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Hugh Owen giving talk on traditional Catholic approach to marriage Tues Mar 16 March 13, 2016

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Hugh Owen of the very good Kolbe Center for the study of Creation is going to give a talk at Mater Dei parish in Irving, TX from 7-9p this Tuesday, March 16 2016.  The talk will be titled “Marriage Made in Heaven: The Creation of Adam and Eve and the Foundations of Holy Marriage.”  Knowing Owen’s work, it should be a highly informative evening.  I also expect that the ongoing attacks on marriage and the errors from which these attacks stem will also be at least a tangential topic addressed.  There should be some powerful material presented to help comprehend how to resist the attempted destruction of marriage and the family and develop and even stronger conception of God’s intent, as revealed through the Church, towards marriage and the family.

I hope to see you there!


1. Faith of Our Fathers - March 13, 2016

We have a saying in Scotland when,let’s say everything has gone to hell and there’s no turning back its called – The Games a Bogey – Just the other day a Magistrate was sacked because he said an adopted child would be better of with a Mother and Father than with a pair of Homosexuals,he was sacked . Now if he had said that said child would be better off with a pair of Homosexuals than with a Mother and Father,he would have no doubt been praised -The Games a Bogey-.

2. DFW Catholic - March 18, 2016

re: Hugh Owen

The Coming of the Kingdom, The Luisa Piccarreta Center for the Divine Will, Inc.


Good stuff, Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will…(No it’s not condemned by the Church although it is misunderstood by some. As I understand, her writings are being studied by the Church and private devotion is permitted. See EWTN info below.)



Reading her Writings

While the Postulation does not have the authority to prohibit the reading of Luisa’s writings that are in circulation, no one is permitted to publish her Diary of 36 volumes. Exceptions have been made for the following writings of Luisa: The 24 Hours of the Passion, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and her Letters, as well as for the works of Padre Bernardino Bucci about Luisa. Prayer groups are encouraged to study these approved books until such time as the official typical edition is published in conformity with the doctrine of the Church and the approval of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. [Clarifications 8, 14]

Prayer Groups

The Postulation encourages prayer groups in the various dioceses of the world, in order to spread Luisa’s fame of holiness. It especially desires that her great devotion to the Mother of God be imitated. It urges, whenever possible, that groups be conducted under the guidance of a prudent priest of proven orthodoxy. The supervision of prayer groups falls under the competence of each diocesan bishop.

The Postulation also encourages prayer to Luisa, and the careful documentation and reporting of any favors received through the intercession of the Servant of God. However, in keeping with the norms of the Holy See, while there may be private prayer and veneration (i.e. outside the church setting), there must be no public veneration (cultus) of Luisa, as would be given to a blessed or saint (public liturgies or devotions, images in churches, etc.) . This would constitute a grave obstacle to the Cause, as it belongs to the Holy Father alone, with the Beatification of an individual, to permit public veneration. [Clarifications 10, 12-13]

Also one of her spiritual directors has been canonized — St. Annibale di Francia

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