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Are you even slightly surprised? May 16, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, persecution, sadness, scandals, sexual depravity, sickness, Society, The End, the enemy.

Yeah, I thought not:


Shee-ee-esh.  Tip yer hand, much?

And I know that’s immodest dress, but the angle conceals most of the problem areas so I went with it.  Yikes.  Perversion powers progressivism, that much I know.  The object of Clinton’s lustful glance (which would be considered “rape” if done on a college campus by a male) has confirmed, she was staring exactly where she appears to be staring.

Sorry in advance to you west coasters who lose your lunchtime appetite over this.

Reminds me so much of this infamous bit of unhinged envy:


I prefer envy to perverse lust any day. I’m sure Carla Bruni, though no longer psuedo French first lady, still hopes Hilary doesn’t become president, for obvious reasons.  No woman will be safe, anywhere.



1. David L Alexander - May 16, 2016

The image of Secretary Clinton and … whoever that young lady is, judging from the shadows, and the nature of the two figures’ juxtposition, appears obviously to be “photoshopped.” And even if it wasn’t, a moment in time for a still camera’s image can easily be taken out of context. Such would be nearly as obvious with the second photo, were not much of the general public already aware of the context in that incident as reported.

In short, we really don’t know what’s going on there.

2. Murray - May 16, 2016

It’s not Photoshopped: a Google Image search for “clinton aguilera” shows several photos of the latter at the White House in that dress, where she was hosting a fundraiser.

Still, while it’s a funny photo, I don’t know if I’d make too much of it.

3. Murray - May 16, 2016

Oh, here’s a video of the whole thing (note: the page is safe enough, but the site itself might not be entirely SFW). Skip forward to about 1:05: the “glance” happens in an eyeblink as they disengage after they pose for photos, and it actually looks pretty innocent.

David L Alexander - May 16, 2016

Well, here’s what I’m looking at (and I did review the search in the link you provided).

Clinton has a slightly larger cranium than Aguilera, but that difference is even more obvious in the photo in question. Further, notice the shadows behind them. One is quite pronounced, and the other doesn’t have one. So either Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist (in which case it’s not hard to imagine not seeing her shadow, or her reflection in the mirror), or the picture is altered. And even if it’s real, as the video to which you linked suggests, it’s one of those things captured in a fraction of a second that can be made to look like something it isn’t.

(I’m guessing it’s a slow news day in the blogging world.)

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

I just thought it was funny. I’m kind of surprised how big a deal folks are making of it. It was a tongue in cheek post.

David L Alexander - May 16, 2016

I know. I was surprised you even posted it.

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

I never fail to disappoint?

Murray - May 16, 2016

It’s kind of silly to be disputing this, but look at the video I linked, at 1:05-1:12 or so. It happened exactly as the photo shows: Clinton looked down for a split second as they were disengaging, but it was pretty clearly unintentional.

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

It’s simply too good not to be true.

4. James - May 16, 2016

The young woman is Christina Aguillera and when she was asked on the Ellen Degeneres show, she confirmed that Hillary was doing exactly what the picture shows her doing.

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

Yes, that’s what she said. I don’t know about you, but my wife wouldn’t appreciate even an instantaneous ogle. I don’t think our Blessed Lord would, either.

David L Alexander - May 16, 2016

… and when I want an informed opinion on events in the world today, that’s right, I’m gonna tune in to Ellen Degeneres (whom I thought was a lot funnier before she got into that whole gay thing).

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

Cultural agendas tend to squash humor.

5. c matt - May 16, 2016

Could be envy…..

6. c matt - May 16, 2016

In Michelle’s case, I believe the proper term is jealousy. If I recall correctly, that was in the context of Bruni being too close to Barack for Michelle’s comfort.

7. Barbara Hvilivitzky - May 16, 2016

Sorry, I think this is a bit cheesy. Pictures freeze glances that might not look so bad in a movement capture. Cheap shots.

Tantumblogo - May 16, 2016

Oh I’m just having some fun!

8. camper - May 16, 2016

You can’t put stuff like this on your blog. It is poison and you should remove the picture. Really, are you kidding me?

Tim - May 17, 2016

He can post anything he wants. It’s his blog.

David L Alexander - May 17, 2016

You may want to reconsider that line of reasoning for the moment, mindful that this is a venue normally devoted to issues of faith and morals. Not that I personally have a problem with … well, you know.

9. Mrs. Maureen Avila - May 16, 2016

When we were both young and single, I once asked an extremely large-breasted female friend what it was like, since she was getting lots of stares. She said, “Oh, it can get annoying; men talk to my tits.” Yes, Tantum, I do believe you are just having fun!

10. Faith of Our Fathers - May 17, 2016

To me there is something really intrinsically weird about Obamas well so called wife . Both him and her are well is it both him and her.

David L Alexander - May 17, 2016

“I’m kind of surprised how big a deal folks are making of it.”

11. David - May 18, 2016

My mother is an EMHC at her parish in Houston. The newer pastor (who replaced a longtime Fr. Anything Goes) began making announcements about proper attire at Mass and respect for the Holy Eucharist AFTER a few hosts were accidentally dropped and landed inside some ladies clothes. It’s also embarrassing to have to retrieve the Eucharist after a diversion like this.

I have also had Hispanic friends share with me that at several “all Spanish Masses” things like tattoos, short shorts, torn up jeans, ball caps, camis, etc. are commonplace, and people should know better. My Hispanic friends have told me that a few priests have preached on proper attire, but more need to do this.

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