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How to maintain/develop sanctity in the midst of the crisis in the Church July 7, 2016

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Sermon from one of my favorite priests (in keeping with Sensus Fidelium‘s policy, I won’t name him, but I’m sure many of you will recognize his voice) on a topic of critical import: how can we not just keep our faith, but grow in holiness in the midst of all the terrible scandal and confusion of the present crisis in the Church?

Father presents a three-point plan:

[1] Fix your mind and heart on eternity.

[2] Strive in all things to conform yourself to the holy will of God.

[3] Meditate upon the grandeur and majesty of God and your own misery and nothingness.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of society in our time is mockery and hostility towards the things of God. Our faith is opposed to the world and so we must be very wary of any attempt to ‘harmonize’ the faith with the ways and culture of the world. The Catholic perspective is always one of eternity, of accepting all things as from the hand of God, and of great humility.

I haven’t time to bring out any more of the excellent points from this sermon, except for this: in this time, we will be far better served, both in terms of our salvation, but also in witnessing to others, by personal sanctity than by arguments from the intellect.  For whatever my recommendation is worth, I strongly believe you’d be doing yourself a favor if you listened to it in its entirety.  May God bless and sustain this suffering priest:

If you do listen, please remember, in your charity, to offer three Hail Marys for the priest and his needs and intentions.  Thank you and God bless you.


1. Dismas - July 7, 2016

Drink beer.

2. TS - July 8, 2016

This sounds like resignationism, and defeatism. I am sure many would be hoping for a message that was, say, a little more practical and hopeful. I don’t think this offers much hope to traditional people who are witnessing the triumph of insanity in contemporary culture.

3. DJR - July 8, 2016

A true priest.

4. Dismas - July 8, 2016

TS – Gimme a break. Can you distinguish tongue-in-cheek when it is offered?

5. Brian Springer - July 8, 2016

You were joking? I wished you mentioned that earlier! 😀

6. Ishmael Abraham - July 8, 2016

Divine peace or shalom in hebrew upon those who follow divine guidance. I am an orthodox Muslim electrical engineer from Pakistan and a student of sacred texts of Tafsir, Hadith and Ahlulbayt which we consider the universal Ark of Salvation. I am an admirer of catholic pro-traditionalism and their struggle against modern sexual depravity. Personally I prefer a sola scriptura approach in a skeptically pro-traditional framework similar to integrating Arian catholicism and biblical unitarianism, but still we need to develop an Islamo-Catholic co-operation against Godless modernity. I was looking for some catholic insights about dallas shootings so I came here. I enjoyed the thoughts about focusing on God and eternity as an antidote to spiritual crisis and Tablighi sufi missionaries emphasize that a lot. However, we try to focus on keeping first and greatest commandment to love One God especially with all our MINDS.

Tantumblogo - July 8, 2016

Wow. Let me get back to this. I’m a bit overwhelmed with local events right now.

7. Baseballmom - July 8, 2016

Excellent sermon. Thank you. Prayers for all of you in the Dallas area. Kyrie Eleison.

8. Steve - July 9, 2016

Great post! Hope you’re doing well bud!

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