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Dallas Bishop Farrell Links Brexit to Sin, Societal Upheaval June 28, 2016

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What do you make of this?  It’s a bit all over the map, but I found the connection between the British vote to leave the EU, and major evils like social upheaval and wanton avarice rather tenuous, at best.

Via Bishop Farrell’s personal blog (emphasis in original, my comments):

“The gods of disorder and upheaval enjoyed a busy night.”  This headline in The New Yorker Today online referring to the Brexit election caught my attention. Sometimes it seems like forces of turbulence and upheaval are prowling our world sowing fear and disorder among us. The Middle East is aflame, Europe is awash with hundreds of thousands of displaced persons seeking refuge [displaced persons?  Please.  It’s a veritable invasion by primarily military age men, from places where there is no ongoing warfare or anything else. Talk about motivation by greed, what is 2 million men abandoning their jobs and families to get rich off the backs of European taxpayers called?] , the European Union is threatened, Christianity is under attack, terrorism is increasing and even the weather has become hostile. Who or what is the maleficent force behind this plague on our planet? [The weather is doing what the weather has always done. In point of face, we happen to be blessed to live in a relatively temperate period, not an ice age or a period of far above average heat.  It has been far hotter on average, globally, many times in the past, than it is at present, in spite of the warmist propaganda.  And how on earth is the European Union being “threatened” somehow an indication of upheaval?!?  Is Bishop Farrell unaware that EU technocrats just today floated a plan to completely destroy the remaining shards of national law and identity and impose an overarching European army, government, courts, etc, abolishing all national entities?!? Talk about being tone deaf.]

In the words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The ancient Romans and Greeks would indeed have attributed such times of tribulation to angry gods. Today, we know the real culprit is human greed, avarice and covetousness. Yes, just like all those things mentioned in the Ten Commandments. [In other words, sin?  Does sin not displease God?  Is it not, in fact, the very worst thing in the Universe?  How can Bishop Farrell be so sure some of the evils afflicting us are not chastisements from God for a sick and failing Church, unworthy leaders, and mass sin and apostasy?!?]

You will recall that Scripture identifies the Original Sin as our desire to be like gods (Gen. 3:5). Stop and reflect for a moment. Each of the occurrences that I have mentioned finds its ultimate cause in human greed or avarice often manifested in a desire for power……..[I find it odd that the Brexit vote is being tied into blandishments against sin]

…….Ideas, individuals, programs, projects, political parties, proposals even laws of the land are demonized, regardless of their merit, so that they may be targeted for destruction with greed, avarice and power often the underlying justification. [Who exactly is doing the demonizing here?  This post by Bishop Farrell is directly in response to the Brexit vote?  And yet he is strongly linking that vote with only wanton, selfish concerns, instead of very reasonable concerns regarding national sovereignty, national identity, unconstrained illegal muslim immigration, and an unelected and repressive technocracy installing a more and more oppressive regime of tyranny at every turn?  St. Luke iv:23 comes to mind]

The anti-venoms for disorder and upheaval caused by greed and avarice are the common good, love, compassion, consideration and mercy toward others…..

Those are all, certainly, wonderful things, but impossible for humans to reliably maintain in practice absent the Grace of God.  That is because Original Sin and our own actual sins have so disfigured our souls and poisoned our intellects that, absent God’s Grace, man is, in general, incapable of not acting sinfully, selfishly.

Why is the focus so horizontal, so much on the plane of the natural and the human, instead of the supernatural and Divine? I would argue that “the anti-venoms for disorder and upheaval” are prayer, penance, and the Sacraments.  It is by them that we receive the Grace of God that makes truly effective love, compassion, consideration, and mercy possible.

Love and even compassion can become disordered when disconnected from the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, and living in accord with the moral order they established.  Far better than counseling human emotions would be a cry to turn towards God in the ways He has shown are most pleasing to Him.  I would argue that in point of fact, the world and certainly our nation are cursed by God, for the evils we have enshrined in law as supposed “goods.”  The very evils Bishop Farrell identifies, islamic invasion, cultural and moral collapse, and even a badly confused and failing Church are all signs not of God’s blessing, but of His curse.

But, alas, declaring such might be too radical, too against the ingrained interests of the dominant culture, for some people to countenance.  And so, it falls to lowly bloggers, instead of esteemed bishops, to make these “extreme” points.

Fisk concluded.  And I didn’t even mention Bishop Farrell claiming people can walk into a gun show and come out with a fully automatic weapon without a background check or even showing ID!  What I want to know is, where the heck is this gun show?!?  Somalia?  Cuz it sure ain’t in the US.  Obtaining a fully automatic weapon is a minefield of regulations and a good way to commit a felony.  Was the gun made before ’86?  Was it made in the US or in a foreign country?  If the latter it has to have been made prior to ’68.  So we’re talking about 50 year old guns, in many cases.  The only way to obtain a post-1986 automatic weapon is to be an FFL (gun dealer) and get a letter from local law enforcement requesting a demo for that particular type of firearm.  If the FFL allows his license to expire, he must give up the gun, and it must be destroyed.  ALL automatic weapons must be registered with the ATF and a $200 tax paid.  So, Farrell was just quoting some totally unfounded ignorant anti-gun propaganda in his post.  That’s because most anti-gun nuts are completely ignorant of the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic weapon.


Texas Should Ignore Supreme Court and Enforce HB2 against abortion mills, anyway June 28, 2016

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I find myself agreeing with awesome Catholic convert Matt Walsh below.  He argues (and I see that Rod Dreher does, too, at least  to some degree) that the time is long past for state governments – especially those in conservative states – to start standing up to the 9 unelected god-lawyers in black robes and calling out their radical social engineering and attacks on decency for what they are: unconstitutional power grabs by a tyrannical oligarchy.

There is tons of good in this post, read it all, I excerpt some portions below (with my emphasis and comments):

Texas should ignore the Supreme Court.

The time for civil disobedience is now. On Tenth Amendment grounds, on the grounds of justice, on the grounds of human decency, on the grounds of saving lives, on the grounds of truth, of morality, of righteousness, Texas should tell the Court to go to Hell. In those words, preferably. The governor should come out tonight and declare his intention to enforce the state’s law regardless. [Well, he hasn’t done so yet, to my knowledge.  All too predictably, they’ll simply knuckle under]

There isn’t even a pretense of constitutional interpretation anymore. Justices Thomas and Alito said themselves that the Court is operating by fiat, conjuring decisions out of thin air based entirely on the political preferences of the majority…….The Supreme Court is empowered to read the Constitution, not to unilaterally rewrite it. Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor don’t have the authority to tell Texas, “Get rid of that law because we five liberals find it personally objectionable.” [That’s pretty much it.  As Walsh notes below, the left desires intense and ever-increasing regulation on virtually every other industry or facet of life imaginable, except for those areas related to their perceived sexual freedom.  Abortion is their most sacrosanct “right,” as it serves as backstop for the entire sexular pagan ethos, to take care of the “problems” that inevitably result from a hedonistic lifestyle]

When will someone stand up to them, for God’s sake? Conservatives all agree that they’re acting outside the law and have been for some time. [Heck, at least a century, but especially since the 60s]We agree that they’re rogue tyrants imposing their perverse will on the country. We agree they have no actual legal authority to pass down royal decrees. What, then, are we going to do about it? [Indeed. I’m not entirely certain.  Buying more ammo is a good place to start.]

Tyrants only have power if you submit to them. Why, then, do we keep submitting? It’s about time that someone calls their bluff. We knew it would come to this, didn’t we? We knew that eventually some state would have to stand up and say, “Oh yeah? Make me.” If now is not that time, with lives very much at stake, then the time will never come. [Well, it didn’t come in 1973, or in 1992, or in 2013 or 15, so why now?  Have we become so accustomed to submitting to the diktats of a self-serving elite that we no longer possess the ability to resist?]  

…….And if worse comes to worse, Texas should take a look across the pond and perhaps take a cue from recent events. If protecting an abortionist’s right to kill children is a non-negotiable condition of membership in our Union, then maybe Texas should cancel its membership. The Old America was built upon liberty and Natural Law. The New America is built upon the dead bodies of our murdered children. To secede from such a country could be a heroic and virtuous act……… [As the situation in the US becomes increasingly desperate, many find options like secession more and more attractive.  I totally get that, and support the idea to a degree. While the idea is gaining some traction, it’s still pretty far from becoming a real political force to be reckoned with, meaning we’re still pretty far from enough support to start acting out this idea. I know polls show a healthy level of support, but that support is probably quite weak. Are millions of Texans ready to fight and die for their independence, at this point?  I strongly doubt it.]  

………Media outlets will say that the Supreme Court struck down an “anti-abortion law” in Texas, but that makes as much sense as saying its regulations on dentists are “anti-dental” or that its laws governing podiatrists are “anti-podiatry.”

It might be true that many of the lawmakers in Texas would prefer to shut down every abortion clinic, but nevertheless that’s not what the law said. The law simply required that abortion clinics meet many of the same regulatory standards other medical facilities are forced to meet. If that would have the effect of closing half the clinics in the state, that says more about the clinics than it does about the law……..[And it also reveals that pro-abort supposed concern for women was the lie we always knew it was, if they don’t even want a very dangerous and involved surgical procedure to be performed under conditions similar to any other outpatient surgery.]

……..I could go on. The contradictions are endless. Leftists demand that abortion clinics be allowed to operate entirely outside of the regulatory laws that govern everything else, and they argue the point using logic that falls entirely outside of the logic they use when discussing everything else. To call this mere hypocrisy would not even begin to describe it……..[Will to power.  That’s all they care about, I want what I want and I want it now.  And I want you to pay for it. Indeed, the democrat party in this country right now, has in its platform for the 2016 presidential election a call for abortion at any time with absolutely zero restrictions at taxpayer expense.  Not only that, they call on the US to fund abortions in foreign countries!

………This is really an argument about abortion itself. That’s where all of our motivations are rooted. Leftists are motivated by a desire to live in a country where parents are allowed to kill their children with impunity, and pro-lifers are motivated by a desire to live in a country where babies are allowed to live and grow. We are biased by our love of children, they are biased by their worship of self. [Booyah!  That’s a phrase worth remembering]

I guess that’s why I’m willing to admit to my bias. And it’s probably why they aren’t willing to admit to theirs.

Dang skippy.  So who will lead the great Texas Revolution of 2017?  Don’t look at me.  Mama wants me home nights.  But I’d be willing to participate, from time to time.

Regarding civil disobedience against unjust, immoral laws: I’m all for it.  Let’s get started.

How Our Lady Saved the Philippines from the Dutch Calvinists June 28, 2016

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Spanish Galleon

We’ve all heard of Our Lady of Victory, aka Our Lady of the Rosary, who intervened on the Catholic side in the decisive naval Battle of Lepanto in 1571.  However, I did not know, until I recently read, that this was not the only case where Our Lady decisively delivered Catholics from the military forces of non-believers.  Indeed, a miracle perhaps even greater was worked over and over in Manila Bay, when protestant Dutch threatened to invade and conquer the Spanish Philippines.  The Spanish were hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, and yet repeatedly defeated the Dutch.  Yes, the battle was not as important, historically, as Lepanto, but a great manifestation of Our Lady’s intercession, nonetheless.

Via Miraculous Images of Our Lady by Joan Carroll Cruz:

Our_Lady_of_La_Naval_de_Manila…[T]he image of Our Lady of the Rosary was commissioned in 1593 by the Spanish governor of the Philippines, Luis Perez Dasmarinas, who wanted the statue to memorialize both his deceased father and his own regime.  The statue was entrusted to the Dominicans in Manila and was enshrined in Santo Domingo church, where it received an outpouring of love and devotion.

Fifty three years later, in March 1646, while Spanish were…………outright enemies of the Dutch, the people were shocked to learn that a fleet of Dutch warships was bearing down on Manila.  Carrying the triple threat of conquest, pillage, and Calvinism, the enemy had chosen a time when Spanish warships were unavailable for defense.

Two commercial galleons, The Rosary and The Incarnation, [The Spanish had the best ship names!] were donated by their owners and were quickly outfitted in preparation for battle.  While sailing into position for the confrontation, the men prayed the Rosary and dedicated themselves to La Naval, “Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.”

The five Dutch ships were well equipped men of war, with cannons, firearms,  and trained seamen; the two Spanish-Filipino cargo ships were poorly fitted with a few guns.  At the end of the day, it seemed unbelievable that the Dutch fled the area while the defenders of the city returned home in glory, praising Our Lady for her protection.

For the next four months, the two cargo ships patrolled the waters.  Then, in IconvirginmaryjfJuly, they discovered they had been trapped in a narrow strait by not five by seven Dutch ships.  Since their position did not afford a proper angle for battle, they prayed and waited.  Fearful that they would be attacked, they vowed that if they were victorious they would pilgrimage barefoot to the Church of Santo Domingo to thank Our Lady of the Rosary.  Through the intercession of La Naval, the two cargo ships were apparently unseen in the fading sunset since the Dutch ships turned toward Manila without firing on them.  The two cargo ships gave chase and closed in.  At sunrise, the next day the Dutch retreated in disgrace.  As soon as the victors arrived home, they gratefully fulfilled their vow.

After the next battle, the people of Manila began to call the cargo ships “the galleons of the miracle.”  After the fourth confrontation and victory, the statuename was confirmed.  Yet a fifth time the Dutch fleet appeared for battle.  Anxious to defend their honor and restore their pride, the Dutch resolved to win at any cost.  The advantage was definitely theirs when they found the two cargo ships anchored with the wind against them.  Unable to move, the two cargo ships fought where they were and defeated the enemy so badly that they limped away, never to return.

Our Lady of the Rosary and the men of her two cargo ships defeated in total 15 well-equipped warships.

This victory at Manila is similar in many respects to the great victory at Lepanto, which was also credited to the intervention of Our Lady and the power of her Holy Rosary.  In both instances, Our Lady miraculously defended and granted victory to the seamen who placed their trust in her.

———End Quote———-

A word about the Dutch Navy of the 17th century.  The 17th century marked the peak of Dutch military and economic power.  Their navy was second to none.  They even dealt the wily and powerful Royal Navy of Britain several bitter defeats.  I don’t know about the Dutch East Indies Squadron, which I assume was involved here, they may not have been as good as their home or Atlantic fleet, but these guys were not amateurs.  They had a very highly trained and well-equipped navy with excellent doctrine and tactics.  They were a match for anyone in the world at that time.

So, these were no small victories.  They were all quite miraculous.  We are so blessed to have such a mother to look after us in our times of direst need. Something to keep in mind for today.

And, I believe I may have found a new favorite image of Our Lady, better even than Our Lady of the Expectation, my previous favorite.  There’s nothing more glorious than Baroque-period Spanish Catholic art!


Another Day, Another Egregious Insult from Anthony Kennedy June 28, 2016

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I might exaggerate a bit.  The names of those voting to refuse to hear a religious liberty case revolving around conscience rights with regard to infanticide were not released.  But given that only Alito, Thomas, and Roberts voted to hear the case, that pretty much let’s us know who cast the deciding vote yet again, doesn’t it?

All kneel before almighty Emperor Zod Kennedy!

The Supreme Court on Tuesday narrowly rejected an appeal over whether a private pharmacy can be forced by the state to dispense the so-called “morning after” pill, in effect refusing to expand its look into a religious liberty fight and certain reproductive health services.  [No, in effect directly attacking the entire conception of religious liberty and further tightening the noose around the necks of Christians]

At issue is a 2005 Washington state order that a family-owned pharmacy in Olympia provide so-called emergency Plan B contraception — including morning-after and week-after pills — that the business owners equate to abortion, in violation of their closely-held religious beliefs.

While the official vote total was not released, at least three justices dissented on the decision not to intervene. Justice Samuel Alito strongly dissented, saying the signal from the court was clear: “Violate your sincerely held religious beliefs or get out of the pharmacy business.” [Which is the whole point: yield to the sexular pagan state, Christofascists, or go broke clutching your bibles]

“If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern,” he wrote. [That’s the understatement of the century]  Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas would also have granted the case for review.

The pharmacists say, as a proposed accommodation, when a customer asks for one of these drugs, they would be referred to one of more than 30 pharmacies within a five-mile radius that willingly offer these drugs.

Washington officials say their law — similar to ones in eight other states — ensures patient access to the medication, regardless of an individual pharmacist’s personal beliefs.

Which, again, yield on your most cherished religious beliefs, which we in the secular pagan state religion find deplorable, or you will be crushed.  Obviously, if there are 30 choices within 5 miles, no one will be more than slightly inconvenienced by this pharmacy’s abstention.  But the point is not convenience, or the availability of dangerous chemical cocktails to kill babies.  The point is to crush Christian belief and drive it from the public square.

And I don’t think I exaggerate at all in saying that.