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Iowa pro-sodomy state agency threatens churches with legal action……. July 6, 2016

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………if they fail to amend their doctrine to suit the sexular pagan fanatics now in control of so many levers of state power.

If you think I am exaggerating, I am not.  What we are presented with here is the first major step in the leftist effort to finally destroy Christianity in the public sphere.  Christian churches in Iowa (mosques are naturally exempt, one presumes) face a hideous choice under edicts enacted by the Orwellian Iowa Civil Rights Commission: either become private “member’s only” institutions closed to the public (and with no public voice whatsoever), remain public and bend their doctrine to the whim of the sexular pagan left, or face the wrath of a state possessed of unlimited funds pilfered from the very people they intend to persecute.

The National Review believes even liberal judges would strike this down, but I am not nearly so confident as they are (my emphasis and comments):

I’m old enough to remember when Christians who expressed concern that LGBT activists would attempt to regulate church services were dismissed as paranoid nutjobs. [You mean, the Left lied to us?!?  How can this be?!?] Well, welcome to our new paranoid future. My friends and colleagues at the Alliance Defending Freedom announced today that they were filing suit against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission to block enforcement of gender identity guidelines that purport to regulate “a church service open to the public.”

News flash — virtually every church service is open to the public. The guidelines, published in a “public accommodations providers guide to Iowa law” contain the usual nondiscrimination catch-all phrases, noting that a “public accommodation” commits an act of gender identity discrimination when it, to take a few examples, intentionally uses names and pronouns inconsistent with the person’s “presented gender” (whatever that means), refuses access to preferred bathrooms, or even “indirectly” advertises that a transgender person is “unwelcome” or “not acceptable.” [Such as, for instance, condemning sodomy or transgenderism in a sermon, or even quoting from the Bible one of the 20 odd places establishing these acts as evil?]

Incredibly, the document contains an FAQ specifically directed at churches. Here it is:


Sometimes. Iowa law provides that these protections do not apply to religious institutions with respect to any religion-based qualifications when such qualifications are related to a bona fide religious purpose. Where qualifications are not related to a bona fide religious purpose, churches are still subject to the law’s provisions. (e.g. a child care facility operated at a church or a church service open to the public). [There it is.  Close your doors upon yourselves, Christofascists, yield to the grave evil of moral perversion, or we’ll pound you into dust.]

It’s unclear to me how a branch of the Iowa state government has determined that a “church service open to the public” does not have a “bona fide religious purpose,” but there it is. [Simple.  They’ve simply taken Obama’s extremely narrow conception of “freedom of worship” to the next logical step, making worship an entirely private affair conducted behind closed doors for members only, with no public outreach allowed, let alone any political activism.] Under current guidance, churches in Iowa must become “members only” to exercise their religious liberty.

How much evidence do we need that the sexular pagan left views Christianity as its mortal enemy, to be destroyed at all costs (and the costs have been dear indeed, and will become only more so)?  We must acknowledge that Christianity cannot coexist with the sick, twisted culture the Left wishes to forcibly visit on us all?

Between Leftism and the Church, only one can survive.  Of course, we know who the ultimate victor will be, but how many souls will be lost as the struggle enters its final, fatal phase?

I’m sure the trolls will have a snappy answer, by completely avoiding the question.

The real point of all this is, of course, to help insure a permanent democrat majority at all levels of government by crushing the most solidly conservative voting block there is, the moral/social conservatives.  If they didn’t think this would help the democrat party, they wouldn’t bother.

Gender-confused Soul Bradley Manning Attempts Suicide July 6, 2016

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Just a small bit of tragic evidence that the sick euphemism “transgenderism” is not a lifestyle, it’s not a gender, it is a severe mental illness that almost always ends tragically.  The bad ends surrounding transgenderism have nothing to do with any perceived persecution or lack of acceptance – which is a laugh today, what with the infotainment industrial complex solidly at their backs – they have to do with the deep-seeded mental problems of which so-called gender dysphoria is simply a particularly egregious manifestation.

So, traitor Bradley Manning, who leaked countless classified documents onto the internet, and who now pretends he is a woman, attempted to commit suicide at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.  This attempt occurred in spite of the fact that the Obama administration just forced the Pentagon to accept “transgender” troops, and after a couple of years in which political and cultural support for forcing everyone to go along with these people have advanced immeasurably. That is to say, in spite of being imprisoned, Manning should have a great deal to be happy about.  Yet, he attempted suicide, as nearly half of all these poor afflicted souls do (warning, the article, from ostensibly conservative Fox News, fully adopts Manning’s derangement. I edit the article to correct the errors):

Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, who has been serving a 35-year prison sentence for her his role in leaking U.S. government secrets, was treated and released from a prison hospital Wednesday after she he tried to hang herself himself, according to media reports.

The “transgender” soldier, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was convicted in 2013 of espionage and other offenses for sending WikiLeaks more than 700,000 digital files including battlefield logs, diplomatic cables and video clips.

Both CNN and TMZ reported that the incident occurred at Fort Leavenworth, an all-male facility in Kansas. Few other details about the incident were immediately known. TMZ, citing prison officials, reported that she he has been released from the hospital and is being monitored.

It is very sad, but altogether unsurprising, to see Fox News adopt the culture of make believe the sexular pagans are trying to foist on all of us.  The language of the sexular pagan left, and especially the even more radical transgender fringe, is completely Orwellian in nature.  A lie becomes the truth, and then becomes a lie again, whatever suits the needs of the ruling nomenklatura.

And it is poor souls like Manning that pay the highest price for this madness. The more the culture pretends such a fundamental characteristic as the sex in which God made us is fungible and changeable, the more people will fall into this incredibly destructive lifestyle.

It’s all of a piece: contraception, self-abuse, fornication, porn use, and the other elements of the sexular pagan culture of diabolical narcissism they foster precipitate mass divorce, child sex abuse, and other trauma which leave many young people fatherless and almost irredeemably damaged (humanly speaking).  This damage further propagates from one generation to the next, so that each succeeding generation is, generally speaking (and barring some kind of miracle), worse than the one before.  More and more extreme forms of behavior thus propagate through the culture, and become accepted as the norm.*  The damage these behaviors do, paid for in shattered lives and literal rivers of blood, are always conveniently ignored as some kind of unavoidable by-product of “progress.”  It’s almost as if someone had a plan to destroy a culture, and were executing it to the last detail.

On a more prurient level, you and I not only get to pay for Manning’s continued incarceration under very special conditions and hormone treatments, a huge bill for psychological treatment will now be added to the mix.  So, we have that going for us.

*- Note, I am not trying to say that the individuals who fall into grievous sin are not culpable for their actions, or are somehow, according to Marxist thought, the mere victims of societal forces beyond their control.  Everyone has a choice towards good and evil, it is only that the forces unleashed and directed by the sexular pagans tend to bias many more souls towards choosing evil rather than good.

A couple of great videos for you July 6, 2016

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JMJHFProductions continues to post very helpful catechetical material from Fr. Michael Rodriguez, a good priest who continues to be sadly persecuted for his adherence to the constant belief and practice of the Faith.  I posted a few weeks ago a video from Fr. Rodriguez on how to pray the Holy Rosary.  Intended for children, I found a great deal of benefit in that presentation.  Now, Fr. Rodriguez has given a class to the same audience on making a good Confession.  While acknowledging that some of the material is very basic, given the deplorable state of catechesis in the Church today (much of the present audience excepted, of course), perhaps this video is all the more helpful for its simplicity.

So many Catholics today, though they may be rich in years, have a childish understanding of the Faith, if they have one at all.  Even the most poorly formed adult can easily understand the nature of Confession and the importance of making a good one from this video.

I think even well-formed adults will, however, find much of benefit here:

To continue to support this kind of very solid caechesis, donations can be sent to:

St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas
5628 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, TX  79905
Phone # (915) 500-3025
Website: http://svfonline.org/
Email: stvincentferreroftexas@gmail.com

If you want to support the family run lay apostolate that makes these great videos, please specify the donation is for JMJHF Productions.

Now for something completely different, a blast from the Catholic past, a short video giving a brief and loving biography of Venerable Pope Pius XII.  There is much Catholic greatness to be gleaned below; it is almost impossible to believe that these scenes of piety, reverence, and devotion existed within living memory of today:

Contrast the celebration of the Holy Year 1950 with the pathetic denouement that is the “Year of Mercy.”

Watch out for anti-Catholic atheists in the comments if you go to Youtube.  They even parrot the now completely debunked claims that Pius XII ordered prayers offered in celebration of Hitler’s birthday.

Saint John Vianney on the danger of grumbling/swearing July 6, 2016

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Some catechesis from Saint John Marie Vianney on those little bad habits that serve to undermine our practice of virtue and can eventually even corrode our download (5)faith. These faults may seem innocuous, even very human, but as St. John Vianney notes below, they are filled with the spirit of the world and can serve to draw us further and further from God.  And, little faults can, over time, grow into serious sins. Perhaps there is some fruit below for many of us:

Another bad habit which is very common in homes and among working people is impatience, grumbling, and swearing.  Now, my children, where do you get with your impatience and your grumbling?  Do your affairs go any better?  Do they cause you any less trouble?  Is it not, rather, the other way around?  You have a lot more trouble with them, and, what is even worse, you lose all the merit which you might have gained for Heaven. 

But, you will tell me, that is all very well for those who have nothing to put up with………If they were in my shoes they would probably be much worse.

jean_marie_vianneyI would agree with all that, my children, if we were not Christians, if we had nothing to hope for beyond what benefits and pleasures we might taste in this world.  I would agree if – I repeat – we were the first people who ever suffered anything, but since the time of Adam until the present, all the Saints have had something to suffer, and most of them far more than have we.  But they suffered with patience, always subject to the will of God, and soon their troubles were finished, and their happiness, which has download (5)begun, will never come to an end.  Let us contemplate, my dear brethren, this beautiful Heaven, let us think about the happiness which God has prepared for us there, and we shall endure all the evils of life in a spirit of penitence, with the hope of an eternal reward.  If only you could have the happiness of being able to say in the evening that your whole day had been spent for God!

I tell you that working people, if they want to get to Heaven, should endure patiently the rigor of the seasons and the ill humor of those for whom they work; they should avoid those grumbles and bad language so commonly heard and fulfill their duties conscientiously and faithfully.  Husbands and wives should live peacefully in their union of marriage; they should be mutually edifying to each other, pray for one another, bear patiently with one another’s faults, encourage virtue in one another by good example, and follow the holy and sacred rules of their state, remembering that they are the children of the Saints and that, consequently, they ought not to behave like pagans, who have not the happiness of knowing the One True God.

————End Quote———-

One particular weakness I have at this time of year is complaining over the heat 5462144386a3c6669a0abfc1c457cfa0and humidity of north Texas.  God gave me a special gift in the form of profuse perspiration, something I inherited from my paternal grandmother.   Ever since adolescence, I sweat profusely, even at 75 degrees if I’m working hard.  This time of year, it’s a challenge not to complain about the heat, and its duration.  I catch myself complaining at times, like last night when what should have been a simple truck repair turned into an hour and a half sweat fest.  It’s an old habit, and not an easy one to break.

But since I read this sermon from St. John Vianney, I seem to be remembering at least a little better that complaining doesn’t accomplish anything but, perhaps, making me a bit more miserable. Hopefully that’s a first step towards overcoming one of my more major faults.