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The “homosexual” influence on the Novus Ordo Mass July 7, 2016

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Via Fr. Richard Heilman of Madison, WI, a small data point on the “homosexual” influence on the Novus Ordo Mass, especially in the form of those deplorable hymns that so degrade and clutter the Novus Ordo as offered in practically every parish in the country.  Ever notice that so many of them have “show tune” type melodies?  Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

If one browses through one of the many hymnals produced by Oregon Catholic Publishing that fill the pews of virtually every Novus Ordo parish, one will find two names more prominent than perhaps all others – Marty Haugen and David Haas.  As Fr. Heilman shows below, Haas, at least, holds some truly blasphemous beliefs regarding the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and St. Paul:

…..[M]y greatest repulsion for this music stems from the way these “tunes” pull us “out of” a sense of the sacred, rather than drawing us in. There is a “spirit” that has irked me for all these years.

To understand this “spirit” a bit more, see that today the same David Haas posted on FB his “openness” to the sexual activity of Jesus Christ.

Folks … stay very, very clear of this music.

Father then shared the following from David Haas’ Facebook page:


Blasphemies like this regarding Our Blessed Lord or the Saints always say far, far more about those who make them than their intended targets.  This supposed “debate” is founded on nothing more than the fevered imaginings of those so given over in their own lives to disordered lusts and  uncontrolled appetites that they have to disparage even God Himself in an attempt to justify themselves in their own minds.

We have mountains of evidence from Scripture and Tradition that completely, utterly disprove any notion of Our Lord, especially, was anything other than completely, totally chaste.  This attempt to turn the Christ into a creature given over to sexual appetites is in fact a revival of gnostic perversions long ago refuted.

Even if one rejects Scripture and Tradition, by reason alone, does Haas believe it impossible for souls to remain celibate for long periods of time?  Does he thus throw out the testimony of thousands of Saints and thousands more living religious today, who successfully maintain(ed) celibacy over decades?  Again, much is being revealed here, but it ain’t about the Saints or Our Lord.

And yet this man, apparently comfortable with contemplating such perversions of thought and blasphemies against Our Lord, has a profound influence on the Mass as offered in 99+% of all Catholic parishes in the Anglosphere, at least.  What are we to make of that?

Of course, you know the answer to that.  Haugen-Haas musical influence on the Mass is a core part of its decomposition into a happy clappy festival of mutual admiration and self-appreciation.  It is the quintessence of the reduction of the Mass from transcendent, vertical offering of adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication to God, to a horizontal festival of man in all his “glory.”  Some might even call it a different religion.

But of course, who are we to judge?


1. kimzef2015 - July 7, 2016

Hey you left out DanSchutte! A homosexual, ex-priest who is the artist in residence at University of SanFrancisco!!

The inspiration for his latest Mass was “My Little Pony.”


Baseballmom - July 7, 2016

Oh my goodness! I KNEW that Gloria was familiar…. I have 5 yr old granddaughters 😉

2. Brian Springer - July 7, 2016

Bleh, even the way he talks is unmanly. Anyway, this blog post has got me thinking about the influence the historical-critical school of thought has had in creating the modernist movement. The Radical Catholic wrote a very insightful post about this matter some weeks ago. You can find it here on 1Peter5: http://www.onepeterfive.com/a-crisis-of-meaning-sacred-scripture-and-the-rise-of-modernism-pt-i/.

The “historical Jesus” debate has basically become a gateway for heretics to unleash their heresies under the guise of critical-scholarship. You of course know this, but it’s interesting to see how it continues to play a role in the current crisis in the Church today, as Haas has demonstrated through his abominable remarks.

Tantumblogo - July 7, 2016

Helpful link. I appreciate it, thanks.

3. John Moore - July 8, 2016

Haas represents why I got out of FB. Too aggravating, too much a playground for narcissistic heathens. Look at what a patronizing twit he is as well.

4. Mar - July 12, 2016

Is he even a Catholic? (Non-rhetorical question!) Marty Haugen certainly isn’t. Yet he is allowed to hold sway over Catholics in what is most precious in their Faith, the Mass. But perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised. After all six Protestants helped design the NO Mass.

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