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Saint Bernard on the fleetingness of the things of the world May 6, 2016

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A little exegesis from St. Bernard of Clairvaux on the fleetingness of the things of the world, and our unhappiness no matter how much we possess if we fail to know, love and serve God.  From a small book called On Loving God032113

Not exactly unheard of revelations below, but helpful reminders all the same. As the world has decided to reject God and His Church more and more, people wander about lost, wondering why all this material wealth and comfort fails to satisfy them.  Duh, they were made for much better and more enduring things.  We can never be fully happy in this life, as we were designed for loving God and spending eternity with Him in Heaven, even if most fail to achieve that happy end.

It seems each generation descends more and more into impiety and lack of faith, and is thus more miserable than the one that preceded it.  Have you any idea how many young people under 25 are on powerful psychotropic medications?  It is a huge percentage, over 1/3 at last I heard.  How many young people in particular, who have never known God, find life pointless and unfulfilling?  Were people lost in such existential angst 150 years ago when wealth did not abound nearly so much but love for Jesus Christ did?

Something to consider.  St. Bernard:

Men in high places are driven by insatiable ambition to clutch at still greater prizes.  And nowhere is there any final satisfaction, because nothing there can be defined as absolutely the best or highest.  But it is natural that nothing should content a man’s desires but the very best, as he reckons it.  Is it not, then, mad folly always to be craving for things which can never quiet our longings, much less satisfy them?  No matter how many such things one has, he is always lusting after what he has not; never at peace, he sighs for new possessions. [Is this not so very true?] Discontented, he spends himself in fruitless toil, and finds only weariness in the evanescent and unreal pleasures of the world.  In his greediness, he counts all that he has clutched as nothing in comparison with what is beyond his grasp, and loses all pleasure in his actual possessions by longing after what he has not, yet covets.

…….Ah, but if you wish to attain to the consummation of all desire, so that nothing unfulfilled will be left, why weary yourself with fruitless efforts, running hither and StBernardClairvauxthither, only to die long before the goal is reached?

It is so that these impious ones wander in a circle, longing after something to gratify their yearnings, yet madly rejecting that which alone can bring them to their desired end, not by exhaustion but by attainment.  They wear themselves out in vain travail, without reaching their blessed consummation, because they delight in creatures, not in the CreatorThey want to traverse creation, trying all things one by one, rather than think of coming to Him Who is Lord of all. And if their utmost longing were realized, so that they should have all the world for their own, yet without possessing Him Who is the Author of all being, then the same law of their desires would make them contemn what they had and restlessly seek Him Whom they still lacked, that is, God Himself.  Rest is in Him alone.

Man knows no peace in the world; but he has no disturbance when he is with God.  And so the soul says with confidence, ‘Whom have I in Heaven but Thee; and there is none upon earth that I desire in comparison of Thee.  God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.  It is good for me to hold me fast by God, to put my trust in the Lord God (Ps lxxiii:25)……….

……….A small thing that the righteous have is better than great riches of the ungodly (Ps xxxvii:16).

————End Quote————–

That’s all, but I thought it pretty good.  Thank you, St. Bernard, and thank you still more, Lord, for so inspiring him.


Start Novena to the Holy Ghost/Pentecost today! May 6, 2016

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That’s today 05/06/16.

O Holy Spirit, You are the Love of The Father and The Son. Inspire me always in what I should think. Inspire me always in what I should say and how I should say it. Inspire me in what I should keep silence about and how I should do it. Inspire me in what I should do for God’s Honour, for the good of souls and for my own sanctification. Holy Spirit grant me understanding to understand and recognise. Grant me a capacity to remember everything. Teach me the ways and grant me the ability to learn always again. Grant me the acumen to interpret and to discern correctly. Grant me the grace to speak efficaciously. Holy Spirit, grant me confidence and certainty at the beginning. Guide me and lead me during the accomplishment and grant me perfection at the completion. Amen.

The other one is a typically looong EWTN Novena.  Too long to copy and paste here, go to the link.

But the longer the prayer is, the more merit there is in praying it, I suppose.

Pray a Novena with your family!  Develop in your children a love for this great traditional practice!

If you have Fr. John Hardon’s Catholic Prayer Book, there is also a Novena to the Holy Ghost there, on pp. 309-10.  Lots of other prayer books have their own versions.

Dominus vobiscum!

pentecost (1)

Also the Novena to Our Lady of Fatima normally started yesterday, but you could still start it today.  Here’s a short version courtesy of reader MJD:

Most Holy Virgin,
who has deigned to come to Fatima
to reveal to the three little shepherds
the treasures of graces hidden in the recitation of the Rosary,
inspire our hearts with a sincere love of this devotion,
so that by meditating on the mysteries
of our redemption that are recalled in it,
we may gather the fruits
and obtain the conversion of sinners,
the conversion of Russia,
and this favor that I so earnestly seek….

(State your request here…)

which I ask of you in this novena,
for the greater glory of God,
for your own honor,
and for the good of all people.

Pray 3 sets of : Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

I know this is not Our Lady of Fatima per se I just like the pic

I know this is not Our Lady of Fatima per se I just like the pic