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Orlando Attack Underscores Sickness/Perversion at Heart of islam June 20, 2016

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A reader expressed surprise over the weekend that I had not covered the brief glimpse of hell the Orlando islamist sodomite nightclub attack revealed.  I think Ann Barnhardt generalizes too much and fails, at times, to make important and necessary distinctions, but she is not wrong when she excoriates islam for its sodomy “problem,” and pederasty in particular.  She is also quite right in seeing the Pulse nightclub attack as a vision of hell, with lost souls hating and visiting violence on other damned souls.

I note that the revelation that the islamist Afghani attacker – Omar Mateen – had visited the perverse den of iniquity numerous times previously, and almost certainly engaged in sodomy with other men, has almost disappeared from the media, not that it was broadcast broadly, anyway.  Doesn’t fit the narrative.  But it does fit the reality of much of islam.

Americans deployed to Afghanistan in particular (but Iraq, too) have struggled to deal with the overwhelming prevalence of boy rape (and child sex abuse, generally) in that benighted land.  Some service members have had crises of conscience and lashed out at the sicko Afghanis they are forced to work with, and have been persecuted by the US government as a result for bringing up a most politically inconvenient subject.  One must wonder what role having the first open sodomite Secretary of the Army in history has played in this persecution.

This is not a new phenomenon.  Crusaders and reporters from the Byzantine Empire noted the muslim male taste for child flesh, especially boy flesh (though child marriage of little girls remains a huge problem, too). The 17th century English ambassador to Persia referred to pederasty as “the Persian vice.”  Generally, the more convicted/traditional the muslim region is, the more it tends towards pederasty.  There are exceptions to this rule, to a degree – pederasty tends to be a bit less common and more frowned upon in Indonesia, for instance – but in the wide expanse of islam from Morocco to western China, this kind of behavior is not just tolerated, but expected.

Within the Arab/Pashtun/Persian milieu, from which much of the present day radical islamist war against Christianity stems, there is a huge dichotomy between what islam teaches regarding same-sex sodomy, and wide-scale practice.  The fact that ISIS can, on the one hand, throw same-sex sodomites off the tops of buildings to their deaths, and then turn around and bugger little boys on the side, is perhaps less an example of religious hypocrisy (do as I say, not as I do) than it is a recognition of the contradictions at the heart of islam.

Islam has always been, first and foremost, about one thing, and one thing only: the gathering of political power unto the political leadership of islam. Barnhardt is quite right when she notes that islam is at least as much political system as religion.  The political system islam has always adopted has been one of vicious repression and evil self-aggrandizement.  Islam spread as much to conquer new lands at the command of the prophet as to enrich the warriors and political leaders who did the conquering (as well as providing fertile new ground for rapine of all types).  Many caliphates fell due to the cycles of assassination that would decimate the political leadership.  Everywhere islam eventually became established, political, economic, and especially moral decadence inevitably followed.

That’s because the “god” islam posits is a melange of the worst characteristics of the perverse Jewish sect of Zealots*, and false Arian Christianity which purported that Jesus Christ was a creature, not God.  The god of islam is capricious and cruel, self-interested and indifferent.  “He” is a god will to power, like the false religion that created “him.”  This “god” is revealed through the contradictory and self-defeating Koran, where, on different pages, one can find paeans to mercy, and exhortations to destroy all not of the false faith – but much more of the latter, than the former.  One can similarly find chilling words of hatred and cruelty towards sodomy/perversion (along with much else) – far worse than anything contained in the Bible –  and, turning the page, something that seems to endorse it (at least, most muslim scholars have justified boy/child rape over the centuries based on Mohammad’s 9 year old wife Aisha).

Worldlings/diabolical narcissists like to pretend that the Bible is similarly “confused” in the contrast between Old and New Testament, but, of course, it is not.  The Bible nowhere contradicts itself in the moral strictures it supplies, there is simply pre-Christ and post-Christ approaches to these same, constant moral laws, the latter leaving the judgment in such matters to God and His representatives, not men.

So, the fact that Omar Mateen could be, at the same time, an active same-sex sodomite and someone inspired with a religious conviction to kill same is not particularly surprising. He unfortunately belonged to the one religion on earth that makes such diabolical hypocrisy not just possible, but practically inevitable. Yes there are obvious psychological angles, such as guilt, repression, self-loathing – common to all those who fall into grave sin of any kind! – but at root, this was a uniquely islamist act, in every respect.  And it is sure not to be the last, so long as this nation, and so many others, continue to import a hostile, unassimalable minority, just exactly in the same form and fashion as the ancient Romans did with a different set of barbarians nearly 2000 years ago.

This is not a “domestic violence” problem, not an “assault weapons” problem, nor is it a “hate crime,” per se.  It is in fact the inevitable outcome of flooding adherents of a disordered, erroneous, diabolical religion into a civilized (if rapidly deteriorating) society.  But the Left, in its eternal war against Christendom, recognizes in islam the ultimate weapon in achieving their long-cherished goal of overthrowing the Christian Faith, and so have elevated islam to the peak of their ziggurat of victimhood and special pleading.  Those whose predilections mark them as enemies of islam should take immediate note – the Left will not protect them when islam comes for them.

Of course, anyone with any sense already knew that.  I remain convinced that eventually the leftist cultural masters will permit/encourage islam to persecute the perverse with abandon – and quite possibly intended that all along, just as the Soviet communists did in slightly different ways with other moral evils 100 years ago to break down traditional Russian society and gain control over the people.

*- the repulsive sect of men that dressed as women while serving as crazed knife-wielding assasins, engaged in acts of horrifying debauchery, and helped make the final days of the Jewish capital of ancient Jerusalem before the Roman armies a true living hell. The influence of Zealotry can be seen in islam to this very day.



1. Faith of Our Fathers - June 20, 2016

During the first Gulf War a friend of mine who fought in it said he was more sickened by the Sodimy and Debuchery within the Muslim Soldiers than anything else. He said that anywhere they went all that they encountered were Shity used Condoms .

tg - June 22, 2016

I heard the same thing from a veteran co-worker of mine who was in Afghanistan just a couple of years ago. He would see the boy toys wearing mascara. It’s so heartbreaking because many are only 10 years old.

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