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Three beautiful saintly prayers to Our Lady…… February 24, 2016

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………which also manage to convey some powerful doctrinal sentiments, such as strong devotion to Our Lady being vital for salvation.  All the prayers are taken from The Holy Eucharist by St. Alphonsus.  El_Greco_-_St_Ildefonso_-_WGA10574

First up, a prayer from St. Ildefonsus [7th century Spanish Saint]:

Most humble handmaid of thy Divine Son!  I prostrate myself before thee, conjuring thee to obtain pardon of my sins, that I may be cleansed from all the imperfections of my life.  I entreat thee to procure me the grace of being always united to God and to thee, and to be ever a faithful servant of thy Son and of thee: of thy Son, as my Lord and Redeemer; and of thee, as the cause of my redemption; for if He has paid the price of my redemption, it was with the body which He received from thee.

O Mary!  Obtain for me confidence in thy intercession and the grace that I may continually have recourse to thee.800px-P1010345_Paris_Ier_Eglise_Saint-Germain_l'Auxerrois_statue_Saint-Germain_reductwk

Second, from St. Germanus:

St. Germanus addressing the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, says: “No one is saved but through thee; no one is delivered from evils but through thee; there is no one on whom any gift is bestowed but through thee.  Therefore, my Lady and my hope if thou dost not help me I am lost, and shall be unable to bless thee in Heaven.  But, Lady, I hear all the Saints say that thou never abandonest those who have recourse to thee.  I, then, miserable creature that I am, have recourse to thee, and in thee place all my hopes.

In the words of St. Bernard, Mary is my whole confidence; she is the whole ground of my hope! [Saint Germanus of Lyons dates from the 4th and 5th century.  Thus we can clearly see deep Marian devotion and even ascribing to her a role as co-redemptrix from the early Church Fathers]

Finally, from St. Alphonsus himself:

Allow me, my most sweet Queen, to call thee, with thine own St. Bernard, “the whole ground of my hope,” and to say with St. John Damascene, “I have placed my whole hope in thee.”  Thou hast to obtain for me the forgiveness of my sins; thou, perseverance until death; thou, deliverance from purgatory.  All who are saved obtain salvation through thee; thou, then, O Mary, hast to save me; “He will be saved whom thou willest.”  Will, then, my salvation, and I shall be saved.  But thou savest all who invoke thee; behold, then, I invoke thee, and say:

O salvation of those who invoke thee, save me! [The implication of these prayers from so many Saints (and far more not quoted, besides) is inescapable: protestants who reject Mary’s unique role in the economy of salvation gravely err, and as a practical matter cannot be saved (not speaking absolutely)]

And a bonus from St. Anselm of Canterbury, 11th century Doctor of the Church:Littlemore

Help us, O Queen of mercy, without regarding the multitude of our sins.  Remember, that our Creator assumed from thee a human body, not to condemn, but to save sinners.  Hadst thou been chosen to be the Mother of God for thy own benefit alone, thou mightest then be said to have no particular interest in our salvation; but God clothed himself in thy form for the sake of all mankind.  Help us, therefore, and protect us: thou knowest the need which we have of thy assistance, and we earnestly recommend ourselves to thy prayers.  Pray that we may not be eternally lost, but with thee may serve and love Jesus Christ forever.

St. Anselm Weninger




1. Baseballmom - February 24, 2016

Beautiful. Thank you 🙂

2. Lynne - February 25, 2016

Thank you! I love how the modernists try to make people believe that Marian devotions just sprung up within the 200 or 300 years.

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