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Just to show how far down in the weeds I’ve been for 5 months now….. June 29, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in blogfoolery, disconcerting, General Catholic, Interior Life, sadness, scandals, sexual depravity, Society, the struggle for the Church, Virtue, Voris.

……only today did I learn, thanks to longtime reader and appreciated commenter TG, that Michael Voris made a rather significant announcement regarding his past life on April 21 of this year.

My commentary here is not, then, exactly news.  And, frankly, I don’t have much to say about Voris’ “revelation” (I say revelation in quotes, because he had already made clear he had numerous sins in his past of a sexual and likely perverse nature), but I do have some things to say about how this revelation was treated by some of Voris’ critics in the media.

I saw, to my disgust if not surprise, that a number of “mainstream” (if by mainstream you mean left-leaning to out and out leftist) Catholic commentators expressing glee at Voris’ past shame.  These commentators, almost to a man, inextricably linked Voris’ very strong stand against the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah that he has taken since his reversion and over the course of his apostolate to self hatred, an inability to “live with himself” as he “really is.”

Does anyone not see the incredibly nasty trap that is planted here?  It’s the same trap we see opponents of Christianity make all the time, pretending that because Christians are not perfectly sinless, they are perfect hypocrites when they comment on social ills and sins sweeping through the culture.

But the trap is particularly invidious when it comes to certain cultural causes of the left, like so-called homosexuality.  What the commentators are saying, is that Voris, in refusing to allow himself to sink into his past sins, by having true contrition for them and seeking God’s absolution and relying on the Grace that flows from it to avoid them in future, he is really in denial and all his efforts to encourage others to follow the path he himself has taken is just an exercise in self-hatred.  Thus true conversion is a lie and one can only be an “honest” and “forthright” Christian through the embrace of the sins the Left commands embracing. Convenient, that.

I was not surprised to see such commentary from pagans in the sexular pagan culture.  But to hear it, to see it from a number of self-described Catholics is simply horrifying.

These people apparently have absolutely no trust or belief in sanctifying Grace.  Apparently, in their mindset, once someone adopts a sin, they literally become that sin, and can never escape from it, in perfect alignment with pro-sodomite propaganda and the kind of “catechesis” that has flowed from lost and often sexually perverse priests and religious within the Church herself (awesome piece, BTW, read it all).  This is the lie of “born that way” writ large, which a) has never even come close to being proven (in fact, most of the evidence lies in the other direction), and b)  completely rejects the idea of conversion through Grace and true amendment of life.

Revelations of sin should always be painful for any Catholic to see.  Movements that celebrate and try to elevate sin to virtue should always be something we find deplorable and oppose with all our strength.  But some would apparently rather see those movements succeed, and good men brought very low indeed in suffering and shame, because their true “god” is their political/social ideology.  In a tragedy beyond measure, such people have had near total power in the Church for decades now.  The results are plain to see.

Of course, I’m not really surprised at the vituperative hatred revealed in the reaction of some to Voris’ April 21 Vortex.  It is part and parcel with their ideology, which cares none for the good of souls but solely for the triumph of the sexular pagan ideology’s grab for total power.

As for me, I’ve been there, though not to the same degree, thank God. There but for the Grace of God go I, that much I know.  I had a mental parting of the ways with the crew at CMTV a year or so ago and frankly don’t keep up with what they do very much (as this post reveals, coming two months after the fact), but I will always be thankful to them all for their work and the good they have done, which is substantial.

I guess I might close with one final question, though: did CMTV ever produce any evidence of the plot by the Archdiocese of New York to reveal Voris past, as he claimed?  Because that’s a very serious claim……..


1. tg - June 29, 2016

Since it was already in the internet and he wrote about it himself, I hope I am not guilty of detraction. I really thought you knew but didn’t want to post on it. I agree with you that it’s terrible the comments made by Catholics about him. I still get emails from CMTV and will link to the website if it sounds interesting. I haven’t seen any proof of what he claimed but I could have missed it. I did hear that the Diocese denied it.

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

Yeah it was denied, pretty forcefully. Wow did some wolves come out. But so did much support.

It’s not detraction, it was already fully public and you had an expectation I would know. Plus, your intent was not to harm, that I can discern.

tg - June 29, 2016

Thanks for the encouragement. I myself could never run for president with my past.

tg - June 29, 2016

I know I would be in hell if I had died. One time in my late twenties. I almost drove into a river while driving and not paying attention. I reflect on that and it helps to straighten me out especially if I’m feeling judgmental.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - June 29, 2016

Tantum –I’ve been there myself and there is an old saying ( no one is worth their salt unless they’ve hit rock bottom) Not one of us can point a finger as you know there are 3 pointing back. I was bad in the 70s and when I say bad I don’t mean it as a person I was addicted and would probably have taken anything for a Curer in the morning . When we say we were SHATTERED it’s only the one who’s been there that can identify with that. Do they not understand the words of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ( there will be more rejoicing in Heaven over ONE repentant sinner). Christ said I did not come for those who are well but for those who are sick ). He is the Devine Phisician and blessed are we who have felt the power of his healing. When Christ healed the crippled man who was let down through the roof ( he forgave him his sins first) in other words he healed him Spiritually before he healed him physically .I will never ever forget the day I walked out of our local Jitter Joint not a friend in the WORLD including family ( who loved me but were justifiable pig sick of me ) who else could I turn to but Jesus Christ. What to me was the lowest point of my life, I now look back and see it was the highest point of my life. God Bless Michael Voris he knows that there is envy and hatred to bring him down ( If they Persecute me they will Persecute you ) he doesn’t need any human on his side,that’s why the Godless are full of envy. P. S -Love your Blog wish I was as brave .

3. Baseballmom - June 29, 2016

I still check out CMTV regularly. Right now they are back hard at work defending this sorry papacy… They really are in a pickle with that one… Anyway, there was no proof offered, but, as it was a pre-emptive strike, I have to assume the idea was shelved at the highest levels in the NY Archdiocese. Also, I believe they have supporters within the bowels of that awful place, and would not risk losing them by offering more proof.

Tantumblogo - June 29, 2016

When you say defending, you mean, literally trying to explain away his statements or say they aren’t a big deal? Or do you mean more like, “Look, squirrel!” As in nothing to see here, move along? Because the latter I could take, the former…….not so sure.

Baseballmom - June 30, 2016

More the former than the latter.

4. Faith of Our Fathers - June 29, 2016

Tantum—that link you posted in regards The Church apologising to Homosexuals is without doubt the best ave ever read . The Homosexual Priests this man went to was without doubt failing him completely. Also that ref from the guy ( can’t call him a Priest) was an a Abominationn how do these guys who have taken a degree in Theology and have studied for years become so Evil . They pedal the gay is good yet this man tells it as it really is with all the human suffering that goes along with it . Reminds me of the time I was arguing with a Homosexual and about the acts they get up to . He said that most of them just hold hands -priceless Eh.

5. David - July 1, 2016

I have to respect someone like Voris who found out the hard way that an alternative lifestyle was wrong. Daniel Mattson also experienced this, and discusses SSA in his talks. Honestly, I was nervous meeting Mr. Mattson at first, but as his talk progressed, I was sorry that I pre judged him.

I am sure that many of us reading this blog know people who before they were married, played house together. Many that I know who did this ( including an old girlfriend) said years later it was one of the worst things they did, and wish they hadn’t. Some of them married the person they shocked up with, and while a few have stayed married, there were quite a few obstacles that would not have been there had the couple lived apart before walking down the aisle.

There are others who have journeyed out of homosexuality. Some psychologists say that many times for a man, a father wound was involved. While I am a heterosexual, I was often teased as a kid because I was small and not too good at sports. It took me a while to overcome the teasing and the lack of acceptance , since being good at sport was seen as a cool thing for a boy, as was being good at math and science.

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