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Francis says Church Must Apologize to and Beg Forgiveness of “Gays” June 27, 2016

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I haven’t time to write now, so a link to Steve Skojec’s piece at One Peter Five.  Once again, Francis turns Scripture and Tradition on its head, literally inverting good and evil, in what has become a nonstop full-frontal attack on the entire doctrinal edifice of the Church, the entire moral order, and even the natural law.  Incredible.  The key quotes, from his in-flight press conference when traveling from Armenia back to Rome:

The problem is a person that has a condition, that has good will and who seeks God, who are we to judge…….

……One can condemn, but not for theological reasons, but for reasons of political behavior [so Francis finds political behavior more offensive than actual sin.  Gotcha]

…….I think that the Church must not only ask forgiveness – like that “Marxist Cardinal” said (laughs) – must not only ask forgiveness to the gay person who is offended. But she must ask forgiveness to the poor too, to women who are exploited, to children who are exploited for labor. She must ask forgiveness for having blessed so many weapons. The Church must ask forgiveness for not behaving many times – when I say the Church, I mean Christians!……

………..I remember from my childhood the culture in Buenos Aires, the closed Catholic culture. I go over there, eh! A divorced family couldn’t enter the house, and I’m speaking of 80 years ago. The culture has changed, thanks be to God. Christians must ask forgiveness for many things, not just these. Forgiveness, not just apologies. Forgive, Lord.

Skojec has a lot of good analysis. I hope to update this or write another post tomorrow.

At this point, I’m at a loss.  Virtually everything this man thinks is a sin, really isn’t, and that which he thinks isn’t, actually is.  That’s what I mean by turning the entire moral order on its head.  Sodomites now occupy the commanding heights of virtue while pious souls must beg their forgiveness?!?

And that’s not all. On the same flight, Francis also declared that Lutheran Doctrine on Justification is correct and the Church shares it, which is also incredibly problematic, to say the least, in spite of the disastrous 1999 “joint declaration” that said the same.

You get the impression things are spinning out of control.  Maybe I need to go back and update the post below, reaching a different conclusion.  Sheesh. It just never freaking ends with this guy!  And EVEN STILL the apologists are out  there finding “gold” fool’s gold in this giant pile of manure.  Oh, he didn’t mean that, and look at this other thing he said, and SQUIRREL!

These apologists are greasing the skids to hell for far, far more souls than even the most spittle-flecked trad or sede vacantist. And yet we’re the bad guys, for pointing out the plain truth.  What a crock.



1. Frank - June 28, 2016

It’s truly getting harder to take every day. Pray, pray, fast, go before the Blessed Sacrament. Teach others the truth and prepare to be persecuted.

I don’t recall if you already mentioned it in another post, but Rorate had it right in their recent editorial. We deserve this Pope, and he is part of our divine chastisement for the apostasy of the past 100 years or so.

2. Mrs. Maureen Avila - June 28, 2016

You make this whole thing sound…. almost,… sort of,… kind of like an antichrist is doing the talking.

camper - June 28, 2016

I’m beginning to laugh at the Ecclesia Dei folks. A petition isn’t enough for this monster. If they don’t break with Rome soon, they will have lost all moral credibility.

3. tg - June 28, 2016

The Church should apologize to us for allowing deviants into the priesthood.

4. tg - June 28, 2016

Here is a petition for bishops to stand up to Francis like Paul did to Peter.

5. Branch - June 28, 2016

In Camden, gun control a moral imperative; LGBT people victims of hate (but no mention of sin); universalism besides? (“We believe there is eternal life after death and these dead await the resurrection of their wounded bodies.”); and don’t cite Islam’s role (yet?).


6. tg - June 28, 2016

Off topic – but has anyone noticed how Michael Voris’s website has changed since he made his big announcement a month or two ago? However, what hasn’t changed is he still has his head in the sand regarding Pope Francis.

Mrs. Maureen Avila - June 28, 2016

Can you be more specific about how you think the Church Militant site has changed in the last 2 months?

The refusal to say anything negative about Francis, no matter how important the issue being discussed, is something I still do not understand.
I suspect there is a person or persons preventing him from ‘going there’. Since the Bishops, including the majority of Cardinals have also been rather silent, I would think that Michael is being held back by one or more of them.

camper - June 28, 2016

What’s the change been?

Tantumblogo - June 28, 2016

I don’t even know what the announcement was?!? What has changed, I never go there?

tg - June 29, 2016

You don’t? About his past life. He claimed the diocese of New York was going to expose him. He never did provide proof that they were. The change I see is that he is criticizing the bishops less and has stop posting of the scandal in the New York diocese.

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

So what of his past life? Something perverse?

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

I’m telling you folks I am in a near total lockdown with regard to Catholic media. I simply don’t have any time to read all but a few sites. I rarely have much interest.

I see what it was about. I knew he had a bad past. Who doesn’t? He got pretty far into it. There but for the Grace of God, and all that.

As to the New York Archdiocese being about to out him, I’m not surprised at all.

Now if their editorial content has really changed, that’s skerry.

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8. Gary - June 30, 2016

Things have spun out of control alright; between Obama and Francis, the world order is shaken!

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