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My last day at work in video March 14, 2016

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I actually have a really good prospect pending for later this week.  It’s that same one I requested prayers for a couple of weeks ago.  Things continue to move forward, kind of slowly.

I never described my layoff day in much detail.  I think the video below describes it pretty well. You know I had been through numerous rounds of layoffs in the previous few years.  I have basically zero respect for senior management at my former employer and think they are beyond clueless.  They are taking what was at least a pretty fair company and just running it into the ground.  I really believe, odds are, the place will not exist in 2-3 years.

Taking all that frustration and pent up fear and anger that had built for years, and, uh……..yeah.  Things were said.  This video actually describes that final scene pretty well, especially the very end:

Hopefully, it won’t turn out like this:

Sheesh, the plague.  That’s not good.  Thank God for tetracycline.

Pretty close to the mark, eh?