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Fr. Michael Rodriguez Video on Praying the Rosary June 9, 2016

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As in, how to derive maximum benefit from praying the Rosary with concentration, devotion, and proper intentions.  Father’s video was primarily intended for children, and while I gladly acknowledge my rather amazing immaturity, I found much of benefit in it, and I think you might find the video helpful, too.  That’s much more a commentary on Father’s catechesis, than anything about you.  Said Tantumblogo, covering his bets.

I really like how Father begins every sermon, every effort at catechesis, not just with a prayer, but with an original he composes on his own.  Saying a Hail Mary before a sermon is awesome, but having a unique, heartfelt prayer strikes me as even more meaningful.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know if Fr. Brian McDonnell, FSSP, speaks Spanish?  The local FSSP parish is losing its only fluent Spanish-speaking priest in Fr. Terrence Gordon (I’ll miss him….sniff), and I am wondering how the many parishioners most comfortable speaking delicate matters in Spanish will be cared for if his replacement cannot communicate adequately with them?

I’ll just repeat for the record, I know in a fast-growing order with more demand for services than resources provide, some moves will have to be made, from time to time. But this is our 5th priest change in as many years! It takes time for priests to get to know parishioners, and to serve adequately in critical roles like spiritual director.  It can be shocking for a soul to lose their director (one reason why mine is not in the Fraternity).  And a priest is supposed to be a father, both to the community and individual souls.  That closeness that should exist, that knowledge of families as they grow and change over the years, is completely lost in all this shuffling around. Fr. Wolfe gave a really good sermon on this subject years ago……before he, too, was moved.

The post-conciliar trend, apparently prevalent even in some of the Ecclesia Dei communities, of reassigning priests every few years is, I think, misguided and destructive.  I know nothing of Fr. McDonnell, he might be a fantastic priest and a really wonderful man (he probably is), but, then, will he be gone in 2 1/2  years, too?  Continuity is important.

A looong time ago, when I was a very young engineer working for a really crappy company in Idaho, an old engineer sighed when I told him I was leaving, and said: “We always lose the good ones.”  I don’t know if I’ve ever been one of the “good ones,” but I do know just how he feels.

Norwegian Christian Family Reunited With Children June 9, 2016

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Occasionally, there is a happy ending.  You may recall the case from last year of a Norwegian Christian (non-Catholic) family who had their children stolen from them by the state.  Government officials they were taking the children away primarily because they found the family’s Christian faith “excessive.”  There were claims of child abuse, as always, in the form of supposed corporal punishment of a mild type, but, all along, state officials were fairly open about the fact that they didn’t like the faith these people practiced and they were determined to break them of it.

Fortunately, even today, there was strong international outrage to this incident, especially given the very heavy-handed measures used by the Norwegian government (such as planning to place the children into foster care until age 18, adopting them out to other families against the parent’s wishes, and even denying the mother the ability to breastfeed her infant daughter for some time).  Finally, after over 6 months, the family is to be reunited shortly, and all charges dropped.   It is unclear whether the government managed to extract some promise of changed behavior (meaning, less visible practice of Christianity) from the parents, but indications at this time are that is not the case.

Brief summary below: