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Saint Alphonsus – we must all be martyrs, either of the sword, or of patience May 3, 2016

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In keeping with the previous couple of posts, some exegesis on suffering from St. Alphonsus I found helpful.  I pray you do, as well.  Minimal commentary on this one, I probably say too much as it is:

He that loves God in suffering earns a double reward in paradise.  St. Vincent de Paul said that it was a great misfortune to be free from suffering in this life. And he added, that a congregation or an individual that does not suffer, and is applauded by all the world, is not far from a fall. [AHEM cough-choke-gag]  It 06956ce2b3was on this account that St. Francis of Assisi, on the day that he had suffered nothing for God, became afraid, lest God had forgotten him.  St. John Chrysostom says, that when God endows a man with the grace of suffering, he gives him a greater grace than that of raising the dead to life; because in performing miracles man remains God’s debtor; whereas in suffering, God makes Himself the debtor of man.  And he adds, that whoever endures something for God, even had he no other gift that the strength to suffer for the God whom he loves, this would procure for him an immense reward.  Wherefore he affirmed, that he considered St. Paul to have received a greater grace in being bound in chains for Jesus Christ, than in being rapt up to the third heaven in ecstasy.

But patience has a perfect work (Jm i:4). The meaning of this is that nothing is more pleasing to God than to see a soul suffering with patience all the crosses sent her by Him.  The effect of love is to liken the lover to the person loved. St. Francis de Sales said, “All the wounds of Christ are so many mouths, which preach to us that we must suffer for Him. The science of the saints is to suffer constantly for Jesus; and in this way we shall soon become saints.” A person that loves Jesus Christ is anxious to be treated like Jesus Christ – poor, persecuted, and despised.  St. John belied all the saints clothed in white, and with palms in their hands (Apoc vii:9). The palm is the symbol of the martyr, and yet all the saints did not suffer martyrdom; – why, then, do all the saints bear palms in their hands?  St. Gregory replies, that all the saints have been martyrs either of the sword or of patience, so that, he adds, “we can be martyrs without the sword, if we keep patience.”

————-End Quote———-

There’s an old saying, be careful to ask God for patience, He’ll give you plenty to try your patience.  I fear that in these times our patience will be sorely tested whether we ask for it, or not.

But we should keep in mind that bearing faithfully, patiently, all manner of persecution and scandal is just as valid a way of pleasing God as is being tossed in prison or run upon a sword.  That’s the point of the above, and it’s a lesson vital for the fears and threats we have to deal with almost every day in this sad fallen age.

Pray, do penance, hope, and don’t worry! OK, try hard not to worry.

Furthermore, I consider that leftism must be destroyed.



It feels weird just kind of lopping it on there. It changes the tenor of the end of the post, from hopeful/reflective to combative. Total non sequitur.  Meh.  May not stick with it.  We’ll see. Barnhardt is pretty much always combative, while I try to have an occasional other side.



1. Baseballmom - May 4, 2016

Thank you. Excellent.

2. Tradition and Lace - May 4, 2016

Reblogged this on Tradition and Lace.

3. Tradition and Lace - May 4, 2016

I love reading posts like this one!
It’s edifying & hopeful in its wisdom concerning suffering. There’s been all too much negativity in so many Catholic blogs lately.
Who needs more of that?! LOL
No one I know.
Thank You and
God Bless!
Cindy Snipes
Galveston, Tx

skeinster - May 4, 2016

Been thinking about this in the light of AL:

when the codification of sodomy as the law of the land happened last year, our priests did not actually mention it specifically, but instead did a series of sermons reminding us of what we must do to be holy.

A better solution, I think, than re-hashing information we have already gotten elsewhere.

4. skeinster - May 4, 2016

“Leftism must be destroyed”- just put it on the end of political/social posts.

What a gift St. Alphonsus was! Thanks for this.

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