glory wherever they go.”
Did the RIF-mobile not make it to your neighborhood when you were growing up…. or are you really that obtuse? Just askin’…

camper - February 20, 2016

He was not being very productive, okay? I’d miss him if he had to stop blogging and I imagine it is difficult for him. Still, businesses have to be profitable.

3. k - February 18, 2016

I have a good ‘inkling’ of which company you are referring to… my own parents, aunt, uncle and many close friends have been dealing with this for the last 5 years or so also, after nearly 25 years of steady employment (we are in another state and they all each have seen many moves since).
Your blog has been a very enjoyable and edifying read. I dearly hope that you are able to continue if it is God’s will. May Our Lord bless you and your family abundantly during this time of uncertainty.

4. Ever mindful - February 18, 2016

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

Job 13:15

Will keep your intentions in my prayers

5. Leah Chapman - February 18, 2016

Maybe the Lord will inspire you with some self-employment out of your garage, because usually the Lord has a plan.
I am praying for you.

6. Baseballmom - February 18, 2016

So sorry to hear this, will certainly be praying for you and your family! Probably a good thing the little one came when she did, while insurance and all was still in force…

7. Kathleen - February 18, 2016

You have my prayers.

My husband as a consultant wasn’t even owed the courtesy of being “let go” or “laid off” they always could just say adios! But by working his tail off through increasingly awful situations he’d avoided it through the endless erosion of US tech jobs for going on two decades now.

Until just this fall. While working for a client that was abusive on an epic scale. Truly. The worst yet. And they dropped the axe. Of course they’ve burned through something like 6 people in the slot in 9 months.

Anyways, point is — it was a blessing. Seriously.

I’m sure your situation will be too. Enjoy the time with your family while getting the networking cranking.

Again, you and your family will remain in my prayers.

8. Ursula - February 18, 2016

Sometimes it’s hard to see the blessings when you are in the midst of a lot of crap, I speak from experience. We will of course continue our prayers for you and your family.

9. S. Armaticus - February 18, 2016

You will be in the family prayers. We pray in Latin, so it should count more :).

10. Frank - February 18, 2016

Sigh. So sorry to hear this. But out of evil will come a greater good. And yes, I do believe the way corporate employees are treated in recent years is evil. I was on the inside for 31 years and have seen it up close.
We will continue to pray for your job search, and whenever you have time to post, we will be here to read it.
God bless.

11. pablothemexican - February 18, 2016

“…I tell you, I did let the VP who laid me off have it…..”

At Corporate:

“Boss! Boss!

There’s been a big mistake!

Somehow, tantumblogo was let go in this round of lay-offs!

This could be our downfall!”


“Now that I think of it, no, it wasn’t a mistake, and when the Company crashes, we’ll just use these here Golden Parachutes.”

“After speaking with him, have our Attorneys deny his unemployment claim”


12. Liz - February 18, 2016

God will provide. I am looking for work too. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

13. Don - February 18, 2016

Very sorry to hear, you are in my prayers. Please keep me in your prayers.

14. Remnant Clergy - February 18, 2016

Don’t worry, the whole economy will crash soon and there will not be jobs for anyone. Pray hope and don’t worry, and make sure you have sufficient cash in hand for when the “bank holidays” are declared.

Edison Frisbee - February 20, 2016

I know the thought of societal collapse always puts my mind at ease…

15. guy Mcclung - February 18, 2016

Our Lady Undoer Of Knots can deal with this

16. Maggie - February 18, 2016

So very sorry to learn of this. It will be a great concern until a new position is found. And just after the joy of your new daughter! We became unemployed right after buying a home and that was difficult. I truly hope something even better comes along for you.

17. Brian E. Breslin - February 19, 2016

Tantum, you know we got you, amigo!

18. Mrs. Maureen Avila - February 19, 2016

I will pray to Padre Pio who obtained jobs for My older brother and the father of my son’s friend many years ago. My brother is now retired with pension and health benefits from that job which he claimed ” employed all his talents”.
You might consider moving out of the country because of the EMP threats and the fact that the US seems more and more like a likely target.

19. Guest - February 19, 2016

I’be been praying for you. Please don’t become angry or bitter. God always works good for those who love him.

20. Edison Frisbee - February 19, 2016

I was afraid this would be the situation when I saw the headline…..will keep you in my prayers. I went through a period of unemployment when younger and nothing is harder on a guy….keep pushing, you’ll bounce back.

21. Angelic Doctor Games - February 19, 2016

Having gone through this twice last year, I can sympathize. God indeed will provide. My life is proof of his infinite love.

22. La Gallina - February 19, 2016

We will keep you and your family in our prayers!

23. Mrs. Maureen Avila - February 19, 2016

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