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Bad comment problem again May 3, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

I guess there’s always another way to muck things up, and now that I felt I had the valid comments winding up in spam largely licked, now many in the past few days have gone straight to the trash!  That’s never happened before.  It seems there were a spate of comments so affected just today, and a spate on April 21 (sorry for the long delay finding them).  That’s nuts, comments are never supposed to automatically go to trash, only I’m supposed to be able to send them there.

Anyway, I fished out 17 good comments, about 10 of which came from today.  Sorry they were delayed getting posted.  I’ll try to watch the trash folder every few hours to check for more.  If you have been waiting for your comment to post, check now, they should be there.

Sorry and thanks for your patience.  Comments have always been a periodic problem going back years.



1. virtuouscitizenship - May 3, 2016

Like the punk in Dirty Harry-I gots to know: were any of the comments in SPAM from the Vatican? Guy McClung

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