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Dallas Bishop Farrell Links Brexit to Sin, Societal Upheaval June 28, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in abdication of duty, Dallas Diocese, episcopate, error, General Catholic, Interior Life, mortification, scandals, secularism, Society, the struggle for the Church, Virtue.

What do you make of this?  It’s a bit all over the map, but I found the connection between the British vote to leave the EU, and major evils like social upheaval and wanton avarice rather tenuous, at best.

Via Bishop Farrell’s personal blog (emphasis in original, my comments):

“The gods of disorder and upheaval enjoyed a busy night.”  This headline in The New Yorker Today online referring to the Brexit election caught my attention. Sometimes it seems like forces of turbulence and upheaval are prowling our world sowing fear and disorder among us. The Middle East is aflame, Europe is awash with hundreds of thousands of displaced persons seeking refuge [displaced persons?  Please.  It’s a veritable invasion by primarily military age men, from places where there is no ongoing warfare or anything else. Talk about motivation by greed, what is 2 million men abandoning their jobs and families to get rich off the backs of European taxpayers called?] , the European Union is threatened, Christianity is under attack, terrorism is increasing and even the weather has become hostile. Who or what is the maleficent force behind this plague on our planet? [The weather is doing what the weather has always done. In point of face, we happen to be blessed to live in a relatively temperate period, not an ice age or a period of far above average heat.  It has been far hotter on average, globally, many times in the past, than it is at present, in spite of the warmist propaganda.  And how on earth is the European Union being “threatened” somehow an indication of upheaval?!?  Is Bishop Farrell unaware that EU technocrats just today floated a plan to completely destroy the remaining shards of national law and identity and impose an overarching European army, government, courts, etc, abolishing all national entities?!? Talk about being tone deaf.]

In the words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The ancient Romans and Greeks would indeed have attributed such times of tribulation to angry gods. Today, we know the real culprit is human greed, avarice and covetousness. Yes, just like all those things mentioned in the Ten Commandments. [In other words, sin?  Does sin not displease God?  Is it not, in fact, the very worst thing in the Universe?  How can Bishop Farrell be so sure some of the evils afflicting us are not chastisements from God for a sick and failing Church, unworthy leaders, and mass sin and apostasy?!?]

You will recall that Scripture identifies the Original Sin as our desire to be like gods (Gen. 3:5). Stop and reflect for a moment. Each of the occurrences that I have mentioned finds its ultimate cause in human greed or avarice often manifested in a desire for power……..[I find it odd that the Brexit vote is being tied into blandishments against sin]

…….Ideas, individuals, programs, projects, political parties, proposals even laws of the land are demonized, regardless of their merit, so that they may be targeted for destruction with greed, avarice and power often the underlying justification. [Who exactly is doing the demonizing here?  This post by Bishop Farrell is directly in response to the Brexit vote?  And yet he is strongly linking that vote with only wanton, selfish concerns, instead of very reasonable concerns regarding national sovereignty, national identity, unconstrained illegal muslim immigration, and an unelected and repressive technocracy installing a more and more oppressive regime of tyranny at every turn?  St. Luke iv:23 comes to mind]

The anti-venoms for disorder and upheaval caused by greed and avarice are the common good, love, compassion, consideration and mercy toward others…..

Those are all, certainly, wonderful things, but impossible for humans to reliably maintain in practice absent the Grace of God.  That is because Original Sin and our own actual sins have so disfigured our souls and poisoned our intellects that, absent God’s Grace, man is, in general, incapable of not acting sinfully, selfishly.

Why is the focus so horizontal, so much on the plane of the natural and the human, instead of the supernatural and Divine? I would argue that “the anti-venoms for disorder and upheaval” are prayer, penance, and the Sacraments.  It is by them that we receive the Grace of God that makes truly effective love, compassion, consideration, and mercy possible.

Love and even compassion can become disordered when disconnected from the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church, and living in accord with the moral order they established.  Far better than counseling human emotions would be a cry to turn towards God in the ways He has shown are most pleasing to Him.  I would argue that in point of fact, the world and certainly our nation are cursed by God, for the evils we have enshrined in law as supposed “goods.”  The very evils Bishop Farrell identifies, islamic invasion, cultural and moral collapse, and even a badly confused and failing Church are all signs not of God’s blessing, but of His curse.

But, alas, declaring such might be too radical, too against the ingrained interests of the dominant culture, for some people to countenance.  And so, it falls to lowly bloggers, instead of esteemed bishops, to make these “extreme” points.

Fisk concluded.  And I didn’t even mention Bishop Farrell claiming people can walk into a gun show and come out with a fully automatic weapon without a background check or even showing ID!  What I want to know is, where the heck is this gun show?!?  Somalia?  Cuz it sure ain’t in the US.  Obtaining a fully automatic weapon is a minefield of regulations and a good way to commit a felony.  Was the gun made before ’86?  Was it made in the US or in a foreign country?  If the latter it has to have been made prior to ’68.  So we’re talking about 50 year old guns, in many cases.  The only way to obtain a post-1986 automatic weapon is to be an FFL (gun dealer) and get a letter from local law enforcement requesting a demo for that particular type of firearm.  If the FFL allows his license to expire, he must give up the gun, and it must be destroyed.  ALL automatic weapons must be registered with the ATF and a $200 tax paid.  So, Farrell was just quoting some totally unfounded ignorant anti-gun propaganda in his post.  That’s because most anti-gun nuts are completely ignorant of the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic weapon.




1. Baseballmom - June 29, 2016

These men are sad, and lack any authority. Does anyone pay them attention anymore? Well, yes, when they become useful idiots, then the tyrants give them some attention.

camper - June 29, 2016

I’ll still say that this sort of thing destroys any credibility he still had even though you’ve said it better.
They’re heretics! Not Catholics!

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

I almost made a comment to that effect, that the post almost read like “See, I’m just like you, Mr. Bigshots! Please like me!”

2. in Dallas diocese - June 29, 2016

“The Middle East is aflame, Europe is awash with hundreds of thousands of displaced persons seeking refuge, the European Union is threatened, Christianity is under attack, terrorism is increasing and even the weather has become hostile.”

So, Christianity being under attack is fourth out of six on the list. Coming from a Catholic bishop, I would think it would be FIRST on the list.

Well, I guess it is implicitly included in the Middle East being aflame, Europe being flooded with displaced [moslems], and terrorism increasing.

The Europeans like the Bishop [from Ireland] know very well what is going on. It has been going one for decades.

I visited the UK, including [ independent not Northern ] Ireland, on a personal trip with my family in the eighties. There were three generations of us – grandparents, parents, and adult kids. We had two encounters with shall we say “assertive” male moslems even then. One was in a restaurant in Ireland, a verbal encounter. One was in London when we were moved to a different hotel than our reservations placed us at because moslem businessmen had decided to stay extra time in our rooms.

3. Paul - June 29, 2016

All I can say is we need to pray for the Pope& the Bishop.

4. Guest - June 29, 2016

When I think of the reasons for leaving the EU, I see three categories of reasons:

1) Don’t want to follow inefficient/disagreeable laws

2) Nationalist aspirations

3) Hatred/fear of foreigners

The first one, the only valid argument are immoral laws. The rest of the laws are irrelevant to the gospel. Many monarchists and extreme right wingers would support just such a society, except they think it will be a bunch of roses. Yet they would at the same time protest the idea of the EU being dictatorial.

The second is not even traditional. Nation states came with the downfall of kings and emperors. You could try to argue for substitiarity but again Christians who lived in Rome agreed to fall under the rule of an emperor so long as he didn’t command anything sinful.

Regarded the third reason, I’ve come to the conclusion that many right wingers don’t read the scriptures with commentary or other daily spiritual reading. This stance is so opposed to the spirit of the gospel that to justify it one has to pretend anyone foreign is an enemy of your society. It leads to fascism, with the scapegoating of religious and ethnic minorities, where their very presence is due to some evil plot. Whereas both the Old and New Testament tell people to do just the opposite or go to hell.

Therefore, I don’t see Brexit as some sort of victory for the kingdom of heaven though many traditionalists celebrate it. Rather, people only seem to celebrate it because they are scared of a New World Order, which is a very malleable conspiracy theory, or something else that’s scary. For example, did you know that Nazis used fear of a global Jewish plot to scapegoat the Jews? How many people have supported evil groups fascists and Nazis because they feared evil consequences if they didn’t! Fear makes one blind to what you are doing, whereas the only thing to truly fear is disobedience to the words of God!

camper - June 29, 2016

If you aren’t a right-winger, you will go to Hell. See Summa Theologica, I-II, Q. 96, Art. 4.

camper - June 29, 2016

Excuse me for being so blunt, but anybody who is not voting staunchly for Republicans in America’s hour of desperate need is fiddling while Rome burns.

c matt - June 29, 2016

Why do you keep using Nazis as an example of rightist fascism? It was the National Socialist Party, a leftist ideology.

Brexit is neither here nor there with respect to salvation. With respect to politics, it is a demonstration that at least half of Britain prefers freedom to security; slightly fewer prefer the security of slavery.

c matt - June 29, 2016

If anyone used “fear” as a tactic during the Brexit campaign, it was the Remain side. The world would fall apart if Britain did not remain. Yet, here we are.

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

Exactly. Thanks.

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

Well, I think you’re missing many points, some of which I made in the post. National sovereignty – the ability for the citizens of a nation to be ruled by people they elect and can hold at least somewhat accountable, and to have an influence on the way their nation is shaped/governed, is a very real thing, and it is most certainly a Catholic precept. Subsidiarity itself argues very strongly against transnational orgs like the EU. The Church has always maintained that government should be conducted at the lowest, most local level possible.

As for Scripture, I read the Bible every single day, and have for years. And yes, with a very good commentary, in fact, a 200 year old commentary, because any more recent ones are invariably poisoned by erroneous protestant-inspired historical critical method.

Guest - June 30, 2016

The way right wingers speak of people who are not white immigrants is a diametrically opposed to the spirit of the gospel. If you do spiritual reading everyday it should be clear that our neighbor is not restricted to people in our own country or faith. You may call that liberalism all you want but it is Christian. When Jesus will judge people it will be based on mercy and love, not just faith. Says right there in Matthew. “Lord, Lord” means that the people condemned to hell have the true faith too.

I will be traditional, but I won’t be a right winger, because faith alone is not enough. Lord Jesus calls a fool anyone who knows what he says but doesn’t do it. I cannot in good conscience support right wing politics outside of just sexual morality. It’s mostly based on fear and scapegoating and thinks love of neighbor and compassion are wimpy liberal whinings. It took for me to see the rise of demagogues like Trump and xenophobic populism to see the truth about most right wing Christian conservatives. Both the left wing and the right wing Christians ignore parts of the faith that they don’t respect. The left wing doesn’t like a Jesus who preaches doctrinal truth that everyone must believe. The right wing doesn’t like a Jesus that tells them that to be his disciples they must love the naturally unlovable. Both find reasons to ignore what Jesus plainly taught. Only the right wing appeals to the fact that they are true Christians because of following sexual morality and preaching, if not always practicing, the precepts of the faith. But they’re perfectly willing to support antichrists because of political ideology or expediency.

And Nazis were fascists in that they were ethnonationalists who scapegoated anyone who was “not a true” German. Similar to the insane “race realists” of the alternate right and the rise of ethnonationalists. I don’t know if right wing Christians call refugees invaders out of malice or ignorance. You would think that these people would realise that most of these peoples countries have been messed up by “Christian” governments for resource grabs. Does the concept of restitution or compassion matter at all? What the hell happened to fearing God more than fearing for your life? Or carrying the cross? Or even love thy enemy?

Finally social justice is NOT socialism but is something integral to the faith, both in the New Testament and in the Old Testament, something you should know if you’ve studied the faith. But after all these years among them I think right wing Christians think that God only commands justice to individuals and not to societies. At the same time they talk about a restoration of the social kingship of Christ. Even though they consider social welfare socialism. And also don’t you think God will punish “Christian” nations who have no problem with bombing, robbing and hating on brown people? Or do you think that it’s only sodomy, abortion and contraception that matters to God?

If you don’t believe what I am saying study the history of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The supossed “Christian” colonialists were veritable antichrists. The consequences resonate till today. If Islamists are so evil why did Western governments help them come in and stay in power? Aren’t Islamists a good excuse to fight secure more resources in the Middle East, so Arabs they can’t nationalise them? The truth is not pretty but I thought Christianity is about loving the truth. If that is the case, why do right wing Christians treat non-White people as subhuman even today, calling people fleeing from wars created to secure resources for “Christian” nations invaders and terrorists? Did Jesus, Mary and Joseph invade Egypt because they weren’t Egyptian enough, not fitting in with the customs and traditions of the Egyptians? Are all Muslims Islamists? Come on! And even if so we are commanded to love those who hate us.

In short, to be right wing and subscribe to anything except sexual morality is to be opposed to the gospel. I support social welfare for the old, the poor and the sick. I support international solidarity between all men. The only thing the right wing offers compatible with the gospel is sexual morality. Otherwise they just do the biddings of aristocrats who screw them over, and then blame it on leftists. They’re so afraid of a New World Order that they can’t see what an evil Old World Order that they are defending, even if the practices and customs of that order are antichrist.

Camper - July 4, 2016

Your doctrine is from Hell, not God. If you don’t change, you will go to Hell. I-II, Q. 96, Art. 4. The welfare state involves moral hazard and the graduated income tax.

5. c matt - June 29, 2016

Who or what is the maleficent force behind this plague on our planet?

For the answer. look in the mirror, padre.

camper - June 29, 2016

Those in communion with Rome are part of the problem, even if they go to the old Latin Mass.

Piglets Chiclets - June 30, 2016

We need some Troll-B-Gone here!

Camper - July 4, 2016

I’ve been with this blog longer than you have. I switched recently from Rome to the SSPX.

6. c matt - June 29, 2016

I personally do not have a problem with legal immigration. I do have a problem with letting in people from areas with known hostile intent without any form of verification of who they are and what they seek. I do not see the “strangers in a strange land” of whom scripture speaks destroying the welcoming country.

7. Branch - June 29, 2016

The Camden Bishop has made gun control a moral imperative and cautions against rushing to judgment so that we don’t “cast suspicions of the deranged actions of an individual onto entire communities of people.”

However, the Bishop has already declared that the “the victims were specifically targeted because of their sexual orientation.” And that the motive for the shooter was “hate.”

So, despite the admission of the shooter himself that his allegiance is with ISIS, this event is really about “LGBT” bigotry.


8. Gc5341 - June 29, 2016

We are living in evil times. A good gauge to understand Bishop Farrell’s concerns is to try to square them with the concerns expressed by our Blessed Mother in her many church approved apparitions. Our Blessed Mother speaks of making sacrifice and doing pennances for all the sins committed. So many sins are being committed today. Our Lady tells us no one prays for sinners anymore. She tells us to go to Mass often and receive the Eucharist, go to confession and pray the rosary often. Does Bishop Farrell seem concerned about the salvation of souls? Is he primarily concerned with worldly things?

9. tg - June 29, 2016

He doesn’t even mention the sins of sodomy or abortion. Oh, I forgot sodomy is not a sin anymore according to the church of Francis.

10. Observer - June 29, 2016

Bishop Farrell’s theology is unsound and he also needs a lesson in basic geography. Britain is a small country, and England where most of the population reside is by American standards a postage stamp sized country. We cannot possibly sustain uncontrolled immigration without incurring a multi-level collapse.
The good bishop should also understand that the EU is by its foundation hostile to Christianity. Many would describe the EU as evil.

11. Piglets Chiclets - June 30, 2016

Without even getting into the merits of his position, what business is it of the Bishop of Dallas to pontificate on the business of a country that doesn’t even border ours? They have bishops in the U.K., and all over Europe. I guess he’s shown how much confidence he has in his brother bishops overseas.

12. Gary - June 30, 2016

The progressive bishop is Irish; I wish he would move back to his roots and stay.

13. Gary - June 30, 2016

I forgot to mention; several months ago a nut went by Divine Mercy parish, and as I heard, wanted to kill a priest! I heard he was unarmed. I don’t think 30.06 or 30.07 signs will protect us from mentally ill people.

Mikes Bikes - July 1, 2016

That’s why violating the 30.06 was downgraded from a Class A misdemeanor which could be a fine, jail time, and loss of gun rights for 5 years thereafter, to a Class C, which is a maximum $200 fine.

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