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Air Force Personnel Violently Attack Man for Mentioning God at Retirement Ceremony June 22, 2016

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I don’t know why my previous post on this matter disappeared as if it never existed, but it did.  So, I’m trying again, but without as much commentary as I haven’t time.

The situation is slightly confused.  A man, Oscar Rodriguez, retired from the Air Force after 33 years of service some time ago.  He apparently is a sought after public performer and has a strong, commanding voice.  Others retiring from the Air Force have asked him to recite a certain bit of prose at their own retirement ceremonies.  This bit of prose is one that was formerly used until 2006 when the ceremony was changed to extirpate any mention of God from it.  However, my understanding is that it is still permissible to use the older form. In that vein, another man retiring from the Air Force invited him to speak at his separation event.  That should have been no problem.

But not in today’s Air Force.  When Mr. Rodriguez rose to do his bit, he was first intimidated, and then physically attacked by other Air Force personnel present at the ceremony. He was attacked specifically because it was known he was going to mention God in his “performance.”  As I mentioned earlier today before the post disappeared, the Obama Administration, acting almost certainly in concert with violently anti-Christian individuals like the Soros-funded Mikey Weinstein, has been on a jihad to drive Christianity (but not other, false religions) from any public role in the military services, especially the Air Force.  The Air Force is a special target because its officer corps has long had a strong evangelical Christian bent.  Today, it seems that mission is about completed, when personnel will attack a man and physically eject him from a solemn ceremony for having the temerity to use the word “God” in the Christian context.

A video of the attack is below.  Additional info from the article:

A veteran is threatening legal action against the U.S. Air Force if it does not apologize for forcibly removing him from a retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base, where he was invited to give a speech referencing “God.”

Oscar Rodriguez, a 33-year Air Force veteran, was solicited to speak at the April flag-folding ceremony in honor of retiring Master Sgt. Charles Roberson, who heard Mr. Rodriguez deliver the same address one month prior and wanted it performed at his own retirement.

But when Mr. Rodriguez stood to deliver his three-minute oration at the Sacramento base, a man in uniform followed him to the front of the room and obstructed his view of the audience.

Pretending to ignore the interference, Mr. Rodriguez refused to cede the stage and began his speech anyway. After two more men in fatigues rushed the stage, he was pushed and dragged out of the assembly room against his will, for referencing God…….

……..“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Mike Berry, director of military affairs at First Liberty. “Where people in uniform come and grab somebody and physically treat them like this, and forcibly drag them away against his will because of what he’s going to say, and because of what he was going to say is the word ‘God’? That’s insane. I can’t fathom that that would be happening in our country on a military base.”……..[It should be added that the man whose retirement ceremony was so interrupted is mortified at the way Mr. Rodriguez was treated, and feels gravely offended]

The despicable Mikey Weinstein, who I have covered a number of times on this blog, embarrassed himself again in this case:

“The commander absolutely did the right thing,” Mr. Weinstein said. “The Air Force is not at all over the line here … If the retiree wants to have an unofficial retirement party at Chick-Fil-A or Hobby Lobby and go into the whole religious thing,” he can.

But “the line being crossed is whether it’s official or not,” Mr. Weinstein said.

If this was a case where Air Force members had violently ejected a wiccan under similar circumstances, we can rest assured that Weinstein would be howling with outrage.  Note the cheap little cultural shot he took, claiming the Air Force member could have his retirement ceremony at Chick-Fil-A, which has offended his sexular pagan sensibilities in the past.  So apparently today, so anti-Christian is the US military that individuals who have dedicated their lives to its service now have to have their retirement ceremonies off base – as if they never belonged – in order to incorporate even a hint of their faith, which should be the single most important aspect of their lives, into the ceremony.  That is a persecution in and of itself right there.  But to the hate-filled acolytes of the religion of sexular paganism like Weinstein, who refuse to countenance any but their own diabolical, false one, nothing outside a formal act of worship at a base chapel can ever be countenanced, and even that likely won’t last long, unless the Christianity therein is forced to yield to the tenets of sexular paganism.

Of course, to a well-funded anti-Christian social justice warrior like Weinstein, who receives enormous sums of money to prosecute his numerous suits against the Air Force for alleged infractions of his vision of the “no establishment” clause, that’s precisely the goal. This isn’t about religious freedom, or separation of church and state, but forcing everyone who has any role in the government at any level to become sexular pagans themselves, or at least act publicly like the are.  That this is entirely counter to the narrow words of the Constitution, which say nothing about “separation of church and state” but only oppose the creation of an official state church a la the Church of England, only underscores the reality of Weinstein’s faith-based persecution all the more.

Unfortunately, Weinstein and his ACLU ilk, dominated by Jews with a visceral hatred of Jesus Christ and His Church, have had the whip hand for decades now thanks to the ranks of government at all levels being filled with their co-religionists, so that today, honorable men who served their country for 33 years are violently ejected from a retirement ceremony for using an offending word like “God.”  They have been successful because they have been allowed to be.  It should be noted that while the Obama administration has amped up the persecution of Christians to a whole nother level, the retirement ceremony was first changed under the squish Bush ’43.  Demonrats advance the sexular pagan agenda, and Republicans, at the national level, anyway, allow it to ossify into an immovable mass.

If you have any Christian conviction, I have to advise to not contemplate serving in the United States military.  What a hideous condemnation of this nation that is.