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We Have the Pope We Deserve – And There Are No Easy Outs June 20, 2016

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I could not agree more with this post by Rorate.  Francis is a chastisement the Church has, tragically, horribly, but also richly deserved through apostasy, open acceptance (and practice) of a whole panoply of sins, and a general failure of all the virtues.  Francis didn’t just fall from the sky.  He was elected by a Church hierarchy that sprang from a Church laity that is largely given over to worldliness, comfort, ease, and sloth.  The Church has been slouching towards Gomorrah for over 100 years, and the hierarchy simply began to reflect that fact more and more as the 20th century ground on.

I’m out of time for the day, but I doubly agree with Rorate below – a tiny slice of the Church excepted (which, I pray, includes all the readers of this blog) – Francis is a punishment quite richly earned, and one from which such false “panaceas” as sede vacantism or similar intellectual pretenses provide no real escape (I add emphasis and comments).

……Many conservative, traditional-minded Catholics are so weary of the weekly, frequently even daily, shocks provided by this Pontificate that they look for easy ways out. Perhaps the Pope is not the Pope. Maybe Benedict XVI is still the Pope. Maybe Benedict XVI never truly resigned: even his Secretary and current Prefect of the Papal Household, Abp. Georg Gänswein, provided some leeway for this theory by implying the existence of a bizarre papal diarchy…….. [I’ve engaged in a bit of speculation from time to time regarding wiggle room for some future, orthodox pontiff to “deal with” Francis, but that was really idle speculation and probably not the most helpful thing I could have done.  The thing is, we can allow ourselves to fall into pretty dangerous places if we get too twisted off on the idea of the pope being not valid, or whatever.  I advise great caution and humility, and will try to practice same better myself.]

…….We deserve Francis. What is missing in many souls is a typically Christian attitude: resignation. It was not the Holy Spirit who chose Francis, that is not how conclaves work. But God has certainly allowed it, and he has allowed it to continue, and he will allow it until He deigns it necessary to end his Vicar’s time here on earth, as He does to each one of us.

Other than resignation, missing from many spirits is the notion of collective justice — and collective punishment. We have sinned, we have grievously sinned. So many Catholics have been for long immensely unfaithful to the Apostolic tradition they have received, to the pure doctrine that was passed on: is it surprising that from this soil arise unfaithful hierarchs? What is surprising is not that we have Francis as Pope, but that it took so many centuries for us to have a Pope like him. As it is known, the Popes who were considered “bad” and “appalling” in Catholic history never dared touch the deposit of the faith, or to mollify this deposit so it would fit into contemporary mores; they may have been personally immoral, and their example caused great scandal and grievous consequences, but their utterances on matters of faith, moral, sacraments did not themselves cause scandal (the examples of such were so rare as to be counted on a couple of fingers).
We deserve Francis. King Josiah was the exception, and Judah was punished before and after him: was there not a single just man in Judah under King Amon? Was not Jeremiah alive and warning of dangers under King Zedekiah? Yet even the just were punished on this earth, collectively, by what God allowed to happen: irreverent kings, leaders who acted as if God did not exist. The just were subjected to upheaval on this earth, but it profited for their eventual eternal life: as Dante wrote in the Inferno, “O Supreme Wisdom, how great is the perfection / that you show in heaven, on earth, and in hell / and how justly you spread your virtue!
We deserve Francis. The Catholic faithful on earth in this moment in history deserve him — and deserve worse, so be prepared. [Two thoughts on this line: one, there is always a worse alternative, and, two, where sin abounds, Grace abounds the more]  We will bear it because we must bear it, because this is what God has prepared for us. If you hope for something better, then the answer is prayer, and fasting, and almsgiving, the personal work of each one for one’s own final perseverance, and the teaching of the truth of the Gospel, especially to one’s children. [I think it important to note, also, pointing out errors when they arise, no matter from whence the arise, and doing our best to repudiate them] One day, a new Josiah will arise to sit on the cathedra of Peter in Rome. Yet even afterwards, new chastisements and exiles will remain part of Catholic life, in this Church founded by “the Just who died for the unjust” (I Pet 3:18).

I would add a bit more. Rather than gloom and doom, which is so easy to give into at times (I stand guilty as charged), we could perhaps rejoice that God has chosen us to live at this time and place, to suffer through this horrific period of the Church’s long history?  This is indeed a very special kind of suffering to endure, and something we should perhaps reflect on as being a gift as well as a curse.

There I Was……..Steve Needham vs. “Boobie” Miles June 20, 2016

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High school was, for me, a tremendous amount of fun – at least the last 3 years were. Plano is a bit different from most towns, separating 9th and 10th grades (“high school”) from 11th and 12th (“senior high school”).  When I was a sophomore, my neighbor growing up, Bobbie Schraeder, led the Plano Wildcats to a Class 5A state championship (back before the UIL ruined football by dividing the classifications into upper and lower segments, and crowning two “champions” per class).  Class 5A was the highest, being the largest schools, and probably the best, most years.

My junior year, Plano was riding a 12 game win streak and finished the regular season undefeated (making that 22 wins in a row).  Plano was led by a strong but not overwhelming defense, the best offensive line in the country, and a quarterback named Steve Needham.  Plano had run the veer option for over a decade and had refined it to a high art.  The offensive line – from which all five starters would get Division 1 scholarships, including Notre Dame and Texas A&M – which averaged 6’3″ 250 lbs, was really the heart of the team.  The backfield didn’t have any particular superstars, but it did have Steve Needham, an outstanding high school option quarterback and really tough guy.  By the end of the year, the Dallas TV stations had taken to reciting the scores from Plano games “Steve Needham 21, Langham Creek, 14,” etc.  Kind of a crappy thing to do, because that was a real team, but also sort of true, especially through the playoffs.

Anyway, I know this is terribly non sequitur and will be a terrific bore to most, but as much for the record as anything, the videos below are from Odessa Permian’s coach’s show from the 1987 season.  This is the end of the season show, recorded the day after Odessa Permian lost to Plano 29-21 on their home field, Ratliff Stadium.  Anyone who has read or seen Friday Night Lights knows the coach in question was Gary Gaines.  There are many highlights from the game, which make the ONLY footage of Plano’s undefeated 16-0 1987 state championship season I’ve ever found online (though there is quite a bit from the ’94 championship season, the last in Plano’s formerly storied history, winning 7 championships in 4 classifications between 1965 and 1994).

I like hearing a lot of names I haven’t heard in a long time.  If any readers are fans of the Friday Night Lights book or movie, they will recognize a lot of the Odessa Permian names.  This was Texas high school football at its best, to me.  Permian had a strong edge in the game through the first half, but Plano made excellent halftime defensive adjustments and shut Permian down in the second half.  No trickery, nothing fancy, just very strong execution and straight on power running attacks.  Both teams were loaded with ridiculous amounts of Division 1 talent – Lloyd Hill, Ivory Christian, Boobie Miles, and Brian Chavez for Permian, Justin Hall, Craig Jeffries, Dennis Austin, Brad Funk, Lance Proctor, and Steve Needham for Plano.

The 1987 state championship game between Houston Stratford and Plano was broadcast nationwide by ESPN, live, with a very young Chris Fowler calling the game.  It was the first high school game ever broadcast by ESPN.

Next year, my senior year, wasn’t so great.  30 game win streak snapped and lost in the second round of the playoffs.  That team was a shadow of its predecessor, which carried so many seniors.

Ah, but good times.  So many good times.

Orlando Attack Underscores Sickness/Perversion at Heart of islam June 20, 2016

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A reader expressed surprise over the weekend that I had not covered the brief glimpse of hell the Orlando islamist sodomite nightclub attack revealed.  I think Ann Barnhardt generalizes too much and fails, at times, to make important and necessary distinctions, but she is not wrong when she excoriates islam for its sodomy “problem,” and pederasty in particular.  She is also quite right in seeing the Pulse nightclub attack as a vision of hell, with lost souls hating and visiting violence on other damned souls.

I note that the revelation that the islamist Afghani attacker – Omar Mateen – had visited the perverse den of iniquity numerous times previously, and almost certainly engaged in sodomy with other men, has almost disappeared from the media, not that it was broadcast broadly, anyway.  Doesn’t fit the narrative.  But it does fit the reality of much of islam.

Americans deployed to Afghanistan in particular (but Iraq, too) have struggled to deal with the overwhelming prevalence of boy rape (and child sex abuse, generally) in that benighted land.  Some service members have had crises of conscience and lashed out at the sicko Afghanis they are forced to work with, and have been persecuted by the US government as a result for bringing up a most politically inconvenient subject.  One must wonder what role having the first open sodomite Secretary of the Army in history has played in this persecution.

This is not a new phenomenon.  Crusaders and reporters from the Byzantine Empire noted the muslim male taste for child flesh, especially boy flesh (though child marriage of little girls remains a huge problem, too). The 17th century English ambassador to Persia referred to pederasty as “the Persian vice.”  Generally, the more convicted/traditional the muslim region is, the more it tends towards pederasty.  There are exceptions to this rule, to a degree – pederasty tends to be a bit less common and more frowned upon in Indonesia, for instance – but in the wide expanse of islam from Morocco to western China, this kind of behavior is not just tolerated, but expected.

Within the Arab/Pashtun/Persian milieu, from which much of the present day radical islamist war against Christianity stems, there is a huge dichotomy between what islam teaches regarding same-sex sodomy, and wide-scale practice.  The fact that ISIS can, on the one hand, throw same-sex sodomites off the tops of buildings to their deaths, and then turn around and bugger little boys on the side, is perhaps less an example of religious hypocrisy (do as I say, not as I do) than it is a recognition of the contradictions at the heart of islam.

Islam has always been, first and foremost, about one thing, and one thing only: the gathering of political power unto the political leadership of islam. Barnhardt is quite right when she notes that islam is at least as much political system as religion.  The political system islam has always adopted has been one of vicious repression and evil self-aggrandizement.  Islam spread as much to conquer new lands at the command of the prophet as to enrich the warriors and political leaders who did the conquering (as well as providing fertile new ground for rapine of all types).  Many caliphates fell due to the cycles of assassination that would decimate the political leadership.  Everywhere islam eventually became established, political, economic, and especially moral decadence inevitably followed.

That’s because the “god” islam posits is a melange of the worst characteristics of the perverse Jewish sect of Zealots*, and false Arian Christianity which purported that Jesus Christ was a creature, not God.  The god of islam is capricious and cruel, self-interested and indifferent.  “He” is a god will to power, like the false religion that created “him.”  This “god” is revealed through the contradictory and self-defeating Koran, where, on different pages, one can find paeans to mercy, and exhortations to destroy all not of the false faith – but much more of the latter, than the former.  One can similarly find chilling words of hatred and cruelty towards sodomy/perversion (along with much else) – far worse than anything contained in the Bible –  and, turning the page, something that seems to endorse it (at least, most muslim scholars have justified boy/child rape over the centuries based on Mohammad’s 9 year old wife Aisha).

Worldlings/diabolical narcissists like to pretend that the Bible is similarly “confused” in the contrast between Old and New Testament, but, of course, it is not.  The Bible nowhere contradicts itself in the moral strictures it supplies, there is simply pre-Christ and post-Christ approaches to these same, constant moral laws, the latter leaving the judgment in such matters to God and His representatives, not men.

So, the fact that Omar Mateen could be, at the same time, an active same-sex sodomite and someone inspired with a religious conviction to kill same is not particularly surprising. He unfortunately belonged to the one religion on earth that makes such diabolical hypocrisy not just possible, but practically inevitable. Yes there are obvious psychological angles, such as guilt, repression, self-loathing – common to all those who fall into grave sin of any kind! – but at root, this was a uniquely islamist act, in every respect.  And it is sure not to be the last, so long as this nation, and so many others, continue to import a hostile, unassimalable minority, just exactly in the same form and fashion as the ancient Romans did with a different set of barbarians nearly 2000 years ago.

This is not a “domestic violence” problem, not an “assault weapons” problem, nor is it a “hate crime,” per se.  It is in fact the inevitable outcome of flooding adherents of a disordered, erroneous, diabolical religion into a civilized (if rapidly deteriorating) society.  But the Left, in its eternal war against Christendom, recognizes in islam the ultimate weapon in achieving their long-cherished goal of overthrowing the Christian Faith, and so have elevated islam to the peak of their ziggurat of victimhood and special pleading.  Those whose predilections mark them as enemies of islam should take immediate note – the Left will not protect them when islam comes for them.

Of course, anyone with any sense already knew that.  I remain convinced that eventually the leftist cultural masters will permit/encourage islam to persecute the perverse with abandon – and quite possibly intended that all along, just as the Soviet communists did in slightly different ways with other moral evils 100 years ago to break down traditional Russian society and gain control over the people.

*- the repulsive sect of men that dressed as women while serving as crazed knife-wielding assasins, engaged in acts of horrifying debauchery, and helped make the final days of the Jewish capital of ancient Jerusalem before the Roman armies a true living hell. The influence of Zealotry can be seen in islam to this very day.

Courage Apostolate Event at St. Joseph Aug 11 June 20, 2016

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with readers the very distressing fact that the frequently heretical, pro-sodomite propaganda group “Always Our Children” had received a strong endorsement from Bishop Kevin Farrell at the most recent conclave of priests, and was thus spreading throughout, at least, the northern part of the Diocese.  I also related that the only faithful apostolate specifically tailored to serve those who struggle with same-sex attraction – COURAGE – had been largely sidelined and ignored in the Diocese.

Since that time, I have learned that a Catholic woman, mother of a family well known in the Diocese for its piety and devotion, had attended an Always Our Children meeting and was told to leave – thrown out, if you will – for the “sin” of having the temerity to suggest that the group might also, in contrast to their general acceptance of pro-sodomite rhetoric, mix in a little bit of Catholic Doctrine on the subject from time to time.  This, alas, was apparently too  much for a group which has taken to casting about for ways to justify gravely disordered and mortally sinful behavior, either on the part of themselves, or their loved ones, and so she was gone.  I can add, without saying too much, that this woman is not the kind who would let zeal get the better of them and charge into a meeting saying harsh or uncharitable things.

I am happy to report, however, that there has recently been a more positive development on this subject, in that St. Joseph’s parish in Richardson has invited Fr. Philip Bochanski, associate director of Courage, to give a talk at his parish on Thursday, Aug. 11 2016.  All details below:

If you are searching for the truly loving, Christian response in interactions with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who are same sex attracted, or if your children and grandchildren are coming to you with questions about such issues and you have struggled for the right answers, then come! “Courage International”  is the Vatican approved Catholic apostolate ministering to our same sex attracted individuals.  Come benefit from Fr. Bochanski’s great insight and wisdom.  Please forward this information to anyone you think may be interested and could benefit from solid answers to some of today’s most difficult questions.  

Inspiring Speaker Event

Thursday Evening, August 11, 2016

“Welcoming and Accompanying Our Brothers and Sisters Who Experience Same Sex Attraction:

Living Out Our Universal Call to Chastity and Speaking Truth in Love”

A timely topic to give us information and guidance in difficult situations facing our families, friends, neighbors, schools, workplaces, and co-workers

Presented by

Fr. Philip Bochanski

Associate Director of Courage International

Location:    St. Joseph Catholic Church in Richardson

Main Dining Hall

600 South Jupiter Road;  Enter the “Columbarium Entrance” that faces Spring Valley Road

Buffet Dinner begins at 6:30pm;  Speaker starts at 7:15pm

Please rsvp to joannmurray@verizon.net so that we may prepare the proper number of seats and dinners. 

$7 for dinner — you may pay at the door; Speaker only is gratis.

————-End Quote————

I will try to post reminders closer to the date of the event.  I hope I can find the time to attend, though it would mean missing Mass <sniff> <sniffle>.