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Typical Friday disaster: Obama requires all public schools to permit boys in girl’s restrooms May 13, 2016

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Typical of the Obama administration, a highly controversial, unconstitutional, and heavy handed administrative action, counter to all law and decency, has been released on a Friday (actually shortly before midnight Thursday), the slowest news day of the week.  The hope being that, by the time Monday rolls around, the 24 hour news cycle will have moved on, or outrage over this shocking departure from the former “checks and balances” of American government can be dismissed as “old news.”

Obama has had the Department of Education, which Ronald Reagan sadly failed in closing, issue a directive to all public schools in the nation that they had better accommodate the mental illness of an aggrieved few, permitting boys to use girls restrooms and vice versa, or face the heavy hand of federal persecution.  Schools that fail to comply could not only lose federal funding, but also be the target of expensive lawsuits from the federal government and aggrieved students.

I say again, sending kids to public school by choice (and not serious circumstance) now amounts to such a dereliction of parental duty it in all likelihood rises to the level of sin:

The Department of Education will instruct every public school in America to provide “suitable” bathroom and locker room facilities to match transgender students “chosen gender identity.”…….

……..The directive comes from two top administration officials: Catherine E. Lhamon, the assistant secretary of education for civil rights, and Vanita Gupta, head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. It will put state and local officials and higher-education institutions on notice that they risk losing federal education aid if they limit students to areas or teams based on their gender assigned at birth. [Look on the upside!  A lot of girls basketball teams are going to win state championships with 6′ 8″ bearded centers!  How many “women’s” basketball, soccer, etc., teams at the collegiate level will not soon be stocked with men?  So, in effect, the Obama administration is citing Title IX to UNDO exactly what Title IX was supposed to fix (even though it was fatally flawed from the outset)]

The action comes just days after the Justice Department and the state of North Carolina filed dueling lawsuits over a new law requiring individuals in that state to use bathrooms based on their birth gender.

Citing Title IX, which prohibits sexual discrimination at educational institutions that receive federal funding, the two officials warn that the obligation “to ensure nondiscrimination on the basis of sex requires schools to provide transgender students equal access to educational programs and activities even in circumstances in which other students, parents, or community members raise objections or concerns.

They also add that your considered objections and deeply held beliefs don’t move them a bit, you bible-humping Christofascists.

Greg Abbot has announced he will fight this latest, lawless, and egregious move by the Obama administration to crush federalism and rule by executive fiat. How many lefties claim Richard Nixon was going to crown himself king and destroy the American system of governance, for acts that were not even 1/10th as illegal/unconstitutional as Obama’s?  Oh well……leftists always lie, leftists always project.

Regardless of how this gets worked out in the courts, every parent in America will wake up this morning having to deal with an issue they probably never thought they’d have to face several years ago. Parents now have to decide how they will deal with the reality that their child will not enjoy a basic level of privacy when they use a restroom or locker room when they go to school. Will this bring about a rise in private school attendance? Will it inspire more parents to home school their children? [By all rights, it should.  I will not be surprised at all should Obama move against homeschooling before he leaves office, either.]  Will states flirt with the idea of refusing federal education funds? [I think an  honest reckoning might find that the costs imposed by the feds exceed the benefit received in tax monies back.  Because that’s all it is, the feds don’t “give” anyone anything, they simply send a bit of the money taken in taxes back.  Between Common Core, sodomite-“rights,” transgender activism, and all manner of progressive agitation, opting out seems an increasingly attractive option.]

Either way, if anyone wondered what President Obama meant when he promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” now they know.

Indeed.  And he is far from done.  He’s going to go absolutely nuts this year.  There is nothing to hold him back.

Quick hits: Target continues to suffer, Texas Nationalist Movement gains unprecedented ground May 13, 2016

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Two quick news items of interest via Brietbart – in the first, in spite of Target’s CEO going on a PR offensive to justify his decision to open restrooms and dressing rooms to people of both sexes, ending centuries of custom and practice in favor of a perverse agenda benefiting a minuscule number of people, the company’s stock and value continues to tank as the boycott movement grows:

The CEO of retail giant Target is zig-zagging between the many customers who are angered by his decision to open single-sex bathrooms to the other sex, the gender-identity progressives who pushed for the disastrous transgender policy, and the Wall Street stock-pickers who have chopped roughly $4.5 billion off the company’s value…..

…….That tough feedback includes a consumer boycott that now has 1.2 million supporters, much damage to the company’s brand, and a massive sell-off on Wall Street that has chopped the company’s share price from almost $84 on April 19 to $75.70 on May 11.

That’s a loss of $8.30 per share, or 10 percent, or almost $5 billion since April 19. Of course, some part of that loss is due to President Barack Obama’s weak economy — but no company is helped by many management decisions that anger so many customers.

Indeed.  We can see how powerful a motive virtue-signalling is to the progressive elite through acts like this.  Completely nonsensical from a business perspective (wading into highly contentious cultural battles is a no-win proposition for a consumer-driven business), the desire to project membership in the progressive vanguard caused this CEO to alienate millions for the sake of the approval of a few thousand.  Virtue-signalling and tribal allure are powerful stuff.  And it’s not just the Left that falls into it, though so much of their current ascendance IS driven by those two factors, wanting to appear to hold the “correct” beliefs and being possessed of an unassailable moral superiority.

Moving on, secondly, the Texas Nationalist Movement, which seeks to make Texas an independent nation again, has had a significant success at the Texas Republican Party Convention in Dallas this week, gaining approval  to have the full convention vote on a proposed non-binding ballot referendum on whether Texas should exit the Union:

The Lone Star State has taken one more step towards Texas Independence. A resolution has passed a platform committee at the Texas GOP Convention and is now expected to go to a vote before all of the delegates.

Texas pachyderms are in Dallas, Texas, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. They will be there through Saturday, May 14 attending the state Republican Convention.

Two-thirds of the Texas GOP platform committee voted to place a call for a voter referendum on Texas Independence before the full-body of the delegates. There was robust debate on the issue, and a motion to strike the resolution that failed, but now the measure is headed to the permanent platform committee. It is expected to get out of that committee and to the delegates without any problem.

Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) President Dan Miller told Breitbart Texas that supporters of Texas Independence “scored a major victory” in getting the issue to the delegates at the convention. He said members of the movement who are delegates have been working to get the support. He said, “We are farther than we have ever been before.”

Although there are a few more steps in the process, the resolution is expected to get to the delegates for a vote.

You can see more at the link, but while I think it is true such a measure – even a non-binding one – has never gotten this far before, I’m not so certain it’s a sure thing that it will make it to a floor vote.  Also, this measure, being non-binding, is entirely symbolic, but does indicate a growing mood that the federal government is not only out of control and increasingly unjust, but also beyond fixing.

I’ve said before, while I’m not a fervent supporter of Texas independence, I’m certainly not opposed.  I’m just not certain it’s the panacea it is often presented as being, as Texans, while somewhat more conservative than most other state populations, are unfortunately just as imbued with all the moral failings and disordered notions as just about everyone else in this country.  But, I think, notionally, the concept of an independent Texas is an attractive one, at least so far as leaving the sinking federal ship.  We’re still many miles away from that, and there is the unanswerable question of how the feds and the other 49 states would react.

Francis considering women deacons…….female priestesseses in our lifetime? May 13, 2016

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Unless the Lord plans to call me very soon, I would say, you can count on it:

Pope Francis told the heads of women’s religious orders from around the world that he would set up a commission to study the New Testament deaconesses and he also insisted more can and should be done to involve lay and consecrated women in church decision-making at every level.

Asked if he would establish “an official commission to study the question” of whether women could be admitted to the diaconate, Pope Francis responded: “I accept. It would be useful for the church to clarify this question. I agree.” [The question has been studied 50 times in as many years.  Yes there were “deaconesses” who performed very limited roles, mostly involving baptism to prevent scandal from women being dunked fully immersed in water wearing thin cotton gowns.  There is essentially nothing in the New Testament concerning these women, save for an obscure reference in the Gospel of Matthew to women “ministering” to Jesus, which could mean anything.  But amidst a thoroughly radicalized, secularized world, to even broach the subject as something that can be discussed is to create unending pressure for it. Francis is the great hope of the liberals to get something they’ve always wanted, and soon.  Women deaconesses are nothing but an opening to women priests, the destruction of which through its de-sacralization has been a constant goal of the enemies of the Faith since the Church’s inception.]

The pope spent more than an hour May 12 responding to questions posed by members of the International Union of Superiors General, repeatedly asking if they wanted further clarification and making funny asides or rephrasing his responses when it was clear they were not hitting the mark. [Judging from the questions (you can see more at the link, this is a thoroughly radicalized group, obsessed with marxian power dynamics and feminist ideology]

“I like hearing your questions because they make me think,” the pope told close to 900 superiors general, representing almost 500,000 sisters around the world. “I feel like a goalie, who is standing there waiting for the ball and not knowing where it’s going to come from.”

Asked about deaconesses in the New Testament and the possibility of the modern church admitting women to the permanent diaconate, Pope Francis had said his understanding was that the women described as deaconesses in the Bible were not ordained like permanent deacons are. Mainly, he said, it appeared that they assisted with the baptism by immersion of other women and with the anointing of women.

However, he said, “I will ask the (Congregation for the) Doctrine of the Faith to tell me if there are studies on this.” [Sheesh. Like I said, it’s been studied to death, as he well knows.  But we all know, the Church was born on December 4, 1965, and then again on March 13, 2013.]

………The main part of the question was about the lack of influence women religious are given in church decision-making processes. Pope Francis said the obligation to listen to women in the parish, diocese and at the Vatican “is not a matter of feminism, but of right.” [Where is this place where women are just totally shunted aside and ignored?  In every single parish I’ve been in, women dominate the staff and teaching positions at a rate of at least 9:1.  Yet they have no voice?  How many dioceses are run by women chancellors?  Obviously, then, these are not honest questions or complaints, but code-speak for further deconstruction of the Church along feminist lines.]

……“Our desire is that the church talk with us — like is happening now — and not about us,” one of the sisters told him……

In other words, do as we say, give us what we want.  Or else our congregations will wither and die!  Oh………

It is sad to see that the penetration of false – really, demonic – feminist ideologies has spread beyond the West and into even most “third world” religious.

I also note that, at least in the articles I’ve seen (two), the discussion of cloistered, contemplative life was totally ignored.  Only the active virtues were given any emphasis.

And the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate continue their long martyrdom.

Related, and very important.  Young does not equal orthodox or traditional