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Today, we finally become real Trads June 6, 2016

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We’re off to buy a large van.  Now we’re finally full members of the club.  Or maybe junior members?  It only has 12 seats.  Hardcore trads need 15 passenger vans.

And since I prefer the traditional van style, not the newer taller slenderer types, I only have one option anymore.  At least that made the shopping very easy.  Plus the fact that I can get the van in any color I want, so long as it’s white.

First time I’ve bought a car in 12 years.  First time I’ve had to haggle on a car since 1999!  When I bought our last two 12 and 14 years ago, I worked at Cisco and got supplier pricing from all domestic brands.  I just walked right in and got an awesome price, no fuss or muss.  I still miss the mother ship.

I’ll be away this arvonoon closing the deal.  Terrifying to think that if we keep this van as long as I’ve kept my truck, we’ll still have it in 2030, when there’ll be flying cars and off-world colonies.

OR, we’ll be living in the white monster after the total collapse of Western Civilization.  Definitely one or the other, though…..

Anyone want to buy a “lightly” used Suburban with 210,000 miles on it?  In many ways, that Suburban has been the best vehicle I’ve ever owned.  It’s been totally bulletproof, except for the transmission.  Make that transmissions.


Beautiful Prayers Associated with the Infant Jesus of Prague      June 6, 2016

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I would assume that most readers, of this blog, anyway, would already have a degree of familiarity with the history of the devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague, but for those who might not, a very concise version of that history and a few prayers long associated with it (longer version of history here).  Two of the prayers are new to me, and I thought them very moving, so I decided to share them with you.  Whether you want them or not.

All material below taken from Joan Carroll Cruz’s book Prayers and Heavenly Promises:

About the year 1628, the Discalced Carmelite Fathers of Prague received from Princess Polixena the statue of the Child Jesus which was to become world-famous.  The princess presented the statue to the priests with the prophetic words: “I give you what I prize most highly in the world. As long as you venerate this image, you shall not want.”  Three years later, the city of Prague was sacked by enemies of the Faith.  The miraculous statue was seized and thrown on carelessly on a heap of trash, and its hands were broken off during its fall.  The statue was discovered by Ven. Cyril of the Mother of God, OCD.  One day he was praying before the statue when he heard the words, “Have pity on Me and I will pity you.  Give Me My hands and I will give you peace.  The more you honor Me, the more will I bless you.”  Veneration of the Infant Jesus has resulted in graces, blessings, and miraculous healings.

Ven. Cyril of the Mother of God, OCD wrote the original Prayer to the Miraculous Infant of Jesus, below:

Jesus, unto Thee I flee,
Through Thy Mother praying Thee2241
In my need to succor me.

Truly, I believe in Thee
God Thou art with strength to shield me;
Full of trust, I hope of Thee
Thou Thy Grace with give to me.

All my heart I give to Thee,
Therefore, do my sins repent me;
From them breaking, I beseech Thee,
Jesus, from their bonds to free me.

Firm my purpose is to mend me;
Never more will I offend Thee.prague3

Wholly unto Thee I give me,
Patiently to suffer for Thee,
Thee to serve eternally.
Any my neighbor like to me
I will love for love of Thee.

Little Jesus I beseech Thee,
In my need to succor me,
That with Joseph and Mary
And the angels, I may Thee
Once enjoy eternally. Amen.

Now my personal favorite, which I have said for many years:

O Miraculous Infant Jesus, prostrate before Thy sacred Image, we beseech Thee to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts. Let Thy tender Heart, so inclined to pity, be softened at our prayers, and grant us that grace for which we ardently implore Thee. Take from us all affliction and despair, all trials and misfortunes, bad habits, disordered attachments and sins with which we are laden. For Thy sacred Infancy’s sake hear our prayers and send us consolation and aid that we may praise Thee, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, forever and ever. Amen. (From Litany of the Infant Jesus of Prague, here).

One more prayer from Prayers and Heavenly Promises, this one intended for the sick who need healing:

O merciful Infant Jesus! I know of Your miraculous deeds for the sick.  How many diseases You cured during Your blessed life on earth, and how many venerators of Your Miraculous image ascribe to you their recovery and deliverance from most painful and hopeless maladies.  I know, indeed, that a sinner like me has merited his sufferings and has no right to ask for favors.  But in view of the innumerable graces and the miraculous cures granted even to the greatest sinners through the veneration of Your holy infancy, particularly in the miraculous statue of Prague or in representations of it, I exclaim with the greatest assurance: O most loving Infant Jesus, full of pity, You can cure me if You will!  Do not hesitate, O Heavenly Physician, if it be Your will that I recove from this present illness; extend You most holy hands, and by Your power take away all pain and infirmity, so that my recovery may be due, not to natural remedies, but to You alone. If, however, You in Your inscrutable wisdom have determined otherwise, then at least restore my soul to perfect health, and fill me with heavenly consolation and blessing, that I may be like You, O Jesus, in my sufferings, and may glorify You providence until, at the death of my body, You bestow on me eternal life. Amen.

I have found devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague to be very efficacious.  Hopefully you haven’t seen all these before, but if you have, maybe the reminder was helpful.

If you’re ever in Czech, you can get statues of the Infant Jesus of Prague for dirt cheap.  At least you could, 10 years ago.