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A brief, handy video on Mormonism June 17, 2016

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It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post on the crudely man-made religion of Mormonism, but I found a video that, in a few minutes, conveys the blasphemy, idolatry, and unmitigated gall that undergirds that entire false sect.

Mormons are not Christians. Christians believe in one God, not billions.  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did nothing but co-opt some of the outward language and symbols of Christianity in promoting their false religion of spirit babies and magic underwear.  Any religion that posits that man can become God – PERIOD – is founded utterly in blasphemy and exaltation of the self.  Indeed, “exaltation” is the Mormon phrase for man “becoming God” of his own planet, with his own “spirit babies” and all the rest.

The video below only hits a few of the Mormon lowlights.  Much more thorough destructions of this laughably false sect are available.  It is a sure sign of the intellectual decadence and moral decay of our time that this sect is growing as rapidly as it is.  That the Church and even the more orthodox protestant sects have not been able to crush this heresy as others were in the past is a sad testament to the decay of orthodox Christianity, which decay provides the necessary seed bed in which frankly stupid sects like Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, et. al., can grow.

A few more points:

  • Yes, Mormons can be very morally upright people, to a point.  Though you run into a fair number of fallen away Mormons of hideous morals in Utah and Id-ee-ho.
  • Even in their supposed moral uprightness, Mormons mix error with truth.  There is nothing inherently sinful in tobacco, coffee, alcohol, etc., only in their abuse.  The Mormon bans on all these things are, to me, as much or more about control than anything else.
  • Mormons aggressively target Catholics, especially badly formed Hispanic Catholics. I live in a Hispanic-majority area, and I have never seen so many Mormon missionaries before.  We also have lots of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have told us they are deliberately targeting Hispanics as easy pickins. They avoid our house now, because of this:






1. Faith of Our Fathers - June 17, 2016

Tantrum I fully agree with you on the aggressive Mormons and J W . On the first I had them come to my door one night many years ago when I was coming in with my kids and I had a cooked Chinese meal and I asked them if they were hungry they could have some and also a drink. When they had been fed and watered they then said that they would now show a video (in my home) throughout our meal I constantly told them that I was a Catholic and had no wish to be a Mormon that I was only carrying out my Christian duty towards them it fell on deaf ears . I politely asked them to leave . Once I had a talk with a J W who told me that as I was a Catholic I was destined for Hell I told him to -well let’s say their was a swear word involved. God Bless . J . D .

2. Brian E. Breslin - June 17, 2016

But Tantum, I can’t believe I ever met a Mormon who wasn’t a good guy and a hard worker, especially in the Navy.

3. Margaret Costello - June 18, 2016

Glenn Beck believes this rubbish? Why in the world does anyone listen to him? God bless~

4. Margaret Costello - June 18, 2016

Ok, have a question I can’t find online. Mormons believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. But do they believe He was God while here on Earth during His sacrifice especially. According to them, Our Lord was created just like us by the “Father” and “Mother” in Heaven. But was He born a God or did He become one because of His perfect life and sacrifice on the cross? If merely human like us, that negates the whole perfect sacrifice thing.

Mormonism is really wonky. Billions of “gods”. It all goes back to that first sin of Lucifer wanting to be like God and our first parents too.

God bless~

5. baliosv - June 19, 2016

In addition to what we can call the criminal class of Mormons who indulge in the abuse of women and children, we know well two Mormons on the national stage. Both of these, Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck, work hard and are good guys, yes, up to a point. Then there is a strange viciousness. Romney seems to feel that political opponents may be treated with a total lack of integrity. Beck also does all this good work, says so many great things but takes delight in belittling and debasing people on his program. He also shows no integrity when it comes to pushing his favorite political candidate or making atrocious and false allegations as he did about Debra Medina or now Donald Trump. So I have come to suspect that all Mormons probably have this fatal flaw. They are too much like a cult and too much like the Muslims.

baliosv - June 19, 2016

PS great sign!!

6. dfw area Catholic - June 21, 2016

Interesting that your sign (in espanol) works. I live in a smallish DFW area town — not a lot of minorities. Mostly protestant. No Catholic church in the town — we go elsewhere. Anyway, the Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness types come to the door once or twice a year. I doubt they get much business around here but they come anyway. Also a couple times a year one or the other of the local protestant congregations will send someone around. Apparently none of them read bumper stickers (in English) or they read them and don’t care. The vehicles parked in this driveway have for years had stickers like “Pray the Rosary for Peace on Earth,” “Catholic Vote.com – Be Not Afraid,” a Knights of Columbus license plate frame that says “Drive Safely,” etc.

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