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A Nightmare in Dallas – UPDATED July 8, 2016

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What an awful night.  I’m sure readers are all aware of the hellish atrocity that occurred last night in Dallas.  It was not a “tragedy!”  I am so sick of the culture of lies in which we are awash, and misidentifying brutal, deliberate, premeditated attacks like this as “tragedies” is part of that culture.  A tragedy is when a  tornado strikes, or a bridge collapses.  When people are killed as a result of deliberate, evil intent, it’s something else entirely – an atrocity, an unspeakable evil, a fruit of satan.

There is so much to discuss I hardly know where to begin.  First, I’d like to clarify something.  The national media (and local media, too, to an extent) is portraying this Black Lives Matter march as totally peaceful and happy prior to the atrocity which took place.  This is true in the sense that no acts of violence were committed until the shooting started, but there was a lot of very heated rhetoric and intimidation going on.

According to eyewitness reports on local media last night (which seem to be disappearing), marchers were shouting “F— the Police,” “No Justice No Peace,” and worse, taunting them, obstructing them in their duties at times, and behaving in a more and more confrontational manner as the march went along.  It is now known that the killer was probably not part of the march but used the event as a venue to target police, but he was certainly motivated by BLM rhetoric which increasingly posits that any police shooting of a black male is entirely unjustified.  And, there were absolutely deplorable interviews of marchers last night that showed little empathy for the cops and several strongly implied the police got what was coming to them.  This latter comment came from one of the leaders of the march, and was broadcast on KDFW Fox 4 last night at about 11 pm.  The reporter shut down the interview very quickly when it became apparent where it was going. I doubt that particular segment will be vaulted or made available online.

Right now the situation remains fluid and confused.  All night, Dallas Police maintained that there were two shooters, shooting in a triangulated pattern from elevated structures.  While 2 or 3 people remain in custody for questioning, only one murderer has been definitively caught, and killed, by a police bomb robot.  This occurred after negotiations had broken down and the murderer opened fire again on police.  There is video footage of the man killing Officer David Brent Thompson.  He shot him 4 or 5 times at point blank range with an AR-type weapon and left him to bleed out on the ground.  His blood stains and shell casings still litter the entrance to the El Centro Junior College building.

The known murderer has been identified as Micah X Johnson of Mesquite, Texas.  Johnson is reported as having no known priors and no ties to terror groups.  While I am generally disdainful of claims that people may be motivated to violence by political rhetoric, in this case, there seems little other motive than an outrage generated by the BLM movement.  The killer deliberately targeted white and/or hispanic cops.  According to Dallas Police Chief David Brown:

“He wanted to kill officers, and he expressed killing white people, he expressed killing white officers,” Brown said. “He expressed anger for Black Lives Matter.

This Black Lives Matters movement have practiced increasing levels of hateful rhetoric, intolerance, political theater (like shutting down freeways during rush hour, attacking other protests, interrupting/attacking other political events), and incitements to violence over the past year or two.  Now, the motivation for the worst mass attack on Dallas law enforcement in the city’s history has been directly attributed to this.  The left has lectured its opponents for years that political talk they don’t like serves as an incitement to violence.  I’ve always thought that’s balderdash, but, fine,  you made the rule, now play by it.   Of course they won’t, it’s all about nothing but power to them and whatever it takes to get it, so already they are trying to declare criticism of BLM verboten with regard to this atrocity.

In fact, the arch-idiot kleptocrat Jesse Jackson is trying to blame this attack on Trump!

A few other notes: there were some early suspects identified as men who were open carrying during the march, deliberately exercising their 2nd Amendment rights in a rather provocative way.  At least one of those men peacefully turned his firearm over to police as the shooting began, and later met with police to discuss the situation.  He was cleared and released.

Whether there were other shooters involved remains uncertain.  It seems improbable to me that one shooter could so quickly transit from a parking garage to ground level and back again, shooting all the time and successfully targeting a dozen police, killing five.  However, the latest press conference from Police Chief David Brown hinted that there was only one shooter.

At present, the atrocity stands at 12 police shot with five killed, and two civilians injured.  The  names of two of the police have been released:  the aforementioned Brent Thompson, a Dallas Area Rapid Transit policeman, and Dallas PD Officer Patrick Zamarripa.  I pray for the repose of their souls, and those of the other three killed.  I pray for the quick healing of the injured officers and civilians.  I pray for strength and solace for the families affected, especially the children who have lost their fathers.

Of course, the ultimate root cause of all this chaos in our society is the diabolical disorientation and reprobate sense that has afflicted tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans.  This is exactly the kind of behavior you get in a post-Christian, barbaric, neo-pagan society, and it will only get worse.  Be prepared.  The answer from Church leaders to atrocities of this kind should not be a call for political action, but a call to conversion.

UPDATE: Video of “protesters” mocking police AFTER the shooting.  Also, drunken protesters attempted to loot a local 7-11 and then mocked and harassed officers sent to defend it.

Photos of the two deceased identified at present, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarippa:


I watched this poor man get cut to pieces last night on video.  He ducked right, when he should have ducked left.  But he was trying very hard to stop the shooter, and lost his life in the process.  He was very close. UPDATE: Further analysis reveals Thompson actually hit the murderer at least once with his sidearm, but it seems the Army killer was wearing hard body armor and the handgun round(s) just bounced off.  Then he very coolly tracked Thompson and shot him repeatedly at point blank range.


This will probably be the only post of the day,  because I was up really late last night, but I may try to update it as more information becomes available.


1. Baseballmom - July 8, 2016

Thank you for this local report. I thought the emphasis on “peaceful” Black Lies Matter protestors was very suspicious.

Camper - July 12, 2016
2. steveesq - July 8, 2016

I watched the police chief and mayor this morning and thought also that the word tragedy was out of place, and said aloud that it was murder, not tragedy. Thanks for sharing your take on this. You’re right in every respect.

3. Vox Cantoris (@VoxCantoris) - July 8, 2016

We are very sorry for the loss of life and the suffering of the families. May God grant mercy and peace to the souls and comfort to the afflicted. So sorry also for what you are suffering in your City.

Vox and Fox, Toronto

Tantumblogo - July 8, 2016

Vox, I’m crushed about Fr. Carota! I did not even know he was sick. My goodness. Such a sad day.

Tim - July 8, 2016
Tantumblogo - July 8, 2016

And I should have said, thank you for the condolences. Please pray for MB who was on duty last night but thank God was not injured.

4. Vox Something - July 8, 2016

I haven’t heard a peep from the liberal media (I repeat myself) about the protester open-carrying a rifle in a group calling for violence. It doesn’t fit their narrative. They should be figuratively tarred and feathered for the double-standard.

Daze Inde - July 8, 2016

Your lucky “not a peep from the liberal media…”. In the hell hole of Detroit, editorial page editor of the Detroit Free Press, Stephen Henderson outdid himself, in his usual imitation of a leftist pig. Front page headlines, “deadly police shootings,: show huge photos of crying black women, for blacks shot dead in 1950 Mississipi’ others from Louisiana, Marianne Mobley crying for her dead black son in 1955 Chicago, etc. NOT THE HORRIFIC shooting in Dallas. Detroit Free Press and Henderson are the ultimate in the propaganda press.

May God have mercy on the officers who lived/died as heroes, giving their lives to protect others, in the awful Dallas rampage, and comfort their families. “Greater love hath no man than he who lays down his life for a friend.”

Elizabeth - July 9, 2016

@Vox: I saw this YouTube clip from MSNBC. The armed, black protester answered Chris Hayes perfectly. http://www.mrctv.org/videos/watch-dallas-man-falsely-accused-shooting-school-chris-hayes-gun-rights

5. guy Mcclung - July 8, 2016

Be comforted-in many news reports referring to guns, rifles, and weapons, I cannot find that any “assault” rifles were used. Imagine how terrible that would have been.

6. Tim - July 8, 2016

RIP brave officers, prayers for all of you and your families.

Shame on you Mr. Obama for politicizing this!!

7. Tim - July 8, 2016
8. TF - July 8, 2016

Black Lives Matter is funded in large part by George Soros. Why does violence and chaos always break out wherever he funds “grass roots” or “democratic” movements? Strange . . .

Requiem aeternum dona eis, Domine.

Trump voter - July 11, 2016

Cause enough chaos, martial law will “have” to be declared and — surprise surprise — Obama will just have to stay in office.

Trump voter - July 12, 2016

P.S. Oh lookee what I just found a few minutes ago posted on PewSitter — top headline in red:

Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law


9. Tim - July 9, 2016
10. Tim - July 9, 2016
11. Tim - July 9, 2016
12. Tim - July 11, 2016

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