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More like this: great videos of Bishop Gracida, including a challenge to the faithful to call out heresy during Mass April 19, 2016

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I’ve admired Bishop Rene Gracida Emeritus of Corpus Christi since learning about him shortly after founding this blog.  I was really pleased to learn that because of severe deficiencies he has observed in the Novus Ordo, he only offers the TLM anymore.

Michael Voris has done a good service in posting several Vortex episodes featuring Bishop Gracida.  If the Church had far more shepherds like him over the past several decades (he actually excommunicated pro-aborts), the Church and world would be a far better place.

Some of the info below is biographical, some is timely, and some is inspirational.  Take a few minutes and watch all the videos if you have not already seen them:

OK, I think he undersells matters a bit here regarding Vatican II, but this condemnation is much further than the vast majority of bishops would go:

Now, I really like the idea Bishop Gracida proposes in the video below.  It would take rather weighty stones, but we’re in desperate need of calling a spade a spade in the Church today:

So what do you think of that?  Should laity start calling out – even in the midst of the Holy Sacrifice- when priests or even bishops promote error, heresy, or abuse?  Some might be aghast at the idea of interrupting the sanctity of the Mass, but I can say such interruptions did occur in the early Church, especially in the East.  There were a large number of liturgies at Hagia Sophia interrupted by scandalized laity calling out the proclamations of heretical leadership, especially during the iconoclast heresy.

I can say, I’ve been tempted to do so in the past.  I never assist at locales where heresy and abuse is taught from the pulpit anymore, but I think, at the point of extremis in which the Church finds herself, such drastic action should not be dismissed out of hand.  You don’t need to go charging up to the altar mid-Mass if the priest’s maniple is not tied right, but if Father Dudebro starts waxing about sodomite “love wins” or that the pope has declared divorce to be A-OK for the universal Church………well, we have to push back at some  point, don’t we?  Of course, prudence must guide all and perhaps first attempts should be made at counseling the offender, but for those who recalcitrantly refuse to stop preaching the errors of newchurch, I think such an intervention could certainly be called for.

Always remember: shame works.  There is very little that motivates like shame, and avoidance of it.  I believe the collapse of shame as a motivator has played a significant role in the accelerating downfall of the West.  Now, a strong adherence to ideology can insulate someone from shame, as can having a lot of support from a captive audience, but I have to believe a few public shamings of heresy would have a chilling effect on its being proclaimed abroad.  An interesting experiment to conduct, at any rate.

Bishop Gracida continues to amaze and impress at over 90 years of age.  He looks like he could go another 20. Ad multos annos.


1. guy Mcclung - April 20, 2016

This man-and I mean “man” – flew across the English channel 64 times, and he wasn’t sight seeing. He flew 32 missions in a B17 Flying Fortress over Nazi Germany. He knows what it is to truly fight evil. Each time he flew his odds were that he would not return. This is called “laying down one’s life for one’s friends.” There is no greater love. Note well-go see the movie re The Memphis Belle-25 missions and they got to come home. Every mission after 25 this man went up – and his going up meant someone else did not have to. A few days after he performed an exorcism rite at the site of the last remaining abortion business in Corpus Christi TX [yes, is any city name more ironic?] the business closed down. He had publicly noted, in the past, that the abortionist had been excommunicated. God bless this man, forever. Guy McClung, San Antonio TX

2. Baseballmom - April 20, 2016

Wow Guy, I know we have discussed this before – about my dad (and yours I think?) being on the B-17… Was Bishop G a chaplain at the time? Or was he just Army Air Corps? I guess he must have been Air Corps, as he would have been only 17 when the war began.

guy Mcclung - April 21, 2016

Chaplains didn’t go up in B17s. He was simply a young man doing hisd duty, serving his country, serving all of us

Tantumblogo - April 21, 2016

He was en enlisted man. He was a gunner, I forget which kind. I want to say ball turret but I’m not sure. No, my dad was not in WWII, he was a kid. He was in the Air Force later in the 50s, but only for a short while because my mom got pregnant and they had a deal there in the late 50s/early 60s where certain officers in certain slots could depart if their wives got pregnant. So he bailed. They waived his draft requirement.

3. C matt - April 20, 2016

I lived in Corpu for a few years. South Texas is heavily Democrat (I think there has been one elected Republican in the last decade). But when a pro-death Democrat (but i repeat myself) gubernatorial candidate wanted to campaign there, His Excellence flat out forbade her setting foot on any Catholic property within the diocese. Strong cajones in that political environment.

4. c matt - April 21, 2016

I used to live in Corpus Christi many years ago when Bp. Gracida was “unretired.” South Texas is heavily Democrat – maybe once in the last decade has a Republican won elected office. However, when the pro-abortion Democratic Gubernatorial candidate came to campaign down there, he flat out prohibited her from setting foot on any diocese property (he might have made an exception for a confessional).

5. tg - April 21, 2016

I have never heard heresy from the pulpit – just lame sermons. If I did hear heresy, I don’t think I’d have the nerve to speak out but I would walk out.

Tantumblogo - April 21, 2016

I have. That the “real” Miracle of the loaves and fishes was people sharing their box lunches? That women will be priests one day? That the Blessed Sacrament is really just a symbol. Should have really said something there. I could go on.

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