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My last day at work in video March 14, 2016

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I actually have a really good prospect pending for later this week.  It’s that same one I requested prayers for a couple of weeks ago.  Things continue to move forward, kind of slowly.

I never described my layoff day in much detail.  I think the video below describes it pretty well. You know I had been through numerous rounds of layoffs in the previous few years.  I have basically zero respect for senior management at my former employer and think they are beyond clueless.  They are taking what was at least a pretty fair company and just running it into the ground.  I really believe, odds are, the place will not exist in 2-3 years.

Taking all that frustration and pent up fear and anger that had built for years, and, uh……..yeah.  Things were said.  This video actually describes that final scene pretty well, especially the very end:

Hopefully, it won’t turn out like this:

Sheesh, the plague.  That’s not good.  Thank God for tetracycline.

Pretty close to the mark, eh?


1. ellen - March 14, 2016

I pray for your family every night. Hang in there. God bless.

2. Baseballmom - March 14, 2016

Sweet ending on that second one…. Hits the mark. The hubs only burned his bridges one time, as he was certain he would NEVER work for those folks again…
Prayers continue for your job situation 🙂

Tantumblogo - March 15, 2016

Seeing how they continue the bloodletting at my former employer, I don’t feel too bad about my decision.

3. D - March 15, 2016

Too bad you can’t make a living with this blog. I work for a Fortune 200 company, and they keep ratcheting up the pressure, stress, and extra work. I’ve talked to many others in a similar situation. Do a good job for them and they like to “champion you” for new projects that were never part of your original job description. They know you won’t say no for you fear for your job. Long hours away from the family. I don’t think it was supposed to be like this. But the corporation needs quarterly profits, profits, profits…

Tantumblogo - March 15, 2016

I’ve thought about trying to make money off this blog. I am not real comfortable hitting people up for money. Plus, there are always compromises when you do. Once your blog becomes a for-profit deal, you – or at least I would – wind up chasing your audience, maybe afraid of causing offense, etc. I do have some ideas to make some money from home, if I need to, and you might see some of those on my blog at some point, but that would be a cash for product deal, not related to what I write, per se.

I feel your pain. I know how it goes, and how it is likely to go for me once I am re-employed.

4. Sir Louis - March 15, 2016

Well, if it ever comes to your having to supplicate yourself for your old job, don’t make Homer’s mistake. Back into that supplicant portal and present your old boss with what he really should kiss.

Tantumblogo - March 15, 2016


5. inthe2hearts - March 15, 2016

At least you can share a good laugh at the absurdity of your now former company and vent a little, safely, with people who you can count on for prayers and support. All things eventually pass and so will this painful chapter in your life. Meanwhile, looking forward to the best yet to come.


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