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In our house, we start ’em out young April 22, 2016

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With the Rosary, that is.  Just a couple of cute/silly pics of Josefina:



There’s some grist for the competitive Catholic mom circuit.  My baby started praying the Rosary at 6 weeks, how about yours?

She’s fattened up a lot since she was born 4 weeks early.  Mom’s doing a great job.

Now if she would only go back to sleeping at night……..


1. skeinster - April 22, 2016

She’s fattened up a lot since she was born 4 weeks early. Mom’s doing a great job.

The whole family is doing a great job- I think these photos are the first time I’ve ever seen her out of someone’s arms…

2. Baseballmom - April 22, 2016

Just adorable pics! Thanks for posting 😀

3. tg - April 22, 2016

Aww. How cute.

4. TLM - April 22, 2016

Oh my goodness, she is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing!!

5. Missy Farber - April 22, 2016

She’s gorgeous.

6. Kathleen - April 23, 2016

What a sweetie!

And boy does she have a grip on that rosary!

A good example for all of us!

7. MT - April 23, 2016

Beautiful girl.

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