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Francis declares Clear Doctrinal Definitions Heretical June 10, 2016

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How can one respond to this very bold declaration from the Bishop of Rome, Francis, in declaring clear doctrinal definitions to be the stuff of heresy?  My first reaction is that this is a rhetorical excommunication of the entire pre-Franciscan Magisterium.  And not for the first time, mind you!

As Rorate notes, this declaration stands in irreformable contrast to the declarations of even the post-conciliar popes (let alone their predecessors).  That is to say, only one or the other can be right – either Francis is right, and the Church must jettison doctrinal definitions for the sake of the leftist cause “good” of souls, or the entire pre-conciliar Magisterium is right.

I know where my money will lay:

Francis……by qualifying as “heretical” a rejection of the “Doctrine of the Ideal” as well as any affirmation of the absoluteness of moral prohibitions (‘or this or nothing’).

“This (is the) healthy realism of the Catholic Church: the Church never teaches us ‘or this or that.’ That is not Catholic. The Church says to us: ‘this and that.’ [Fornication AND Sodomy!  Marriage AND Adultery!] ‘Strive for perfectionism: reconcile with your brother. Do not insult him. Love him. And if there is a problem, at the very least settle your differences so that war doesn’t break out.’ This (is) the healthy realism of Catholicism. It is not Catholic (to say) ‘or this or nothing:’  This is not Catholic, this is heretical. Jesus always knows how to accompany us, he gives us the ideal, he accompanies us towards the ideal, He frees us from the chains of the laws’ rigidity and tells us: ‘But do that up to the point that you are capable.’ And he understands us very well. He is our Lord and this is what he teaches us.”

Homily at Santa MartaJune 9, 2016

Not Cathoilc, eh?  But what of those on the left hand and right hand, or “If you do not eat My Flesh and drink My Blood you do not have life within you?”  What about “go and sin no more,” and “let them be as a heathen and publican.”

It’s not some man-made law of the Church that Francis is contradicting; it is Jesus Christ Himself.

The only way I can comprehend that he can mentally justify his stance, is if he is a modernist who believes basically all of Scripture is just an ex post facto creation of men with little or no relation to the supernatural.  Thus, it’s pick and choose (which correlates with his love for protestants) and will to power.

Rorate has the countervailing quotes from John Paul II, which I recommend reading for completeness.

Homeschool Hatred: Quite Possibly the Most Biased Article I’ve Ever Read June 10, 2016

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This item is actually pretty old.  A year old, as a matter of fact.  Back in 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott instigated bouts of spittle-flecked insanity on the part of leftists around the state and nation when he committed two unpardonable sins.  First, he declared June 9 Homeschool Appreciation Day (June 9 being the anniversary of a 1994 Texas Supreme Court decision dramatically liberalizing state laws regarding homeschooling), then, a month later, he named a homeschooling mom to be the head of the State Board of Education.

Leftists, of course, lost their minds.  Since they don’t reproduce, the only means by which the left can raise up new acolytes to their unholy religion is through control of the education system. And control it they have, to an increasingly disturbing degree over the past 30 years, to the extent that today, it appears that most of  young “millenials” are emerging from school as thoroughly unthinking, indoctrinated leftists.

Homeschooling represents an existential threat to that control.  The hatred many teachers, school administrators, and especially teacher’s union thugs have for homeschoooling is palpable. They denigrate it at every turn. And because these unions are both very wealthy, and because they share an ideology with the majority of the leftist-dominated media-industrial complex, they can always count on their friends in the establishment media to take up their cause.

Even still, I was amazed when reading this Washington Post article from a year ago covering this appointment.  A supposed balanced news piece, it starts out with a declaration of sheer opinion and goes downhill from there.  I thought it deserved a good fisking, because it reveals the core means by which the left turns “news” into propaganda:

When it comes to education, Texas is the state that keeps on giving — and not in a good way. [That’s good propaganda.  Go with a strong bit of opinion in the first sentence]

And now, Gov. Greg Abbott,  has sparked controversy — even among fellow Republicans [they only quote one, a firebrand long known for idiosyncratic stances]— with his appointment of a new chair of the Texas Board of Education, which is charged with setting policy and standards for the state’s public schools.

Abbott tapped Donna Bahorich, a Republican from Houston who has been on the board for two years and who home-schooled her three sons before sending them to private schools. They never went to Texas public schools. [Whoever said that public schools were the sine qua non of education?  When did the public ever get a vote on importing the Prussian system of education into this country, a system designed to raise good and obedient factory cogs, not people who can think for themselves?]

………The Texas Freedom Network, a nonpartisan, grass-roots organization of more than 100,000 religious and community leaders[a far-left organization founded by Planned Barrenhood President Cecile Richards and dominated by left-wing agitators] that monitors far-right issues [note the switch, “Freedom Network” – thoroughly left-wing – is “non-partisan,” but homeschooling is “far-right”. More opinion masquerading as fact], organizations, money and leaders, said in a statement that when Bahorich joined the board in 2013, she voted against a board resolution urging the legislature to reject private school vouchers. And she was part of the board majority that voted to approve the new textbooks last year. [More opinion – it is just assumed that the “good position” was to reject private school vouchers, which also pose a deadly threat to teacher’s unions and the educational-industrial establishment, an establishment that has failed millions more kids than any private school or homeschool ever could, or would.  Education-industrialists are terrified of both homeschooling and private schools because they know both provide infinitely better education than the largely corrupt, politicized, and self-interested public education establishment]

The network’s president, Kathy Miller, said in the statement:

“If Gov. Abbott wanted to demonstrate that he won’t continue his predecessor’s efforts to politicize and undermine our state’s public schools, this appointment falls far short. The governor has appointed as board chair an ideologue who voted to adopt new textbooks that[left-wing] scholars sharply criticized as distorting American history[being contrary to their ideology], who rejected public education for her own family[what, is that a sin now?] and who supports shifting tax dollars from neighborhood public schools to private and religious schools through vouchers.[Programs that have been overwhelmingly successful in improving the education of hundreds of thousands to millions of children] This appointment almost guarantees that the board will continue to put culture war agendas ahead of educating more than 5 million Texas kids.” [Said the leftist social justice warrior]

The Austin Chronicle reported that Abbott’s decision follows his decision to veto a Senate bill “seemingly at the behest of the Texas Home School Coalition.” The bill would allow doctors to detain a patient who had requested treatment if the doctor believes they are a risk to themselves or others. Says the Chronicle:

Currently, this requires a court to issue an order of protective custody, making it a legal, not medical issue. [Which, duh?  Do we really want a single doctor to be able to decide that someone should be committed to a mental institution and denied their very freedom?  Sure, there’s no way that would ever be abused or result in horrifying outcomes.  Remember “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?”  I thought the left thought that kind of medical power was bad?]

What does that have to do with homeschoolers, you may legitimately ask? The Texas Home School Network actively opposed it, and any other bill that its leadership thinks restricts parents’ right to run their children’s lives how they see fit. [note the sneering condescension]

I give this an A+++++++++++++ as a perfect example of leftist propagandizing in the media.  Let’s see, opening with a declaration of opinion as fact, several other examples of same throughout, biased coverage (all sources quotes, save for the Republican, were thoroughly left-wing and biased against homeschooling), no quotes in support of the nomination included, constant denigration of homeschooling (on the flimsiest of premises – there wasn’t one good reason put forth as to why this homeschooling mom could not be a good head of the state board), and a thoroughgoing disregard for even a semblance for fairness.

All of which tells me……homeschooling scares the living @#%$ out of them.

California Legislature Moves to Openly Persecute Christians June 10, 2016

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The far-beyond unhinged, leftist dominated legislature in the State of California is considering two bills – which seem to enjoy wide support – that would deny Christians basic freedoms long assumed under the US mode of government, and pose the threat of transitioning from tacit persecution of Christians to open, state-sanctioned persecution.

The first law, strongly supported by Planned Butcherhood, would make it illegal to videotape or otherwise record the proceedings in any kind of health-care establishment.  Doctors are freaked out, as the bill seems to be so broadly worded that even normal doctor patient communications – like e-mails of test results – could fall under the bill’s ban.  But the point of the law, of course, is to make it impossible for Christian pro-life groups to further humiliate Planned Barrenhood by exposing the evil they so regularly commit (evil even a sexular pagan culture has a hard time abiding):

AB 1671, which has been backed by Planned Parenthood, would criminalize the publication of confidential interactions with state-licensed medical personnel, including abortionists and clinic staff, punishable by up to one year in prison and a $10,000 fine per violation.

Introduced by Los Angeles Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, the bill has received criticism from both pro-life activists and those who worry about its potential to chill free speech and investigative journalism.

Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, said the Planned Parenthood-backed legislation is an effort to decrease transparency at the nation’s largest abortion provider.

“For years, undercover journalists have documented Planned Parenthoodemployees covering up for sex traffickers, failing to report child sexual abusers, and trafficking in baby body parts,” Ms. Rose said in a statement. “Rather than be more transparent with the public, Planned Parenthood wants to make it a crime for the media to publish evidence that it might be doing something illegal.”

Ms. Rose pointed out that since Planned Parenthood receives public funding in order to keep its doors open, the public has a right to know what goes on behind those doors.

Silly Lila.  If it’s a non-political or a conservative agency that receives federal funding, then it must be scrutinized to the hilt.  But if the group is a member of the radical left coalition in this country, then the scrutiny doesn’t apply, because they’re one of the good guys!  And the good guys – anyone who is left wing – never, ever, do anything wrong!  Thus, Hillary’s entire candidacy in the face of acts that would have gotten any normal citizen a lifetime sentence in the federal pen years ago.

The other bill seeks to deny private religious schools and universities any sort of religious exemption or freedom to practice their faith (so long as they be Christian, I’m sure muslims will be exempted), by providing legal means for, say, an atheist who wants to cause trouble at a Christian university, to sue the university because a professor opens class with prayer or because the university requires attendance at religious services.  Of course, this won’t apply to any Catholic universities, as those kinds of open acts of faith went out the window decades ago!  Even more, the bill apes the Obama administration’s definition of “freedom of religion” down to a very narrow scope, basically being, an act of worship that takes place in private.  No other practice of religion is viewed as being constitutional.  So, the only educational acts that would meet any kind of religious exemption for compliance with radical leftist social engineering experiments – for now – would be the training of ministers.  And you can be sure that won’t last long:

Even worse, critics argue, Lara’s bill might make it impossible for private schools to operate under any faith-based principles.

This is because SB 1146 dramatically tightens the criteria under which a school can cite freedom of conscience in making curricular and administrative decisions.

California’s education code already explicitly prohibitsdiscrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, but exempts “an educational institution that is controlled by a religious organization if the application would not be consistent with the religious tenets of that organization.”

Under Lara’s  legislation, that exemption would shrink dramatically, covering only “certain educational programs and activities of a postsecondary educational institution that is controlled by a religious organization.” The exception would apply to programs that “prepare students to become ministers of the religion, to enter upon some other vocation of the religion, or to teach theological subjects pertaining to the religion.”

As a result, administrators at faith-based colleges worry that they will soon have no legal recourse to make decisions based on their religion.

“The problem is that it provides a course of legal action for any student that feels they’ve been discriminated against in any other setting,” Jackson said, adding:

So if this bill passes, and a student comes to our school and says, ‘I feel really uncomfortable that chapel was mandatory, or that the professor opened class in prayer, or with community service’—that is a required part of our faith commitments—the bill as written creates a private right of action, meaning that the student would have the right to sue a school over what faith-based schools consider a core part of our spiritual life.

Additionally, in a move that mirrors the Department of Education’s May release of documents revealing colleges that had appealed for religious exemptions to Title IX discrimination requirements, SB 1146 would require faith-based schools to disclose their religious exemption publicly on campus and in all promotional materials, including brochures, letters to high school applicants, and tours for new or prospective students.

This is plainly an attempt to either bring recalcitrant, conservative Christian educational establishments to heel, by forcing them to adopt the sexular pagan agenda (as Catholic schools and universities did, en masse, starting in the 60’s), or to destroy them through lawfare.

Either way, the handwriting is increasingly on the wall, at least in leftist states like Kalifornia: observant Christians are not welcome, and you will be crushed.