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Dear Lord – More Britons Claim No Religion Than Christianity June 2, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, Ecumenism, error, General Catholic, horror, paganism, persecution, scandals, secularism, sickness, Society, The End, the struggle for the Church.

That’s what several decades of socialist-leaning governance (and especially cultural propaganda) will net you: a thoroughly demoralized, immoralized, de-Christianized population.  But it seems there has been a sea-change of late.  As Rod Dreher notes, the pace of de-Christianization (or embrace of atheism) has suddenly tremendously accelerated. Could it be related to the general advance of cultural marxism, which has made tremendous strides in the West in the past several years?  Do bears live in the woods?

A landmark in national life has just been passed. For the first time in recorded history, those declaring themselves to have no religion have exceeded the number of Christians in Britain. Some 44 per cent of us regard ourselves as Christian, 8 per cent follow another religion and 48 per cent follow none. The decline of Christianity is perhaps the biggest single change in Britain over the past century. For some time, it has been a stretch to describe Britain as a Christian country. We can more accurately be described now as a secular nation with fading Christian institutions. [I regard it as a formerly Christian country rapidly converting to islam]

There is nothing new in the decline of the church, but until recently it had been a slow decline. For many decades it was possible to argue that while Christians were eschewing organised religion, they at least still regarded themselves as having some sort of spirit-ual life which related to the teachings of Jesus. Children were asked for their Christian name; conversations ended with ‘God bless’. Such phrases are now slipping out of our vocabulary — to wear a cross as jewellery is seen as making a semi-political statement. Christians are finding out what it’s like to live as a minority.

Just 15 years ago, almost three quarters of Britons still regarded themselves as Christians. If this silent majority of private, non-churchgoing believers really did exist, it has undergone a precipitous decline. Five years ago, the number of people professing no religion was only 25 per cent.

But we were promised Vatican II and all the liberalization would fix all that!  You mean, they were wrong, or lied?!

And hey, guess what?  It ain’t just Britain that’s experiencing this trend.  America is no longer so exceptional.  We’re on the exact same path, just a few decades behind Europe/Canada, as we have been with regard to the adoption of the sexular progressive mindset, generally:

religiosity has been declining in the United States for decades, albeit slowly and from high levels. Second, religious commitment is weakening from one generation to the next in the countries with which the United States has most in common, and generational differences are the main driver of the aggregate decline. Third, the same pattern of cohort replacement is behind American religious decline. This decline seems to have begun with cohorts born early in the 20th century. At least since then, strong religious affiliation, church attendance, and firm belief in God have all fallen from one birth cohort to the next. None of these declines is happening fast, and levels of religious involvement in the United States remain high by world standards. But the signs of both aggregate decline and generational differences are now unmistakable.

In other words, Britain is way ahead of us, but we are on the same downward course.

A culture shedding its Christianity, every day looking more and more like a pagan culture getting ready to persecute Christians.  A Church in total doctrinal, moral, and ecclesiastic meltdown.  A hostile islam rising all around us.  Modern technology and an already over-weening nanny state ready to invade even the most personal spheres at the drop of a hat.

Either we’re screwed, it’s the end times, or God is setting the stage for the greatest comeback/turnaround of all time!  The blood of martyrs makes the tree of the Church grow, right?  Stay faithful.  No matter what happens in the world, no matter how bad things get in the Church, keep the Faith, and all shall work out for us in the end.  We know the end of this story, if we keep close to Our Lady at the Foot of the Cross.

But be ready for the Cross.



1. Faith of Our Fathers - June 2, 2016

Am from Scotland in U.K most of what you say is true except this notion of Socialist Government. The worst Government we’ve had in living memory were Thatchers . She demolished communities and society by her immoral policies and we’re still reaping the rewards (I mustn say) in our drug ravaged Towns and Villages. One thing you Americans can’t seem to understand is that Socialism in the U.K. is far different to how you view Socialism. Also as soon as The Tories I E -Conservatives got back in they went for the immoral jugular as in Homosexual whatever you want to call it it’s not Marriage. They upped P.Correction as regards Muslims. Socialism in America may mean Communism but not over here. Also Thatchers Polcies as regards the I.R.A. hunger strike in Norhern Ireland where 10 men died for justice was Disastrous. I won’t even start on Malvinas where she started a war over 1,800 sheep. A horrible woman that headed a terrible government.

DM - June 3, 2016

Going to have to completely disagree with you on Thatcher. The current UK Conservatives may be terrible, but Thatcher was not exactly a horrible woman. She is just about the only modern female political leader I admire in any way. And the IRA were evil terrorists, not some kind of heroes. Someone choosing to smear their jail cell with excrement, and starve themselves to death is committing a mortal sin resulting in their damnation, not “dying for justice”.

As Tantum has said, I think the Republican party is not far behind turning into the UK or Canadian Conservative parties. Whether forcing sodo-marriage, or not defunding things like Planned Parenthood, they will soon be no morally better than the Democrats.

I wonder just how long it will take Western society to return to its Christian identity, if God means that ever to happen. Just how many generations of decline will it take before everything collapses and the Church has to slowly rebuild society (and itself) again?

Faith of Our Fathers - June 3, 2016

How on Earth can you comment on Thatcher as you obviously never lived under her Tyranny the woman was a tyrant plain and simple. She got her just reward Her Own Kind Stabbed Her in The Back -politically of course . As for the I.R.A. you have no clue about British Policies in N.Ireland and I doubt if you have even heard of Internment-Prisoned without crime and without trial- The blanket men refused to wear prison clothes as they were prisoners of war fighting for political status ,they refused to wear prison clothes. These men were fighting for Justice nothing more nothing less. Like one vote per person . If you don’t know what that means look up Gerrymandering. Or maybe you’d like to hear about the B Specials Orange armed thugs who murdered their way through Catholic Community’s so we’ll just stand back and let them . Also your ignorance of scripture is really appalling for someone on a Catholic site who doesn’t even understand The Sermon on The Mount –Blessed Are They Who Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness—That’s what the I.R.A. prisoners of war were doing. –As a postscript to Thatcher it was like mother like son . Her Reprobate son was actually Banned out of Britain. That’s a bit like saying Michael Reagan is Banned from America . If another Thatcher arises in this country be sure and write a letter inviting her over to your land your welcome to her. On another note as per The I.R.A. prisoners of war these men were beaten on a daily basis by the Orange Thugs who guarded them,they made sure they were fighting back hence the dirty protests. If am in jail for a crime I didn’t commit and your coming in every day to beat the crap out of me am going to find a way to fight back. Chuckyarla.

Tantumblogo - June 3, 2016

All I did was reference her famous quote regarding socialism. Calm down.

Faith of Our Fathers - June 3, 2016

I apologise to you as for yourself I probably went over the top. Am 2nd generation Irish living in The West of Scotland where we still have Catholic Schools obviously along with public schools. It’s not all that long ago that an employer when you went for a job interview asked “and what school did you go to “this wasn’t to assess your intelligence it was to let them know if you were a Catholic. You know my name from E.Mail set up and on my first job as an apprentice I was asked by a tradesman how I got the job. As I was from the sticks I proceeded to tell him I seen the Ad in the paper,foned up,got an interview,and was told to start. He then said that’s not what I mean it’s your name.How did YOU get a job with the name you have (as its Irish Catholic) he then proceeded to say I should pack said job in ON MY FIRST DAY. Now that was many years ago and things have changed -but not much- . My nephew went to a Catholic School but it didn’t have a saints name. At his works Christmas Party his boss said to him “Stephen we accept you now but had I known you were a Catholic at the job interview I wouldn’t have started you” That was just a few years ago . Overhear now that it’s Summer Time which we call The Walking Season when the Orange Hordes take to the streets in their Anti Catholic Marches to celebrate King Billy and the Battle of The Boyne. There are literally 100s of these marches and that’s in The West of Scotland. Now were they to start having Anti Mohamed Muslim Marches they would be stopped right away. Now the reason I have detailed as much is to let you know if it’s like this over here just think what it’s like in Northern Ireland . They build bonfires the size of Mini Skyscrapers every year . Burning thousands of Rubber Tyres on each one of dozens of bonfires around the North . Now you probably know how much pollution comes from one tyre and their burning thousands,nothing’s ever done as the Polcemen are usually joining in anyhow. To sum it up as your probably fed up with me –The Clan maybe dwindling in The States –in Northern Ireland their still in full swing and raring to go again. PS if it was only the 12th of July we would gladly let them have there day . The sun is forecast for 2 morrow so no doubt they’ll be marching.

Tantumblogo - June 3, 2016

Given your Irish perspective, I can comprehend your comments on Thatcher much better. Did not know anti-Catholicism was still such an open “thing” in Scotland. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, is that more open anti-Catholic bias in local firms, or in large global multinationals? My firm has an office in Lochgelly. Wonder if it applies there? Also has one in Ireland, somewhere near Dublin.

Observer - June 3, 2016

It is said America and Britain are divided by a common language. There is much truth in that observation. For British people ‘socialism’ means being able to see a doctor or receive hospital treatment without getting into debt. This form of ‘socialized medicine’ that is an anathema to American ‘conservatives’ isn’t free, it is paid for out of heavy taxation, but it is of great benefit to most people, indeed without it Britain would probably fall apart.
Which leads to Thatcher, she was merely the instrument the shadowy establishment used to achieve their aims, which were, to destroy organic communities by attacking the industries that supported those communities. She, and her ideological heir Blair, savagely attacked the economic supports of mining, shipbuilding, and auto making. With those communities destroyed, the next phase was to import a few million Muslims to atomize the last remnants of community solidarity.
The plan has worked well, Britain reduced to a confusion of soulless rootless individuals with no sense of tradition or of their own value except as consumers. Christianity has a very difficult time in such an environment.

2. Willard Money - June 3, 2016

I’m struggling to find the connection to Vatican II. Are you aware that the overwhelming majority of Christians in the UK were/are protestant?

DM - June 3, 2016

The Anglicans/Protestants had their ‘Vatican II’ era about 30 years earlier than the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is simply a couple of decades behind in the decline, but it is declining for the same reasons just as surely.

Observer - June 3, 2016

Yep, the Lambeth Conference of 1930. Even the Washington Post of the day ran an article stating the Anglican (Episcopalian) favorable stance on artificial birth control would ultimately destroy the ‘sacredness of marriage’.

Faith of Our Fathers - June 3, 2016

As regards your firm which you said is in Lochgelly which is in the county of Fife . Worked up in Fife many years ago in Cowdenbeath it was a bit of a rough mining town then . Personally I didn’t have any hassle as at that time I was self employed. Lochgelly is on East Coast of Scotland which is generally a lot quieter come the Walking Season I E Orange Walks. As regards anti Catholic basis it’s not half as bad here as it used to be but it still simmers away below the surface. Don’t know about your office in Dublin can’t imagine any trouble but after Ireland voting in favour of Homosexual Marriage anythings possible. We I E the Church didn’t do ourselves any favours with the sexual abuse scandal in Ireland either. I know this sounds a bit of a paradox coming from me after all I have said . In Northern Ireland the party that favoured the I.R.A. is called Sinn Fein and the Protestants vote for the Ulster Unionists Party (more or less)If I lived God forbid in Northern Ireland I would vote Ulster Unionists. The reason for this is in Britain the only place where Homosexual Marriage is outlawed is Northern Ireland which is under Unionists rule,but Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams are contesting this. The men on the Blanket would turn in there graves at the immoral desert that is now Ireland . If you’re head is turned at these posts just imagine how we feel come Election time. And you think you’ve a problem with Hillary and Donald. Studying politics over in the U.K. at University takes longer than studying to be a Doctor.

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