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LGBT Types Seek to Indoctrinate Pre-schoolers June 29, 2016

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I’ve long maintained, the ultimate goal of the sexular pagan left is to make children sexually available to them, legally and as a matter of state-sanctioned (if not demanded) behavior.  Some have scoffed at that, but as they continue to try to push their propaganda upon younger and younger children, the obvious goal is to plant seeds of confusion and self-doubt that will yield many new “converts” to this grave perversion of God’s gift of the act suitable for the procreation of children.  Once very young children become so confused as to claim affliction with this lifestyle, how long will it be before activists demand they have the right to act out on it, and not only that, but to be schooled in it by experienced adults?  Thus, the frankly pornographic nature of some of the propaganda already being foisted on grade school age children (my emphasis and comments):


….A new web series called “Queer Kids Stuff” aimed at preschoolers (yes, you read that right) is now attempting to teach those barely out of diapers what the phrases “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender” mean.

In the opening minutes of the first show, the host tells a teddy bear, as well as innocent viewers, that “gay means love.” [Which is such a diabolical inversion of the Truth as to be straight out of hell.  Love apparently now means physically abusing others for your own base gratification even to the point of inflicting grave bodily injury and the transmission of horrific and often incurable disease]

Although no U.S. preschool programs have indicated yet that they will embrace the series, it may only be a matter of time.

“It is easily conceivable that videos such as these will be sanctioned eventually by local school boards and implemented in preschool and prekindergarten classes,” said Sean Ryan, communications director of the pro-family organization Mass Resistance, based in Waltham, Massachusetts. [In point of fact, it is probably inevitable]

“Activists are trying to force these topics on younger and younger children because that is the only way their movement wins,” he said. [That is, the only way their movement wins, by gaining new supporters if not devotees of this gross disorder, is to so corrupt the natural innocence of youth that these children are open to any manipulation, no matter how perverse or contrary to nature. Thus the urgency with which the devotees of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah promote it]

“Rational adults don’t buy into the so-called ‘Queer Theory’ or transgenderism. Unfortunately, children are a soft target for homosexual activists as they are malleable and still learning about the world.” [And thus open to accepting almost any lie some authority figure, like a teacher, foists on them.  Even children prepared and warned by parents will likely be influenced to at least some degree by it.]

JamesMichael Nichols, deputy editor of the Queer Voices section of The Huffington Post, claims the web series explains the “issues and language” of the LGBT community in a way “that is accessible for preschool-aged children.” [Who decided these were things that needed to be communicated? Self-interested agitators, that’s who.  This is entirely about propagandizing, or, even more, indoctrinating defenseless children in perversion at an age when it will do the most damage.  Children don’t need to know about this evil, and when they come to the age that they do, it needs to be done with great care and by the parents alone.]

The show is “intended to be a conversation starter between adults and kids about queer issues,” Nichols wrote. “While the episodes may focus on explaining a basic queer idea — like what does ‘gay’ mean — it also answers questions for children that some adults may not have the ability or language to talk about.”…… [Translation: adults (re: parents) will most often get the message “wrong,” failing to inculcate the children in tolerance towards, or personal acceptance of, this perversion sufficiently for the activists goals]

…….”These are the years of the W’s: who, what, when, and why,” series creator Amer told The Huffington Post. “These ages are when children are learning and soaking up everything they can about the world they were pretty recently introduced to. While they are learning about the world, they are also beginning to form their own opinions about the things in this world.”

Amer also said, “If they aren’t seeing queerness in their world (particularly in their media), how can they know to ask questions and spark conversations (as many parents won’t do this themselves)? And what happens if the first time they are introduced to a queer topic, it has a negative connotation? As soon as that happens, it is far more difficult to undo that moment than it is to simply introduce the topic truthfully and positively first.” [And here the goal is revealed: it’s entirely about indoctrinating children in a pro-Sodom/Gomorrah belief system, at least causing them to accept these evils as perfectly natural and normal, if not adopting it themselves]


……..Ryan said today’s parents naturally support the indoctrination of the young — they themselves were indoctrinated, even if they don’t realize it. [Indoctrination in state-approved morality was a primary goal of the evil Prussian-model schools upon which almost all schools in this country are based]

Kids don’t naturally buy into this stuff. They have to be brainwashed,” he asserted. “We’ve seen this with the acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Homosexuality is supported by a majority of adults aged 18-29, not because young adults just naturally support it — but because they are the group that first began to be bombarded by this propaganda in the early 1990s.”

Great closer. It’s absolutely true, and, more than that, it is the result not of some natural movement towards this false “acceptance” of perversion arising from some “enlightening” of the culture, but it is the result of a deliberate, orchestrated plan, concocted by devotees of this lifestyle to use their massive financial resources and numerous allies in the media, government, and academia to indoctrinate Americans, especially children, into supporting this sin which cries out to Heaven for vengeance on a mass scale.  Heck, they even wrote a book about how they were going to do it, and they have followed it to a T.

What is amazing in all this, is in the face of this and so many other myriad evils associated with the public (and most private) schools, so relatively few parents are homeschooling their children.  To me, unless some grave impediment prevents it, failure to homeschool (or find a rare morally sound private school) in this age is a serious dereliction of parental duty.

I’m out the next 3 business days.  It’s farm time. Have a blessed weekend and I hope you assist at Mass on this Feast of St.’s Peter and Paul!

As a result of Francis’ diktat, I hereby apologize for everything in this post.


1. Baseballmom - June 30, 2016

A blessed weekend to you too… And yes, I apologize for anything I have ever done/said/believed…. Mea culpa….

2. Faith of Our Fathers - June 30, 2016

What you said is exactly what’s coming we know it’s happening day in and day out. Don’t know about the U.S. but over here in the U.K it’s now really an open secret that boys and girls from so call care homes have been taken out for the day drugged sexually abused and passed around by these deviant Ba—-rds . Its also well known that some of these children have been killed ( the slaughter of the innocent). I was watching a documentary on John Gasey the child rapist and killer. It said his biggest mistake was when he raped and murdered a young boy who came from a stable home. Up until then all of his victims had been homeless boys .Who when they were killed were not missed by anyone. Some World we are living in that kids are used abused then murdered .

3. Magdalene - June 30, 2016

In Boulder, CO this year a 4 year old was kicked out of a pre-school because a parent objected to ‘diversity’ training. At a small town in Colorado, middle school assemblies are no longer pep rallies but diversity indoctrination. The sodomites are preying on the little ones!!!!

4. harvardisbumbling - July 1, 2016

I’m not a judgmental kind of guy but this is bad. Very bad.


5. Tim - July 2, 2016

More fallout, one I had not thought of…….


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