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The number afflicted with the mental illness of gender dysphoria is amazingly minute May 2, 2016

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A very interesting post made the rounds over the weekend, containing data showing the incredibly minute number of so-called transgender individuals in this country.  I won’t go into the hows or whys, but I’ve had some (more than incidental) contact with the tranny community in the past and I can say from my experience these numbers are spot on.  If those lost in the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah number about 1-2% of the population, those suffering from “gender dysphoria” number about 1-2% of that.  Meaning, women and children are being threatened needlessly for the sake of 0.02-4% of the population – a few hundred thousand across the entire nation, at most, tens of thousands, most likely.

But apparently, from what we hear the self-anointed elites of the government/academia/media complex tell us, the right of this vanishingly small percentage of the population not to suffer an occasional hurt feeling (bearing in mind, these people are mentally unstable and unwell to begin with) trumps the right for 330 million other souls to feel safe and secure in their most private, defenseless moments.

If you go through the data, it shows, for instance, that Texas, with a “moderate” population of “transgenders,” has 4.7 per 100,000.  That means there are 1245 in the entire state, concentrated mostly in the largest urban areas, and, oddly, Corpus Christi.  There are 600 in Pennsylvania, 300 in New Mexico, and fewer than 5000 even in California.

I’m a little skeptical on some of the numbers in the graphic because they are so repetitive – the minimum seems to be 3.3 per 100,000 in several states, and the max 10.6 per 100,000 in a few others. It seems unlikely roughly 14 states could have the exact same percentage.  But, it’s supposedly culled from census data, so who knows.

Bear in mind, like many such disordered phenomenon, this “transgenderism” tends to be very fluid and runs across a broad spectrum, from men who occasionally dress like women in private to those who delve very deeply into the illness, even to the point of having their bodies mutilated. This graphic only covered those who went to the length of changing their names and sex coding on census responses, so they’re only looking at the more hardcore.  That’s why I say the max number, including the less committed, may, at best, run into the low hundreds of thousands.

Of course, advocates for the normalization and even exaltation of this illness try to maximize their numbers in order to try to garner sympathy and political leverage.  But even their inflated number doesn’t even amount to a million souls (which is itself a gross exaggeration, much like the totally made up “1 in 4 women raped on college campus” meme).

So, it is clear, the rights of hundreds of millions are being gravely threatened for the benefit of the tiniest of minorities.  I say gravely threatened for two reasons.  First, though their numbers are small, and thus the likelihood of encountering one of these poor lost souls not very great, the risk to allowing grown men into bathrooms or locker rooms full of women and little girls is enormous, the damage that could be done irreparable. Secondly, there is already ample evidence that men who have no true inclination towards this “dysphoria” are taking advantage of this situation to prey on those of the opposite sex.  There is simply no way to avoid this predation when logic and evidence (as in, you are a MAN, not a women, in spite of whatever costume/makeup/mutilation you may adopt) are so thrown out the window, again, to pander to the tiniest of minorities.

There are two things going on here, at root.  Number one is the Left’s constant attack on the family, Christian morals, and all things decent. That’s obvious. Number two is the Left’s desire to demonstrate its power and flex its muscles.  What is in the offing here is really the attempt by the radical Left to get tens, if not hundreds, of millions of Americans to share in, and by extension adopt, the mental illness of a handful of others. The Left is attempting to exult in its new found power by demonstrating that they can dictate, over the plain evidence, all rational reason, and the express intent and Will of God, what constitutes “sex.”

As in, nothing, as in, gender is all a contrived notion, which anyone with a hint of sense and a tiny bit of experience living with those of the opposite sex knows is so false as to beggar the imagination.  It’s that yuge mental leap that so attracts the Left in pursuit of this next great assault on their core enemy, the Christian God; “transgenders” make up too tiny a percentage of the population to be of any real political use, so the Left is not doing this, so much, to obtain votes, as it is to demonstrate that their ideology is now totally ascendant over the normative, or former, ideology of Western Civilization, Christianity.  

In short, this is about power, and the naked exhibition of it.  You will be brought to heel.  You will be made to care, and to demonstrate  your obeisance to the false religion of sexular pagan leftism. If you resist, you will be crushed, like Aaron and Melissa Klein and many others. And if the pseudo-sodo-marriage debacle is any indicator, the Left will succeed.  They will gradually wear down the will of tens of millions and get them to buy into yet another astounding, unimaginable lie.

So I will start closing my blog posts in emulation of Ann Barnhardt, but with a twist: instead of saying, in emulation of Cato the Elder, “Furthermore, I consider that Islam must be destroyed,” I say that the Left must be destroyed.  Islam is the principal external threat to Christendom, it is true, but the internal threat of Leftism is, to my mind, even more dangerous, especially in this country.  Islam isn’t destroying the fabric of this country, islam isn’t perverting the minds (and actions) of millions of Americans, islam is not persecuting Christians in the US, leftism is.  I certainly don’t disagree with Barnhardt’s assessment of the danger posed by islam, I simply feel that Leftism is even worse.



1. cenlacatholic - May 3, 2016

You should watch this on “transgender” crime:

Tantumblogo - May 3, 2016

Yes sir, I’ve seen that. It’s a good presentation, well worth watching.

2. CG - May 3, 2016

Wow!!!! You put words to my more loosely organized thoughts. Perfectly stated!

3. wlindsaywheeler - May 3, 2016

On Leftism. I hope you recognize that leftism is Gnosticism. It is resurgent now. Anybody that has Marxist influence, liberation theology, or egalitarian viewpoints is Gnostic. Most of our Church hierarchy are Gnostic now. Gnosticism is a hatred of history, of reality, and the biggest thing—of Nature and the core of Nature—particularity. Egalitarianism, and anti-discrimination is about destroying and not paying attention to particularity. Marxist Unisexism is about destroying the particularity of the genders. Women as lawyers; Women as soldiers; Women in combat roles; women as altar boys! Sorry to say that the whole of the Church clergy are enmeshed in Gnosticism. The statement of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal” is Gnosticism. America as a Masonic country is infused with Gnosticism. Freemasonry, like Marxism/Communism, is Gnosticism. It is a religion in and of itself. Gnosticism is also characterized by narcissism, great gobs of it. Political Correctness/Social Justice are Gnostic. If you are not allowed to pay attention to particularity–one is under Gnosticism. Gnosticism was the ancient plague of the Early Church but then the modern Catholic Church refuses to preach and teach against error and so has adopted error. Face it the modern Catholic Church is infused throughout with Gnosticism.

4. wlindsaywheeler - May 3, 2016

In the acknowledgement of the evils of Leftism, are you aware that Leftism is resurgent Gnosticism? Ancient Gnosticism plagued the early Church. Gnosticism is narcissistic and has a hatred of history, reality and of Nature, especially the hatred of particularity. Marxism/communism is Gnostic. Hegel, which has a huge influence in philosophy departments everywhere is Gnostic. I’m afraid much of the Church hierarchy is Gnostic. The unisexism of Cultural Marxism is Gnostic: women as lawyers/judges, women in combat roles, women as police officers, and female altar girls are examples of Gnosticism and its hatred of particularity. Anti-discrimination which is a part of Leftism is an exhibition of Gnosticism. Liberation theology that many Church clergy ascribe to is a sign of Gnosticism throughout the Church. Thomas Jefferson’s “All men are created equal” is a gnostic statement. It is the foundation of Masonic America, Americanism. Sadly we are enmeshed in Gnosticism/Leftism.

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