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A couple of great videos for you July 6, 2016

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JMJHFProductions continues to post very helpful catechetical material from Fr. Michael Rodriguez, a good priest who continues to be sadly persecuted for his adherence to the constant belief and practice of the Faith.  I posted a few weeks ago a video from Fr. Rodriguez on how to pray the Holy Rosary.  Intended for children, I found a great deal of benefit in that presentation.  Now, Fr. Rodriguez has given a class to the same audience on making a good Confession.  While acknowledging that some of the material is very basic, given the deplorable state of catechesis in the Church today (much of the present audience excepted, of course), perhaps this video is all the more helpful for its simplicity.

So many Catholics today, though they may be rich in years, have a childish understanding of the Faith, if they have one at all.  Even the most poorly formed adult can easily understand the nature of Confession and the importance of making a good one from this video.

I think even well-formed adults will, however, find much of benefit here:

To continue to support this kind of very solid caechesis, donations can be sent to:

St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation of Texas
5628 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, TX  79905
Phone # (915) 500-3025
Website: http://svfonline.org/
Email: stvincentferreroftexas@gmail.com

If you want to support the family run lay apostolate that makes these great videos, please specify the donation is for JMJHF Productions.

Now for something completely different, a blast from the Catholic past, a short video giving a brief and loving biography of Venerable Pope Pius XII.  There is much Catholic greatness to be gleaned below; it is almost impossible to believe that these scenes of piety, reverence, and devotion existed within living memory of today:

Contrast the celebration of the Holy Year 1950 with the pathetic denouement that is the “Year of Mercy.”

Watch out for anti-Catholic atheists in the comments if you go to Youtube.  They even parrot the now completely debunked claims that Pius XII ordered prayers offered in celebration of Hitler’s birthday.


1. Tim - July 6, 2016
Tantumblogo - July 6, 2016

Yes Cornwell’s atrocious book has been thoroughly debunked, and his anti-Catholic bias plainly revealed. Thank you for the helpful link.

2. Tim - July 6, 2016
3. Catholic hick in the sticks - July 7, 2016

From a letter from Fr. R. to his bishop posted on this blog earlier this year:

— “not a matter of “preference” or my “unwillingness” to obey; rather, there are all-important ecclesial, theological, liturgical, spiritual, ascetical, and pastoral reasons which compel me, in conscience, to offer the Traditional Latin Mass exclusively—

St. Augustine of Hippo said — In essentials, unity; In non-essentials, diversity; In all things charity.

If TLM is technically non-essential, what is the difference between Fr. R. and SSPX ? How can a person’s conscience rightly compel them to do something that is not absolutely required by the Church, while saying his conscience compels him to do it ? I have no objections to TLM, that’s not the point.

As a lifelong boonies Catholic myself, I object to complaints about Fr. R. being banished to some distant and tiny assignment. Anyone — clergy or laity — who complains about an assignment like that sounds prideful to me. Any priest who worries about being out in the boonies sounds to me like he worries more about his career than his conscience. St. John Vianney was out in the boonies. So was now-Bishop Seitz, as pastor of my parish — he does know what it’s like to be out here in the sticks BTW…

Just sayin’… And prayin’ for the correct solution to the situation.

If Fr. R. feels so strongly about this, has he considered joining the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter ? He seems determined to go the diocesan route… What’s more productive — going where he can celebrate Latin Mass for people, or having a battle of liturgy — and perhaps wills — with his Bishop ?

Tantumblogo - July 7, 2016

There is much more to Father’s situation than simply offering the TLM. That’s a key issue, but there are many more besides. Suffice it to say, the limitations imposed on Father in terms of what Mass he can offer, how he can offer it (and this latter, with absolutely zero justification in Canon Law or any official Church guidance), and what he can preach on – among other things – place impossible burdens on his conscience. The commands he has received from his bishop are unjust and unsubstantiated by anything other than the bishop’s whim/preference. As such, Father has appealed his situation to Rome, and that appeal is still ongoing. Until that is resolved, Father remains in limbo. Mind, the list of impositions on Father above is very partial – there are many more.

Not sure if you were referring to the past or not, but Father, while remaining a priest in good standing in the Diocese of El Paso, has no current assignment, rural or otherwise, in that diocese. He is on extended sabbatical at the bishop’s command. He has chosen to be obedient to that command even though other opportunities have been available to him. He is honoring his commitment and ordination in the Diocese of El Paso under extremely difficult circumstances. I find that those who are hardest on Father Rodriguez, know the least about his situation. The more people learn about the restrictions placed on him – and there is much that cannot be publicly shared – the more sympathetic folks tend to become to his plight.

4. Baseballmom - July 7, 2016

“Did I willingly attend non Catholic services?” Wow…. Isn’t the Pope going to not only attend but CELEBRATE at a non-Catholic service?

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