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Thought Experiment: is the sin of Sodomy, in the present context, “just” another sin?      May 27, 2016

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While I was researching some things yesterday for the post on the support the “Always Our Children” program has received from Bishop Farrell, I found a video in which a protestant “minister” at Focus on the Family, of all things, argued that people should not make too big a deal out of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, as they are just one of many sins that people fall into.  Since we are all sinners, and virtually everyone mortally so, we should not condemn too harshly those who fall into this particular sin.

On the surface, that argument seems to make a great deal of sense.  We are all sinners, and every one of us has deserved eternal death through our sins.  We should have mercy and compassion on those who fall into grave sin, praying they repent and confess their sin and never commit any again.  To do anything else would not be Christian, right?

But there are several problems with this approach.  The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, in the present context, are in most cases not like other sins.  This is not because they are intrinsically worse in terms of the evil they involve, but they are worse because, for the first time in history since the founding of Christendom, we have individuals going around who literally define themselves according to the sin they commit.  They claim they and their sin are one, that the sin is inseparable from their identity, and, even more terribly, they believe that their sin is not, and that far from realizing their need to repent of this sin and abstain from it, they embrace it as so core to their being that they utterly reject even the thought that they could possibly change even slightly.

In fact, many of the practitioners of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are so attached to their sin, they would rather see their relationships with mother and father, sister and brother, friend and cousin destroyed rather than accept even the least bit of criticism of it, or any counsel advising them to change their ways.  This is a root cause for the approach the “Always Our Children” group has adopted – out of fear of losing contact with their loved one entirely, they have more or less adopted the  rationalizations of the “gay” lobby whole hog.  Anyone who proclaims the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church raises such painful mental stress they must be shut up at all costs.  Thus, the treatment some have received at these local group sessions.

We have not seen, to date, thank God, groups of thieves, or murderers, or adulterers, or gossips, or the pathologically envious, running around declaring their sin is such a core part of their being that God must give them a pass for their sin, because “He made them that way.”  In this way the devotees of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are, for the most part, unique (there are some who do struggle with this sin, and try to overcome it, but I am speaking of those who embrace it fully, to the extent of trying to re-write Scripture and Tradition to find excuse for their sin).

This is a most dangerous trend, and there are indications that it is spreading.  There presently exist “fat advocacy” groups who argue that being morbidly obese is not unhealthy, who basically reject the idea that gluttony is a form of moral degradation.  But the devotees of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are much more dangerous, touching as they do on that most powerful of human drives.  The arguments they put forth could easily be accepted by others attached to sins of the 6th and 9th Commandments, further destroying the tattered remains of the Christian moral order.  As such, their advocacy for their sin represents a grave threat to the moral well-being of others – a further marker that this particular sin, in this particular place and time, is not simply one among many.  About the only sin I can think of that has similarly tried to upend Truth in order to justify the sin, is divorce and remarriage.  Those two evils have probably precipitated the present rise of “liberated sodomy” more than anything else.

It is also spreading in the sense that already millions of people have become convinced that the sin of sodomy/”lesbianism” are not sins at all, because they have accepted the false and self-serving arguments of those who have fallen into these sins.  This can be witnessed in the outlook of the “Always Our Children” groups here locally, where “outreach” has transmogrified into unthinking support, and even advocacy.

None of this is to say that those who have not fallen into these sins are somehow superior to those who have.  Nothing could be further from my purpose.  All have sinned, and all have deserved death.  St. Paul and our Blessed Lord make this clear.  Thus we all have infinite need of the salvific Grace that only comes from faith in Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.  This is not about standing on a statue of superiority condemning others.

What it is about, is making plain that we are dealing with a unique threat to the entire moral order and millions of individual souls.  We do ourselves no favors by downplaying the unique danger of the “gay” rights lobby and self-serving, soul-crushing arguments they put forth.  Of course these individuals should be approached with love – and I would argue that those who have the strength of faith and character to stand in a group of hostile people and tell them the Truth, that sodomy is wrong and always has been, that the inclination is disordered, etc ., are the ones practicing true love and true mercy.  No one wins by souls falling into hell like so many snowflakes, and Our Lord could not be more clear that these sins absolutely DO send people to hell.

I’ve gone about a thousand words, so now I invite your comments.  Any approach to anyone in any sin must be a fine balance between charity and truth.  But we do ourselves no favors – nor those who fall into this sin as with any other – by hiding the Truth and failing to make necessary distinctions.  At this point in time, the behaviors associated with the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are really unique in the history of Christendom and represent an existential threat to the remains of the Christian moral order.

I guess I would sum up saying, in order to deal with a problem, you have to first understand it.  Minimizing it or pretending it is not unique is not a help, in the long run.



1. Warren Memlib - May 27, 2016

No, it is not “‘just’ another sin.” The following doggerel verse sums up the attitude of sodomites toward sodomy:

Gay is good, gay is great,
Gay is better than going straight.

2. Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas - May 27, 2016

This sin is celebrated as a precious contribution to a vast array of diverse life styles, enriching to the community (Didn’t the Synod on Family talk about unique gifts?). Have you ever seen photos of a pride parade? Do you know there is a requirement in many schools that as part of social studies children would attend one of those revolting events?

It is denied that an act of sodomy is morally wrong. Such an act is now celebrated. This is the tragic reality that we need to address.

Workplaces no longer respect sodomites as human beings, they hire them for their deviant behaviour as a policy requirement – for example, as teachers of children, who indoctrinate them with sodomy as something beautiful. Schools now encourage sexual experimentation, including that with sodomy. Anything that feels good is OK.

Children used to be taught that falling in love, finding a husband/wife and having a family with them was a worthy pursuit. No one taught them to masturbate or use objects or people for pleasure. Now it is being taught as part of their health and human rights. Sex (no matter how perverted) is taught as a human right even for young children.

Exposing the comprehensive sexual education agenda:


3. Margaret Costello - May 27, 2016

I too have always hated the “sodomy is just like any other sin” junk. It goes against Scripture, the Magisterium and reality.

St. Thomas and the Magisterium explain their is a hierarchy of sin. Venial and Mortal of course but also implicitly, intrinsically evil versus merely extrinsically evil. Sodomy is one of the worst sins out there. For it is objectively disordered, un-natural, and an intrinsic evil. It is one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, a sin so grave it wiped out seven towns in the Old Testament, and so disgusting that even the demons refuse to witness it’s behavior.

The evils of sodomy produce spiritual death but also physical death, perversion, disease, violence, insanity and destruction. So yeah…it’s in one of the highest leagues of sin there is. Only someone blind would downplay it and not recognize it as the intensely evil sin it is.

Ann Barnhardt considers the perverted attraction to the same sex as rooted in diabolical narcissism. So no, not in the same playing field as your bored gossip.

Just look at what sodomy and the “gay” identity has done to the priesthood and thus the Church? How many millions dead because of the disease it plagues mankind with? How many children and souls destroyed?

Would you trust someone who downplays murder and calls it the same as any other sin? Yet sodomy is in the same league and causes just as many deaths both spiritual and physical.

God bless~

Baseballmom - May 27, 2016

Well MC, you posted everything I was going to say… Thanks 😊

4. Fran Rooker - May 27, 2016

“We have not seen, to date, thank God, groups … running around declaring their sin is such a core part of their being that God must give them a pass for their sin…”

I think that view is a bit short-sighted.

We have prominent figures who are public with their transgressions, excusing themselves with offerings like “what difference does it make at this point?”, “get over it, it’s done with”, or “[that] depends upon what the meaning of [a specific word] is”. This same rot you reference as somewhat “unique” is actually pervasive in our society.

Even attorneys file court papers admitting participation in illegal and unethical practices, and then immediately excuse themselves by characterizing those actions as “harmless” and a “technical violation” that is “inconsequential” and appeals to the court to simply ignore theirs and their client’s violation. [see: http://www.lifenews.com/2016/05/26/d-a-admits-breaking-the-law-when-indicting-planned-parenthood-investigator-david-daleiden/%5D.

Truth and Charity are not opposites in need of balance. Truth IS charitable. Souls fall into hell by their own willful choosing. None “fall” into hell out of ignorance or due to a dearth of “distinctions.” We must not fail to evangelize because of an appearance of moral superiority… and we must not be morally superior when we evangelize.

5. Willard Money - May 27, 2016

There is way more heterosexual sodomy than homosexual sodomy. Never hear a trad comment about it though. In fact, most practically worship our first divorced and remarried president whose concubine, Nancy, was known in Hollywood as being “the best” at a certain type of heterosexual sodomy. Hypocrites.

Tim - May 27, 2016

Although I voted for Reagan, I do not worship him. Please provide some evidence for the claims you make about Nancy Reagan. It would not surprise me, but I am hesitant to swallow it hook, line and sinker without evidence.

Willard Money - May 27, 2016

Just google the term that refers to oral sodomy and Nancy Reagan and you will find plenty of confirmation. It was not exactly a secret in Hollywood.

Tim - May 28, 2016

Never been to Hollywood.

Brian E. Breslin - May 29, 2016

Not a fan of Reagan either, dude, but seriously this what you offer? – ” just google …” Go back under your rock, friend, and take your Hollywood not so secrets with you. Seriously!

Tantumblogo - May 31, 2016

Valid comment, including the refusal to see the sin as sin, but not in the sense that people define themselves by it. I thought as the piece developed I related that was to my thinking the key bit, but I do think divorce is somewhat the same way, though not nearly to the same degree.

As I said, it was a thought experiment.

6. c matt - May 27, 2016

Venial vs. mortal, and intrinsic vs. extrinsic (non-intrinsic) are overlapping categories – that is a venial sin can be intrinsic or extrinsic, as can a mortal sin be. Sodomy is certainly up there as a mortal sin, not just because of its depravity per se, but because of its complete defiance of the natural order. Fornication and adultery, while also mortal, at least do not violate the natural sexual order (assuming it is directed heterosexually). They take a good and pervert it by using it out of its proper context. I would put contraception closer to sodomy – they both defy the very ends, sodomy more completely (contraception can at least fail).

7. tg - May 27, 2016

It’s not just a sin. It’s an abomination.

8. Barbara Hvilivitzky - May 28, 2016

It is a worse sin in two ways (as St. Thomas would have it) 1) it is closed to life, and 2) it is against God’s Natural Law. These two things make it objectively sinful – which admits no circumstantial evidence for mitigation.

Does it matter that this sin is committed by a man and a woman (married or not?) or two men? In that way one is not worse than another.

Brian E. Breslin - May 29, 2016

Too true, Barbara. No matter who is doing it, married or no, it is an action that is biologically disordered and very potentially dangerous. The tissues and muscles in the area were not programmed that way and injury is certainly common.

9. HB - May 30, 2016

When it comes to sin, most people do it due to pleasure. But with sodomy, there’s no pleasure involved whatsoever, so I can’t fathom why anyone would even indulge in it.

Barbara Hvilivitzky - May 31, 2016

You must be kidding. That is the definition of sin. We do something that is contrary to God’s Law because it gives us some sort of pleasure – some sins more than others. But all sexual sin is pleasurable because sexual acts are made pleasurable by God to ensure we make good babies for HIM.

10. Tim - June 3, 2016

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