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Anti-Catholic sentiment showing up more and more in family (divorce) court May 12, 2016

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There has been a very sad situation develop locally, where a family, experiencing the division and dissolution so common to so many families in this time of diabolical narcissism, has been further wounded, and gravely so, by a decision of the courts.  That decision was based on a belief that being “too Catholic” is bizarre, extreme, and potentially (if not certainly) dangerous to children.  The fallen away spouse, who abandoned the marriage and has since shacked up with someone else, has been arguing for some time that religious extremism is endangering his children and demands that he should be given greater control over their lives, by having more generous visitation.  Naturally, this father is a former Catholic.

While courts almost always side decisively with the female half of a divorced couple in awarding custody, to the extent that most fathers are generally given custody for all of two weekends a month (a huge problem in and of itself, but not germane here), in this case, it seems the anti-Catholic sentiment of the judge was sufficient to rule contrary to norm, and quite stridently so.  The children will now be placed in a far more confusing situation, and one that places their nascent faith at grave risk.

I don’t want to say anymore regarding the local situation than that, as I am striving to preserve general anonymity while imploring prayers for this suffering family.  I would like to warn, however, that this is a situation that will likely afflict Catholic families more in more in future, where religious fervor, far from being the boon to good morals and solid citizenship it traditionally was held to impart, will now be seen as a grave problem to be eradicated, something akin to psychological illness, a danger to self and especially to children exposed to this “extremism.”  And, it must be said, we shall have Pope Francis and most of the bishops and clergy to thank for this situation.

Already in divorce courts across the land, it is being touted that abandoned spouses who remain true to their marital vows and uphold the Doctrine of the Faith in their homes are dangerous zealots,  radicals who are “more Catholic than the pope.”  Numerous papal statements, including ones involving formal teaching, can be pointed to as a contrast to an adherence to the traditional practice of the Faith.  Numerous supporting statements can be found from the majority of bishops and clergy, even to the point of inviting them in as expert witnesses to refute the “errors” of “extremist” traditional Catholics.  The stage is being set – has been set – for making the raising of children according to the constant belief and practice of the Faith, if not illegal (yet), at least so strange and unsettling as to cast grave doubt on the stability of its practitioners.

This of course goes back to the maxim, in a world where everyone has gone insane, the sane are judged to be crazy.  While it is always risky to extrapolate current trends far out into the future, all the signs regarding governmental/societal “tolerance” for the raising of children in a faithful, Christian manner are negative in the extreme.  Once again, the complicity of the hierarchy in the dissolution of Christendom and the internal attack on Catholic Dogma have played an enormous role in bringing this demonic  situation about.   I’ve said it before, but, I used to believe that my wife and I would generally be able to raise our children free from outward persecution, while I was quite concerned for my children and grand-children, but now I think we’ll be incredibly blessed to do so (especially with a new baby extending our parenting another 6-7 years in the future).

That’s how fast things have fallen apart, within and without the Church.  Pope Francis’ papacy is a watershed in this terrifying trend, however, as, for the first time, the enemies of true piety and devotion can point to official Church documents, from the highest level, casting severe doubt, if not completely contradicting, whole swaths of Catholic belief and practice.  We  haven’t even begun to see the dread effects of these incredible novelties (errors) in practice.  It took a while for Griswold vs. Connecticut (and similar) to get us to pseudo-sodo-marriage, but the path was set in stone from the first step.  The same will occur with Evangelii Guadium and Amoris Laetitia, unless they be formally rebuked and corrected, at some point.

Again, please pray for this abandoned spouse, who has been a rock of faith, and especially the children.



1. Baseballmom - May 12, 2016

Praying for them, and I imagine the wife is familiar with Mary’s Advocates (I believe that is the name) founded by Bai McFarlane.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - May 12, 2016

Of course this will be the future path of Divorcee children keep them away from that Catholic Church . After all most if not all non Catholics now see all,not some,Priests as sex offenders and The Church as a cult. Also especially over here in The UK our own kind I.E. lapsed Catholics are the worst. I personally know an X Catholic man who takes his wife to confessions as his wife is wheelchair bound. This man wheels his wife up near the Confessional door and leaves the church while his wife waits her turn,which at most will be about 15minutes,you would actually think he was going to catch some disease by waiting.Once his wife has been to confession he then comes back in to the church to wheel her to their car and back home. The times I have seen this women she is visibly distressed and embarrassed waiting for said husband to come back in and take her home.I suppose for the poor women she at least sees it as a positive that he takes her to church at all.

3. Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas - May 12, 2016

My brother was accused in divorce court of trying to be more Catholic than the pope – by an unfaithful wife and her lawyer. The wife, who cheated with many for fun, due to an alleged “right to happiness” claimed: I am a Catholic, too, but not a backward medieval fanatic like him.This took place in Poland, where all involved in the proceedings were Catholic. Witnesses accused my brother mainly of being a backward Catholic, one refusing to accept the “improvements” coming from Francis. This is the true Francis effect. Tragic and evil. May God stop this man from causing all this suffering, including that of innocent children.

4. Baseballmom - May 12, 2016

Just heard from a priest friend that Bergoglio is considering ordaining women to the diaconate…. What next?

5. Richard Malcolm - May 12, 2016

I think this underlines – as if it needed underlining – just how important it is to marry another well-formed Catholic, one who is serious about making the faith a central part of your marriage, and your family. The ancient wisdom of the Church (largely set aside now) had sound logic and praxis: A mixed marriage is asking for all kinds of trouble; and even a marriage to a disengaged Catholic is storing up trouble for the future.

I don’t know the background on this family. Maybe the wife thought she *had* done that. People do change, and no one is immune from sin or its effects. But you can at least minimize the odds of having to become intimately familiar with family court. Nothing good will come of that.

Tantumblogo - May 12, 2016

It was a change thing. She’s a really good woman. Can’t say much. Husband certainly knows better.

Richard Malcolm - May 12, 2016

Well, wouldn’t be the first Catholic spouse that has happened to. You think you know a person, and then…

As I say, all you can do is minimize the odds – you just can’t get them to zero. I pray she gets a better outcome – as best as is possible.

6. baliosv - May 12, 2016

Reading an article about St. Ursula Ledochowska I was struck by the description of the growing opposition to Catholicism in Russia prior to WWl. It occurred to me that one of the first signs of the collapse of world order in the West is the growing intolerance of religious organizations. This may be common knowledge to you all but is something new to me as I witness the current, curious and growing hostility to Christians in this country.

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