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Dwelling in the Heart of Christ and achieving sanctity from St. Alphonsus April 15, 2016

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Just a brief post of a beautiful hymn I found in St. Alphonsus Liguori’s The Holy Eucharist. I follow that with a brief synopsis of the path to sanctity from the same work, but quoting St. Thomas Aquinas.

The hymn is called The Loving Spouse in the Heart of Jesus

I dwell a captive in this heart,
On fire with love divine;
‘Tis here I live alone in peace,
And constant joy is mine.

It is the Heart of God’s own Son,
In His humanity,
Who, all enamored of my soul,
Here burns with love of me.

Here, like the dove within the ark,

Securely I repose;
Since now the Lord is my defense,
I fear no earthly foes.

Now I have found this happy home,
God’s love alone I prize;
All else is torment to my heart,
The world I now despise.

What though I suffer, still in love
I ever true will be;
My love of God shall deeper grow
When crosses fall on me.

Then he who longs with me to seek,
Repose within this nest,
All love that is not love for God,
Must banish from his breast.

Ye haughty lovers of the world,
Full of self-love, depart!
Away, away! No place is found
For you within this Heart.

Each vile and earthly chain impedes
The soul’s true heavenward flight;
All, all the heart belongs to God
Love claims his sovereign right.

From every bond of earth, dear Lord,
Thy Grace has set me free;
My soul, delivered from the snare
Enjoy’s true liberty.

I cannot love Thee as I ought.
This pains me, this alone;
For all my love must have an end;
Thy goodness, Lord, has none.

One thought brings comfort to my heart –
I love a good so great.
That though I love him all I can,
More love he merits yet.

Naught more can I desire than this,
To see His face in Heaven,
And this I hope, since He on earth
His heart in pledge has given.

Now quoting from a different part of the book:

In order to arrive at the perfect love of Jesus Christ, we must adopt the means. Behold, then, the means which St. Thomas Aquinas gives us:

  1. To have a constant remembrance of the benefits of God, both general and particular.
  2. To consider the infinite goodness of God, who is ever waiting to do us good, and who ever loves us, and seeks form us our love.
  3. To avoid even the smallest thing that could offend Him.
  4. To renounce all the sensible goods of this world, riches, honors, and sensual pleasures.

Father Tauler says that meditation on the sacred Passion of Jesus Christ is a great means also for acquiring His perfect love.

———-End Quote———-

Achieving sanctity is not complicated, but it is profoundly difficult.  So many great Saints and other holy personages have struggled with this process – which sounds so simple! – for their entire lives.  Our fallen natures, and the temptations of the world and the devil, make holiness something not often achieved in this life.  Thank God He had compassion on us and gave us a way to expiate our temporal debt due to sin in the sufferings of Purgatory.  That is true godly mercy, not the false worldly variety we hear so much about today.


1. f4ephantomphixer - April 15, 2016

GOOGLE this…


from BABYLON straight to THE VATICAN

Tantumblogo - April 15, 2016

I love the Phantom. One of my favorite aircraft. But no thanks.

f4ephantomphixer - April 15, 2016

seems like you have NO SPINE to learn the TRUTH about
the SATANIC BABYLONIAN PAGAN origins of the ROMAN Catholic Church that even JESUIT ANTI-Christ Pope Francis stated himself in LATIN…


…do you want to see that PROOF & video in FAKE Pope Franny’s own words ?

I suggest that you read WINDSWEPT HOUSE

by the late Malachi Martin – who was a VERY educated Irish JESUIT Exorcist and EXposer of the PAGAN Roman Catholic System…

then you MUST read CODEWORD BARBELON by P.D. Stuart

Born and Raised RC but NO longer when I KNOW THE TRUTH…

Phormer Phantom Phixer

Weapons Fire Control RADAR Technician w/ a Top Secret security clearance

421st TAC Fighter Sq- THE BLACK WIDOWS
366th TAC Fighter Wing- THE GUNFIGHTERS

DaNang Air Base Viet Nam 1969-1970

Tantumblogo - April 15, 2016

It is you who have been horribly misled my friend. I pray you one day realize the ridiculously false lies of Protestantism based entirely on the self-serving needs of its myriad founders. Read any early Church history and you will instantly find the truth – the earliest Church, and I mean 1st/2nd Century, was entirely Catholic. That is why ALL the ancient Churches – Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, Chaldean, etc., share essentially identical beliefs. It is only the massive heretical novelties of the protestant revolutionaries who radically changed universal belief under the influence of Satan. There, I said it.

Martin remained Catholic till the day he died and received a Church burial.

And I was once protestant, I’ll never revert to those errors.

I appreciate your service, I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree.

Guest - April 16, 2016

I must admit that Vatican II has made the Church of Rome look like Mystery Babylon. But the Protestants were way too early. If you study what Christians have always believed you’ll see that Traditional Roman Catholicism is the true religion.

Do not be puzzled of the apostasy that you see in Rome. The great apostasy had to come one way or another before the antichrist could sit in the temple of God (which is the Catholic Church). Scripture calls Rome both Babylon and the place where the temple of God resides. If a Protestant church is the temple of God, where should the antichrist sit?

2. Baseballmom - April 15, 2016

Beautiful prayer TB, thank you. And, I am thinking you prayed for patience – as my dear priest friend once said: ” if you pray to God for the virtue of patience, then He will send you opportunities to EXERCISE patience.” 😉

3. Daze Inde - April 15, 2016

Truly beautiful hymn. Thank you.

4. Finian - April 15, 2016

Thank you for your constant reminder of our call to holiness. I’m an Irish priest who is grateful for your encouragement to wear a cassock, which I do as much as I can. God bless you.

Tantumblogo - April 15, 2016

WOW! God bless you sir! I’m just a lowly blogging lay person who reads a bit and talks too much. Thank you so much for your kind comment! You have made my week. You made fighting through some difficult circumstances to post completely worthwhile!

I would love to see a photo of you in your cassock if you have the opportunity to do so at some point. Such a wonderful witness to our glorious Faith. Please be assured of my prayers.

Baseballmom - April 16, 2016

I guess we never know who we will bless with our efforts 😀

Finian - April 16, 2016

Thank you for your prayers. I definitely need them! Can I send a photo to an email address? I’ll get one taken and send it to you.

5. Guest - April 16, 2016

0Is cooking and eating food that you like to eat an impediment to holiness?

6. Tradition and Lace - April 16, 2016

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful hymn
by St Alphonsus.
I just loved it!
Also anything written by St Thomas, are always edifying and full of wisdom.
God Bless!

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