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John Salza against sede-vacantism May 25, 2016

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10 years ago, when I was first becoming an active, committed Catholic (or trying to), I found the books of John Salza to be immensely useful.  His “Biblical Basis” series was an excellent resource to help bring me from erroneous protestantism to a solidly formed Catholicism.

Since then, Salza and I have both become committed trads, him probably more so than me. Salza is now definitely in the SSPX camp, and doesn’t have too many kind words for the Ecclesia Dei communities.  So while you could say I disagree with him on some points now, I remain very thankful to him for the role his works played in my conversion to a more robust practice of the Faith. I still think he’s one of the best, most thorough, most orthodox Catholic writers around.  I have a great deal of respect for his views.

I say the above to provide a bit of context of where I’m coming from with respect to the videos below.  They contain an interview of Mr. Salza by Brother Andre Marie of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the brother’s Reconquest internet radio show.  In general, I found Salza’s analysis below spot on.  At any rate, he is a serious scholar of theology and ecclesiology and is worth listening to, even if you don’t agree with every conclusion he makes.  I would also note the irony of Salza appearing on this particular radio show, with this particular host, since the Slaves are often lambasted as “Feeneyites,” seemingly every trad-group’s favorite whipping boy.  That’s something I admit I’ve never quite understood (I get the root error, but they profess to no longer maintain it).  So here you have an SSPX-supporter dashing sede vacantism on a “Feeneyite’s” radio show!

A reader had asked me to summarize the content below.  I wish I had the time today to do so, but I’m just about out.  It took me 4+ hours to finish the post below, as I had so many interruptions (how can that nasty old work ever get in my way like that!?).  For those who cannot watch the below for technical reasons, or because they don’t want to invest the nearly two hours, I’ll try to work on a summary, but these guys cover a lot of ground, including much of the 710 page content of Salza’s book on this subject (which I have not read)!  That is to say, summarizing this long interview would be no easy task.  But, I’ll see what I can do.

The interview, in two parts:

If you have comments on the interview, I’d love to see them.  Thanks and God bless you!



1. c matt - May 26, 2016

If latest reports are true, the sede is not vacant; it’s overcrowded.

Tantumblogo - May 26, 2016

Exactly. A new duarchy! Or polyarchy!

2. Branch - May 26, 2016

Though in response to another Salza interview, several of the points he makes in this one overlap and are addressed: http://www.novusordowatch.org/wire/comedy-hour-with-john-salza.htm

Tantumblogo - May 26, 2016

These are all sede vacantist groups. Is that really where you’re at?

Tantumblogo - May 26, 2016

If you want to read literally pages and pages and pages of exchanges between Salza and sedes, go to his website. He has shown numerous occasions where sede vacantists appear to have deliberately misquoted him to advance their arguments/score points. They also misrepresent themselves, according to the data he puts together.

Tell you what, adding this a bit later, until I can get a summary of Salza’s talk up I think we’re just going at cross purposes, anyway. Sort of an apples or oranges exchange with links back and forth. We need to be in the area of specifics, I think. But it may be next week before I get a summary up because I’m out starting this arvonoon for the weekend.

3. susan - May 30, 2016

I wonder if he’ll moderate his views in light of the Ganswein revelations.

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