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Amoris Laetitia is a direct attack on the heart of the Faith April 22, 2016

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So says longtime reader and now blogger docmx001 below.  I am forced to agree.  But doc goes further, noting what propels this attack: a near-total diabolical disorientation among the top leadership of the Church, the horrific errors of which cause them to look on marriage not as a tremendous gift and blessing, but as an empty drudge to be fought through for a few years before moving on to the next one, equally pointless attempt.

It’s a perfect encapsulation of the nihilist existentialism of the left which has infected so much of the Church, especially the clergy and episcopate, and it’s a very, very bad sign for the future (my emphasis and comments):

Traditional marriage (the only kind of marriage that exists, BTW) is being trashed in a way that has that element of diabolical inversion that I speak of frequently.  I see it happening on two levels here.

First, marriage is dragged down to the pit by those who want to see irregular unions normalized.  And I haven’t even touched on the same-sex nonsense that is promulgated in here. [That would be, Chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia]For now, I’m just talking about second “marriages”.  We are told of the “grace” they contain.  We are told of the “worse sin” of renouncing the union, or even, perish the thought, remaining in the union but with perfect chastity. [Which union, however, would remain disordered if conducted in a “live together” situation, due to the constant temptation such proximity would represent]

Second,  while at the same time dragging down traditional marriage, they also hold it up as a nearly impossible to achieve ideal, and it’s done in a way that insults the sacrament at the same time.  In calling marriage a “lifelong burden” (AL36), the mask comes off, and we see plainly that the authors are completely lost.  They are trying to blame-shift the sin of Adultery onto the sacrament of Marriage itself. The sacrament is culpable, the sinner is not.  Unbelievable. [One of the most penetrating comments I’ve read on this whole sorry mess.  That is exactly true, it is the Sacrament – and by connection, God – that is being blamed for the difficulty here, in expecting “too much” from people, even though millions of souls have for 2000 years managed to live perfectly in accord with those expectations (while admitting that many have struggled at times, too)]

Another axiom from Chesterton comes to mind:  “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.”

Stay with me, because this is KEY to understanding what is really going on here, and just how much poo poo we are in.  The people who wrote this garbage are so far gone, so mired in sin, so far removed from living the gospel, so far removed from even TRYING to live the gospel, that they truly think it isn’t possible.  It’s just too darn difficult, so we need to slather it with “mercy” and change God’s will. [I think that’s certainly a huge part of it.  But I increasingly wonder just how innocent of motive some of these men are, and how many are deliberately attacking what they know – or should know, or strongly suspect – to be the Truth due to their fealty to a different, competing “truth” – the religion of sexular leftism.  Having said that, I have no doubt that many of these leaders who are seeking to remake the Church into an indifferentist, worldly religion are doing so because they are mired in grave sin themselves, and simply cannot imagine giving that sin up.  We all have a tendency to project our own faults and limitations onto others, but it’s a veritable immutable characteristic of the “progressive,” where entire world-views are constructed around personal sin and the desire to pretend it isn’t.  Thus, transgender bathrooms and pseudo-sodo-marriage.]

You think I’m judging?  Then try to come up with another explanation for what’s going on here. I mean, if the beautiful concept of remaining faithfully married for a lifetime is soooo hard, that it’s only an “Ideal” that is nearly impossible to achieve, just think what other wretched filth has blackened the souls of these men.

Indeed.  Once one leaps into the abyss, there is no end to the darkness.  Whether intentional or not – and I am dubious as to the latter – Amoris Laetitia represents a shocking, unprecedented assault on the Faith from the man most charged to protect and uphold it.  It is almost unbelievable that a pope would write such things, but there it is, for all the world to see.

Docmx001 follows the above with some perceptive comments about the experience many of us have had in leaving sin behind, and how vital openness to the Truth was in whatever degree of progress we’ve managed to make in undoing much self-inflicted harm.  But there are those so lost in sin, so attached to the world and its master, that it is impossible, absent a miracle of Grace, for them to even envision that it might be possible to live another way.  I know at one time – thank God it was brief – I had pretty much concluded I would die in active addiction, that there was no way I could ever get clean.

When I did finally make a real break with drugs and alcohol, the amazing thing was, I wasn’t even particularly motivated to get clean.  It’s not something I did, it was something that happened to me.  It was Grace.  Grace that stemmed from the prayers of many good people, and, I’m especially convinced, my deceased mother-in-law.

So we do have a duty to pray for these men, no matter what evil they visit upon themselves and millions of others, that Grace may convert a Schoenborn, Rodriguez-Maradiaga, Tagle, or, yes, Bergoglio from their wretched ways and bring them to the Light of Jesus Christ.  I know it’s very hard to work up much charity for these men, seeing the destruction they so intentionally wreak, but I do pray for all of them and many others every day.  I pray the great saintly bishops and popes of the past will, through their intercession, work a miracle of conversion that results in our poor excuses for leaders today emulating the great Saints of the past.  I feel it a duty in charity, and the best recourse available to change such hardened hearts.

But one does, normally, have to have a glimmer of faith, a smidgen of belief, for this to work.  Even when lost in drugs, I knew Jesus Christ was God and that I was doing wrong.  With these men, it’s hard to see any openness to Grace, and God will, generally, not force himself on the totally unwilling.  God does, however, in rare cases, work conversion based not on the faith of the recipient, but on the faith of those praying for them.  Thus, we should never abandon all hope for these souls, even while we are dismayed and scandalized by them on an almost daily basis.

Check out Doc’s blog. It’s a good one.

In our house, we start ’em out young April 22, 2016

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With the Rosary, that is.  Just a couple of cute/silly pics of Josefina:



There’s some grist for the competitive Catholic mom circuit.  My baby started praying the Rosary at 6 weeks, how about yours?

She’s fattened up a lot since she was born 4 weeks early.  Mom’s doing a great job.

Now if she would only go back to sleeping at night……..