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I agree: quit all social media May 19, 2016

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Responding to the latest revelations of marked bias against conservative viewpoints at Facebook Screenshot-30-1024x550(after previous revelations regarding not just bias, but outright persecution of conservative viewpoints on Twitter), one of the two blogs I still have time to read, is calling for a total conservative pullout of all social media.  I say here here, I’m glad I deleted my Facebook long ago and don’t plan to ever return.  I’ve never been on Twitter.

Note the link does contain some coarse language, I copy some of the clean bits below:

FaceBook characterizes [conservative/pro-life actress] Patricia Heaton’s endorsement of an organization that does nothing but care for unwanted children as “anti-abortion.”

Blow Up Your FaceBook Account. Quit With Extreme Prejudice.

It’s time to rattle ten million sabers and begin destroying rotten institutions one by one. Make them fear us.

Brave men and women do not continue along in their passive acceptance of a meritless enterprise. Brave men and women resign.

They don’t just stay on board merely because a bad habit has become a habit.

Take control of your lives by ending your dependency on progressive institutions and time-wasting media indulgences. [IOW, destroy your TV]

I’m a proud Twitter Quitter and my life has improved since I cut the progressive IV drip.

What do I always hear about why people stay on FaceBook? “Oh, it’s a way to keep in touch with my friends.”

Hey, remember the old days when keeping in touch with your friends meant actually keeping in touch with your friends — getting together, having a phone chat, even going old school and dropping a letter?

In what sense is it “keeping in touch” with people when your “keeping in touch” is automated and consists of looking at someone’s wall for two seconds?

And hey — if there are people in your life so ancillary to your existence that “keeping in touch” consists of publishing “news items” about yourself every few days, maybe they’re not really you “friends” at all, but very shallow zombie relationships you’re maintaining the fiction of in order to feel a social connectedness, the real version of which you’re denying yourselves by pretending at it on FaceBook.

Destroy FaceBook. Destroy Twitter. Destroy ABC/Disney/Marvel/ESPN. Destroy NBC…….

So, it costs me nothing to say this.  I’ve never been big on social media, and only got sucked into Facebook to access some items not available elsewhere.  A

fter Facebook started persecuting pro-lifers a couple of years ago, blocking their viewpoints or labeling them “extremist,” I quit.  I got sucked back in briefly once, again to see something I couldn’t find elsewhere (which is a bad habit in and of itself, putting important Church-related content only on Facebook), but killed the account again several months ago.  Of course, they still have, and sell, all the personal preference data they gleaned from me during my membership.

More than a few Catholics I know have a bit of a Facebook addiction.  They spend hours on it most days.  This especially affects younger people (<30) and, surprisingly, Catholic moms.  A lot of Catholic stay at home moms use Facebook as a social outlet. I can understand that.  And there are a lot of good Catholic resources on FB.

My views  on that aren’t quite as harsh as Ace’s above, but I do think, generally, Facebook and Twitter are massive time wasters.  Yeah it can be a convenient way to “stay in touch,” but how much time is spent just idly scrolling through the feed looking at a whole bunch of stuff of very questionable merit?  Do you really need to post that photo of the Vietnamese vermicelli you had for lunch, or see your ex-high school crush’s new girlfriend?  Etc.

People sometimes ask me how I have time to read as much as I do, blog, etc.  Well, watching maybe 1 hour of TV a week, and that almost entirely movies (or pre-1970 Westerns) is one way.  You’d be amazed how much more productive you can be when you cut the cord.

Make a statement.  Just quit.  Or at least, find a conservative alternative, like Full 30 is a gun-centric conservative alternative to Youtube.  Stop giving money to your progressive overlords, the very people trying to crush the Christian religion, choke the life out of the Faith, and turn your children into progressive zombies.




1. Jorge El Curioso - May 19, 2016

Never done Facebook, Twitter or any other sort of “social media.” Can report that all seems well nonetheless.

2. Baseballmom - May 19, 2016

Cut the fakebook cord some 3 years ago… Have more time to read good blogs 😏. Never did any of the other stuff, and most of my millennial kids do not do social media either…

3. Daze Inde - May 19, 2016

Yay! These boycotters are beginning to sound like me. Stop giving your support and money to those who are persecuting our culture and religious liberty. Never did Facebook. Easy for me to boycott. Take back the country from the revolutionists.

4. David - May 20, 2016

About five years ago, someone gave me this advice:

“You know you are 40 when you still wear a watch and you don’t have a Facebook account.”

Okay, I confess that I qualify, and even though several people asked me, I never did get a Facebook account.

5. Judy - May 20, 2016

I quit about five or six years ago, when I first read that divorce lawyers were seeing a huge number of cases in which one spouse had hooked up with an old flame on Fakebook. Also, many teens are using the private messaging feature for impure purposes.

6. Guest - May 20, 2016

Cutting out TV and movies and you very quickly realise that the purpose of theses thing is to condition your mind.

7. Elizabeth - May 20, 2016

I’m with ya. I do have a FB account but only to access an occasional FB-only Giveaway for a gun I’m interested in, or other similar tempting giveaways that are only on FB. I have no “Friends”. 🙂

As for Twitter, I actually did get sucked into it back when Perry was still running (I liked him for Pres), then when Cruz was running. Now it’s just a waste of my time and I think I just might close my account right now.

Thanks for the nudge!

8. c matt - May 20, 2016

So how does one close FB?

Baseballmom - May 20, 2016

It ain’t easy but if you follow all the steps it CAN be done… The tempter will keep reminding you how much your fake friends will “miss you” – ignore him and move to the next step…

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