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Leftist Always Project July 13, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, foolishness, horror, It's all about the $$$, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, unbelievable BS.
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Sorry for the lack of posts.  Nothing wrong, just life/work.  It’s just how it’s going to be with a “real” job.

Social Justice Warriors – IOW, Leftists – Always Lie.  And they always project.  Projection is the psychological phenomenon of attributing nasty characteristics to others that the accuser himself actually holds.  Hillary Clinton just gave a case study in this phenomenon by asserting that a President Trump might do what Obama and his Administration have already done in spades – using the power of government to punish political enemies.  Remember Obama’s use of the IRS to target and persecute conservative tea party groups?  Yeah, good times. Klinton now fake-worries that Trump might do the same.

Pot, meet kettle:

Hillary: Can you imagine electing a vindictive man who might … send the IRS after his critics?….[Said the woman who parleyed the Secretariat of State into hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign quid pro quo payments for decisively turning US policy to the benefit of kleptocrat insiders around the world.  Any country that would even contemplating electing this vicious felon as president is, I think, beyond saving.]

……..Even lamer, if the IRS decides to start taking down political enemies, it’s more likely they’d focus on taking down President Trump himself than his adversaries. Judging by their political donations, IRS employees lean in exactly the partisan direction you’d expect the taxman to lean. Obama didn’t need to tell Lois Lerner to target tea partiers. That sort of thing would occur to her naturally given the agency’s institutional lean.

Oh, one more thing: Did I hallucinate it or aren’t Hillary Clinton and her husband notorious for holding vindictive grudges against people who cross them, to the point where they actually havea written enemies’ list? Claire McCaskill was so terrified of being on that list after she endorsed Obama early in 2008 that she turned around and issued her Hillary 2016 endorsement in 2013. You cross Trump and you’ll get a nasty tweet written about you. You cross Hillary and you’ve got a network of Washington power players who won’t forget. Imagine electing a person as vindictive as that. Surely she wouldn’t use federal agencies to settle scores, right?

Incredible.   Just think how secure Clinton must secure to use this as an attack angle.  She and her cabal are utterly convinced – and with plenty of reason! – that the media will never hold them accountable for their weaponization of the US government against private citizens.  Heck, we’ve already seen that movie, and we know how it turned out.  The entire left-wing establishment collectively lost its mind over Nixon engaging in a shoddy coverup at Watergate, hyperventilating that democracy itself was on the ropes and that Nixon wanted to be king, while they breathe nary a word about crimes and misdemeanors far more atrocious from the party of the left.

As this country rapidly decays from a flawed republic into an tyrannical oligarchy, the media bears the largest share of the blame for becoming not unbiased reporters of fact but torch-bearers of the left-liberal revolution.  It is hilarious watching them whine and lament over the poison choice we have in 2016 among the presidential candidates. Their crocodile tears don’t convince me in the slightest.

I cannot believe I am living through what seems to be the almost certain dissolution/collapse of the United States of America.  Oh, there will probably still be a country bearing the name, but it won’t be the country I grew up in, or that my forebears helped shape in some tiny degree.

The process of dissolution is going to be unbelievably ugly, as we see all around us.  What kills me the most is that this country is falling into leftism, after outlasting the USSR and a hundred other threats.

Amazing, in a terrible way.

Hopefully I can post more tomorrow.