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Full Mag Friday: What every homeowner needs, plus, does Bump Fire work? June 17, 2016

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I found this video and thought it was pretty good. With a growing leftist political consensus towards banning “assault weapons” again, and with Hillary likely to be our next president, you might want to get that AR or C308 while you still can:

I don’t disagree with that.  I think the AR is a very good home defense weapon, though I think some commenters won me over to a semi-auto shotgun as perhaps the best home defense weapon.  Key thing to remember about any rifle round is unintentional overpenetration, and the disasters that could cause.  In my house, that’s not much of a factor, but for many people it could be.  Something to think about.

A more personal question – I’ve heard Bump Fire stocks can work very well to simulate full-auto, but they take a great deal of practice?  Anyone have experience with one?  The way I understand how they work, getting simulated full-auto fire requires a careful balance between recoil and trigger suppression?  Is that right?  Or does it work more or less “automatically” based on the motion of the stock?

I’ve heard some people say they don’t work as well in less than expert hands. Do they affect gun reliability negatively?  Any other comments/experience?

Hickok45 seems to think they’re alright:

BTW, my AK is pretty much all good now, except I’m still not fully satisfied with the front sight pin.  Maybe I should just get a red dot.  The rest I dealt with myself.


1. docmx001 - June 17, 2016

Full auto is almost always a colossal waste of ammo. If you are only running that one AK, be sure to keep your standard stock as well. They are easy enough to switch out quickly.

Tantumblogo - June 17, 2016

Don’t disagree, but not the question. Just wondering if they really work for an average shooter. Might be fun to have from time to time.

2. DM - June 18, 2016

Tantum, do you have any experience with the Robinson XCR? They’re said to combine the best of both the AR and the AK platforms, with the modularity of one and the reliability of the other. Since AKs are banned where I live, and ARs nearly so, it’s something I’d consider, though they’re a bit pricey.

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