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Dear Lord – More Britons Claim No Religion Than Christianity June 2, 2016

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That’s what several decades of socialist-leaning governance (and especially cultural propaganda) will net you: a thoroughly demoralized, immoralized, de-Christianized population.  But it seems there has been a sea-change of late.  As Rod Dreher notes, the pace of de-Christianization (or embrace of atheism) has suddenly tremendously accelerated. Could it be related to the general advance of cultural marxism, which has made tremendous strides in the West in the past several years?  Do bears live in the woods?

A landmark in national life has just been passed. For the first time in recorded history, those declaring themselves to have no religion have exceeded the number of Christians in Britain. Some 44 per cent of us regard ourselves as Christian, 8 per cent follow another religion and 48 per cent follow none. The decline of Christianity is perhaps the biggest single change in Britain over the past century. For some time, it has been a stretch to describe Britain as a Christian country. We can more accurately be described now as a secular nation with fading Christian institutions. [I regard it as a formerly Christian country rapidly converting to islam]

There is nothing new in the decline of the church, but until recently it had been a slow decline. For many decades it was possible to argue that while Christians were eschewing organised religion, they at least still regarded themselves as having some sort of spirit-ual life which related to the teachings of Jesus. Children were asked for their Christian name; conversations ended with ‘God bless’. Such phrases are now slipping out of our vocabulary — to wear a cross as jewellery is seen as making a semi-political statement. Christians are finding out what it’s like to live as a minority.

Just 15 years ago, almost three quarters of Britons still regarded themselves as Christians. If this silent majority of private, non-churchgoing believers really did exist, it has undergone a precipitous decline. Five years ago, the number of people professing no religion was only 25 per cent.

But we were promised Vatican II and all the liberalization would fix all that!  You mean, they were wrong, or lied?!

And hey, guess what?  It ain’t just Britain that’s experiencing this trend.  America is no longer so exceptional.  We’re on the exact same path, just a few decades behind Europe/Canada, as we have been with regard to the adoption of the sexular progressive mindset, generally:

religiosity has been declining in the United States for decades, albeit slowly and from high levels. Second, religious commitment is weakening from one generation to the next in the countries with which the United States has most in common, and generational differences are the main driver of the aggregate decline. Third, the same pattern of cohort replacement is behind American religious decline. This decline seems to have begun with cohorts born early in the 20th century. At least since then, strong religious affiliation, church attendance, and firm belief in God have all fallen from one birth cohort to the next. None of these declines is happening fast, and levels of religious involvement in the United States remain high by world standards. But the signs of both aggregate decline and generational differences are now unmistakable.

In other words, Britain is way ahead of us, but we are on the same downward course.

A culture shedding its Christianity, every day looking more and more like a pagan culture getting ready to persecute Christians.  A Church in total doctrinal, moral, and ecclesiastic meltdown.  A hostile islam rising all around us.  Modern technology and an already over-weening nanny state ready to invade even the most personal spheres at the drop of a hat.

Either we’re screwed, it’s the end times, or God is setting the stage for the greatest comeback/turnaround of all time!  The blood of martyrs makes the tree of the Church grow, right?  Stay faithful.  No matter what happens in the world, no matter how bad things get in the Church, keep the Faith, and all shall work out for us in the end.  We know the end of this story, if we keep close to Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.

But be ready for the Cross.

Saint Alphonsus on Detachment  June 2, 2016

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A little excerpt from The Holy Eucharist on the practice of detachment, below.  Remember, this is a Saint writing primarily for religious and all details may not necessarily apply directly to your life.  Take what makes sense and apply it as you feel called to do, perhaps in consultation with a spiritual director.  I post these things to hopefully stir consideration on matters sometimes overlooked.  I certainly do not mean to cause confusion or uncertainty in anyone.

From pp. 371-2 with my emphasis and comments:

Whoever desires to love Jesus Christ with his whole heart must banish from his heart all that is not God, but is merely self-love.  This is the meaning of 06956ce2b3those words, “seeketh not her own;” not to seek ourselves, but only what pleaseth God. And this is what God requires of us all, when He says: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart” (Mt xxii:37).  Two things are needful to love God with our whole heart: 1. To clear it of earth[-ly attachments] 2. To fill it with holy love.  It follows that a heart in which any earthly affections linger can never belong wholly to God. [recall what I said above about religious] St. Philip Neri said, “that as much love as we bestow on the creature, is so much taken from the Creator.”  In the next place, how must the earth be purged away from the heart?  Truly by mortification and detachment from creatures.  Some souls complain that they seek God, and do not find Him; let them listen to what St. Theresa says: “Wean our heart from creatures, and seek God, and you will find Him.” [Some thoughts on the above.  We are of course called to love our families and friends, but we cannot have a disordered attachment to them in the sense that we love them more than God, or allow them to inordinately distract us from our progress in virtue/the interior life.  Likewise, we cannot be attached to any created things more than God, and really should limit our attachment to material saint-alphonsus-liguori-2objects, even though they may be goods in themselves given by God, to the maximum extent that we can.  That room we give up in our heart for created things can then be filled with God.  With regard to parents and spouses, obviously there is great good in the love that exists in these relationships and God wills that love to exist and grow.  But at the same time, it must be subordinate to our love for Him.  I know people whose vision of Heaven has nothing to do with God, it’s all about family or learning about the past and future and the like.  I fear for their salvation.]

The mistake is that some indeed wish to become Saints, but after their own fashion, they would love Jesus Christ, but in their own way, without forsaking those diversions, that vanity of dress, [you can and in certain stations in life should dress nicely, attractively.  But don’t be attached to that finery]  those delicacies in food:  they love God, but if they do not succeed in obtaining such or such an office, they live discontented; if, too, they happen to be touched in point of esteem, they are all on fire; if they do not recover from and illness, they lose all patience. They love God; but they refuse to let go that attachment for the riches, the honors of the world, for the vainglory of being reckoned of good family, of great learning, and better than others.st-alphonsus-2

Such as these practice prayer, and frequent Holy Communion; but inasmuch as they take with them hearts full of earth, they derive little profit.  Our Lord does not even speak to them, for He knows that it is but a waste of words.  In fact, he said as much to St. Teresa on a certain occasion: “I would speak to many souls, but  the world keeps up such a noise about their ears, that My voice would never be heard by them.  Oh, that they would retire a little from the world!” 

Whosoever, then, is full of earthly affections cannot even so much as hear the voice of God that speaks to him.  But unhappy the man that continues attached to the sensible goods of this earth; he may easily become so blinded by them as one day to quit the love of Jesus Christ; and for want of forsaking these transitory goods he may lose God, the infinite good, forever.  St. Teresa said: “It is a reasonable consequence, that he who runs after perishable goods should himself perish.”

———End Quote———

Hopefully I’ve provided enough context in the commentary above. I can say that the view towards attachments that St. Alphonsus provides is essentially identical to that found in Divine Intimacy.

Vatican Gives “Unprecedented” Access to Women’s Fauxrdination Supporters  June 2, 2016

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When I covered Francis’ statements on women’s ordination a couple of weeks ago, I got the impression a number of readers were doubtful that he was really indicating any support of that doctrinally ludicrous (or, more, pointless) venture.   Having watched this pontificate fairly closely after 3+ years, however, I have become convinced that nothing happens “off the cuff,” nothing is accidental.  So I took those statements, even though they seemed to be dubious towards priestesseses, as an ominous sign.

Well, here we are a few weeks later, and now the Vatican has determined to allow, for the first time, apparently, a demonstration by women’s “ordination” supporters within the grounds of the papal-owned Castel Sant’Angelo itself, in addition to getting a curial official to pass on a petition in favor of fauxrdination to Francis (my emphasis and comments):

Campaigners calling for women priests are meeting in Rome this week where they have launched a poster campaign drawing attention to their cause and where they will participate in their first ever official public demonstration.

Women’s Ordination Worldwide, which this year marks its 20th anniversary, wants to re-open dialogue in the Church in spite of Pope John Paul II’s ruling that the matter should not be discussed.

Despite the ruling, since 2002, around 150 women have been “ordained” and all of them have been excommunicated as a result.

Yesterday evening two of them had an unprecedented meeting with an official from the Vatican Secretariat of State who agreed to give a petition to the Pope calling for the excommunications to be lifted, and who, according to the women, listened to “our heartfelt plea for women priests in our Church”…….[Will they listen to the heartfelt pleas of many others that women cannot possibly be ordained, as defined solemnly (though not Ex Cathedra, tragically) by Pope St. JPII?]

………The conference in Rome suggests a renewed confidence in discussing female ordination. Campaigners have been encouraged by Pope Francis’s recent remarks that he wanted to set up a commission to explore the question of women deacons.

For the first time the group has been given official permission to hold a public demonstration in the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo on Friday, the day that the Pope celebrates a jubilee mass for priests in St Peter’s Square. Members of the women’s ordination group have also been given tickets to attend the Mass. 

The pictures on the posters being put around Rome this week include 70 female ‘priests’ from the United States and Colombia photographed by Italian artist Giulia Bianchi as part of an ongoing project.

I’m telling you, folks, absent a massive backlash a la the attempt to sneak recognition for sodo-civil-unions into the previous Synod, there is going to be some kind of massive swing on this matter before very long, or at least a serious attempt at such.

The left does nothing casually.  These organizers are all so intertwined and have so many supporters in position of authority, they would not have “renewed confidence” unless they had already been given some tacit, behind the scene.  Note how they have been allowed to stage their demonstration on the very day Francis is to offer a special Mass for priests.  You think that accidental?  They will also be in attendance at the Mass, quite possibly with the foreknowledge they intend to display their placards or engage in some other form of protest.

Better get to praying on this.  This threat is very much for real.  Fauxrdination is a deadly threat to the entire Faith. It attacks the entire nature of the priesthood, and would lead to an instant, if perhaps only tacit, schism in the Church.  That last bit is perhaps the only thing that might squash enthusiasm for this.  However, I fear modernist-progressive ideology will trump prudence in this matter, as it so often does.