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Confident says Ratzinger claimed not all of Fatima Secret was released May 17, 2016

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Shocking, I know.  This is strictly hearsay, but a priest who claims a long association, and confidant status, with Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI has claimed that the Pope Emeritus told him that not all of the Third Secret of Fatima was released in 2000.  He also claims the excluded portion deals with apostasy/mass error at the highest levels of Church Authority.

See what you make of this (emphasis in original):

Today, on the Feast of Pentecost, I called Fr. Ingo Dollinger, a German priest and former professor of theology in Brasil, who is now quite elderly and physically weak. He has been a personal friend of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for many years. Father Dollinger unexpectedly confirmed over the phone the following facts:

Not long after the June 2000 publication of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told Fr. Dollinger during an in-person conversation that there is still a part of the Third Secret that they have not published! “There is more than what we published,” Ratzinger said. He also told Dollinger that the published part of the Secret is authentic and that the unpublished part of the Secret speaks about “a bad council and a bad Mass” that was to come in the near future.

Father Dollinger gave me permission to publish these facts on this High Feast of the Holy Ghost and he gave me his blessing.

………This sensitive information pertaining to the Third Secret, which has been circulating among certain Catholic groups for a few years now, has now been personally confirmed to me by Fr. Dollinger himself, at a time in history where the Church seems to have fallen into a pit of confusion. It might help explain, at least in part, why we are where we are now.

Importantly, it shows the loving mercy of the Mother of God to warn us and to prepare her children for this battle that the Church now finds herself in. In spite of the decision of those in responsible places within the Church, She has made sure the fuller truth would still be revealed and spread………

There follows some discussion about how then Cardinal Ratzinger apparently contradicted himself with regard to the publication of the Fatima revelations in 2000, stating at one time that the entire secret had been revealed, and at another hinting that there were unrevealed portions.

I have personally long believed that the entirety of the Third Secret is yet to be revealed, and that the Consecration of Russia demanded by Our Lady is also yet to be properly done.  The last is arguable, but that’s my personal sentiment.

Having said that, all these tales of revelations pointing to a “bad council and a bad Mass” tend to come from the mid-60s on, by which time concerns over both the most recent council and changes to the Mass were prevalent (and with good reason).  That is to say, they tend to confirm a reality that was already in existence, so they are less prophetic than they are descriptive.  I’m not certain the unrevealed portions of the Third Secret are quite so specific as to point to a “bad council and Mass.”  My reading is that they pointed more to a general apostasy or crisis of faith within the leadership of the Church – something that was increasingly obvious to those who paid close attention to internal Church matters from the early 20th century on.  After all, Pope Saint Pius X did not chase after bogeymen when he wrote Pascendi.

At this point, do we need a prophecy from the 1930s or 40s to tell us that there is a crisis in the Church, and that the crisis is especially prevalent among those in positions of authority?  The evidence for this crisis has been overwhelming for decades now.  Perhaps knowledge of this prophecy direct from Our Lord and Lady might move a few souls to accept the reality of the situation regarding the Church at present, but I’m reminded of the parable of the rich man and Lazarus even as I type this.  If they won’t believe the accumulated evidence of the past several decades (and it is prodigious), why would they believe an “ancient” prophecy?

Well, make of it what you will.  As for me, I don’t need any more convincing.


1. Baseballmom - May 17, 2016

Yep… Kind of a “duh” moment.

2. patt - May 17, 2016

Well, unless one is blind, they can see for themselves that what was omitted about the THIRD SECRET–has come true. so I do not think this is false information. What amazes me is how they pass that scenario of the man in white, and those following him, climbing a mountain over dead corpses and then being shot with guns and arrows until he falls dead! We were told that referred to Pope JP II.
Really?? Makes no sense. And to cover up, ignore, lie about the whole thing from day one—-stunned. And that is my 2 cents.

3. patt - May 17, 2016

Now we would like to know why Pope Benedict stepped down.

4. skeinster - May 18, 2016

Like your last 2+ paragraphs very much. There are several hundred comments over at that post, which settle nothing and only invite time-wasting about something over which we have no authority. I really don’t think that adding chaos helps to fight chaos.

If we knew what the Third Secret was, what would we be doing differently, provided we’re all already trying to be as holy as possible?

Take the good parts and don’t worry about the rest. If there is more, and it has been suppressed, that is the lookout of those responsible, not us.

This sort of intense focus on what is, in the end, still a private revelation seems unwise to me, as a distraction. If we’re arguing about the Two Sister Lucias, we’re not praying, reading good spiritual works, doing penance or doing all the other productive things we might be doing.
(Why, yes, that includes commenting on blogs…)

5. MrT - May 18, 2016

This is not a waste of time. It’s good to realize Fatima is not in the rear view mirror, which it would be if the Third Secret was totally out and the consecration of Russia has been done. Is Russia now Catholic? No. Had it been over 30 years since this so-called consecration of Russia? Yes. Would Our Lady wait over 30 years to fulfill a promise? Really?

6. taad - May 18, 2016

If Heaven desired Our Blessed Mother to deliver a message that is to be revealed in it’s entirety, to ALL of us, then I for one desire, and demand to know the entirety of what Our Lady wanted to tell us, without comment. There has also been revealed, that Our Lady not only gave us a message, but she also told Lucia how it is to be interpreted. So we do not need anyone but Our Lady to tell us it’s full meaning. The revelation of the Secret, also brings with it the authority of God, and thereby crushes the head of the Serpent. So do not downplay the importance of the single Most Important Apparition since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Not my statement, but the Papal Theologian Cardinal Ciappi’s statement on the Secret and Apparition!) The revelation of the entire Secret is how the Immaculate Heart of Mary will Triumph over the Devil. This is really important. We do not completely how this take place. But we do not want to foil Heavens Plan!

Tantumblogo - May 18, 2016

Oh I do, too. I just don’t think it is necessary to comprehend what is happening in the Church. It would confirm to an overwhelming degree what we already know. Perhaps I erred, perhaps it would bring far more people to understanding and fighting against the crisis in the Faith than I think, but having tried to bring unwilling people to accept that there is a crisis, their obstinance is such that I don’t even know if a message direct from Our Lord/ Lady would convince them. So long as it was a “private revelation” they could discount it.

But, as i said, I could be wrong.

7. skeinster - May 18, 2016

Let me try this again.

Exactly how are you going to make the Vatican release the Third Secret, if you think they have not already done so?

In the meantime, which makes more sense: arguing about it in comboxes or doing something constructive to personal holiness?

That’s all I meant to say.

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