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The proof of a religion is established in miracles….. May 20, 2016

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…..thus, all the protestant sects, all the other religions, are proved false from the get-go in their total lack of miracles in support of their claims.

Did Luther work any miracles?  Absolutely not.  Beza?  No.  Malanchton?  Heck no.  Cranmer?  You’ve got to be kidding.  Wesley?  Yeah, right.  Calvin, so desperate to prove his false religion, actually sunk to the level of bribing a man to appear dead, so that he might pretend to raise him back to life.  God will not be mocked, however, and the man Calvin brought in to try to fool souls instead actually died, and of course Calvin could not raise him.

What of Mohammad, or Buddha, or Shiva or Ganesha?  No, no, no, and no.  Buddha actually eschewed miracles, Mohammad’s only pretended miracle was witnessed by no one, and the foundations of the Hindu religion also do not speak of miracles in any kind of real, verifiable sense.

Do I even need to mention laughably false “religions” like scientology or new age?  Not only no miracles, but negative proof through their uniformly destructive influence on the lives of poor lost souls.  Then there were all the false sects along the way in the past 2000 years, the Manicheans, the Gnostics, the Marcionites, etc…….all of these were proved false by the absence of divine proof in the form of miracles.

Judaism was of course rife with miracles, but it has been superseded by the New Covenant.

Which brings us to Jesus Christ and the Church He founded, the Catholic Church.  Christianity spread like wildfire in its inception, in spite of a very hostile environment, largely on the basis of mass testimony of the miracles Christ worked while incarnate (miracles witnessed by, in total, tens if not hundreds of thousands) AND the continuous miracles of His Apostles.  Some of these are recorded in Acts of the Apostles, many more followed in generations to come in the lives of numerous Saints.

The ancient Christian churches – those that date back to the original Apostles – are the only ones that were founded by a Divine Source and whose early history was filled with divine, miraculous proof.  The unity of that early Church has been sadly sundered by error and schism, first by Nestorians and Monophysites and then by Eastern imperial pride and ambition, so that only the Catholic Church remains – wounded though she may be – still blessed with that original divine assent and continually in union with her founding spirit.

But that Church does continue on today, and while the schismatic churches may make claims to miracles, only the Catholic Church has continued with a line of publicly verifiable miracles almost up to this very day. Certainly, one of the greatest miracles ever, the Miracle of the Sun, occurred within living memory.  This is simply a further attestation to the Divine founding and continued blessing of the Church, in spite of all the efforts of insider revolutionaries over the past 50 years or so.

This post probably got longer than it needed to be, but the takeaway is: Christ’s miracles prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Truth of the Christian Faith, and continued miracles prove the Catholic Church to be the One True Faith to this day.  None of the protestant sects can even remotely claim this.

This post inspired by a good sermon I heard last night.

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