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You Vote: Trump or No? July 14, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic.

I haven’t run a poll on this blog in years, but I’m curious, how many readers are supporting Trump in 2016?  Pretty simple poll:

I will try to keep this poll pinned near the top so more people will vote, hopefully.  I stopped doing polls because few voted in them, but that was before I became so awesome and famous.

I’m curious to get a read on at least a sub-section of traditional-leaning Catholics on this.



1. Anonimo - July 14, 2016

I could have legitimately clicked two of those – Voting for Trump and “We’re Franked Anyway.”

cenlacatholic - July 15, 2016


2. Brian E. Breslin - July 14, 2016

Ah Tantum you were always aces in all of our books, never doubt that.
I still am a registered Democrat who has not voted for a major party candidate since I pulled the lever for Carter in 76 after voting McGovern in 72. I saw how much a failure Jimma was in his term and agonized over whether I could actually vote for Reagan. But I voted my conscience and went for John Anderson that year and third party ever since and feel darned good about it. Everywhere I was stationed went Democrat and Maine still does. I guess I hope against hope that the Party of my Dad will someday come to its senses and throw out all the wackos and weirdos who run the Ds under pain of duress and browbeating. That was the party of Bob Casey, but then again even that good man’s son has spat time and again on his Dad’s Faith and voted with sickos who run the Party.
So put me down for not voting Trump, but I’d slit my throat before I’d even think of voting for that criminal female Clinton.

3. oneholyapostolic - July 15, 2016

You all need to head over to the conservative treehouse for some background on this election and Mr. Trump. Read “And you’re worried what Trump might do?” https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/09/07/an-open-letter-to-jonah-goldberg-re-the-gop-and-donald-trump/

4. Baseballmom - July 15, 2016

Yes TB, YOU are the awesome-est and famous-est blogger I know… But then, I only read two blogs…. Soooo….

And now we have Nice, France. What next?

5. John MacGovern - July 15, 2016

No Trump. Can’t vote for him…of course can’t vote for Hillary either.

John 802-238-3970


Tim - July 15, 2016

A non or 3rd party vote is a vote for Hillary. We can survive a Trump presidency not a Hillary Clinton one. She is the most vile and evil human being on earth. I’d rather have her husband back……..I never thought I would say that…ever. Hold your nose and vote for Trump.

Elizabeth - July 15, 2016

Yeppers. It took me a while to come around to deciding that I’ll be voting for Trump (after Cruz dropped) but literally all that matters, for our country, is keeping Hillary out of the WH. And me not voting at all or doing a symbolic my-conscience-is-clear write in, is a vote for Hillary. Period.

Brian E. Breslin - July 16, 2016

You guys do not understand about Maine. The State is already in the bag for Hillary no matter how I vote. And I cannot vote for Trump for many of the same reasons Tantum cites. So I get to vote my conscience and that is not a copout. Those of you in red or purple states do have a harder task indeed.

Tim - July 16, 2016

In this bizarre election nothing is “in the bag”. Hillary Clinton MUST be defeated one vote at a time. Please join the NeverHillary effort.

Baseballmom - July 16, 2016

I’m in a battleground state…. UGH!!! Between the constant phone calls and all the Hildebeast ads (no Trump ads yet) I am just biding my time til this nonsense is over. And, because I’m battleground, I must vote Trump. Who would have thought this a year ago??????

6. Judy - July 15, 2016

If I fail to vote for Trump, then I have just increased Hillary’s chance of winning by one vote, the one that I did not give to Trump.
Definitely I will vote for Trump, who has the greatest likelihood of winning compared to any third party candidate. Hillary would eat a live baby on television to get an oval office. She is a known evil. I’ll take the unknown.

7. Soccer Mom - July 15, 2016

I feel the same way. Trump has a deplorable personal life and does not attempt to hide that in any way. It seems impossible that this is really the best we could come up with! But a Hillary win is terrifying. I truly fear that she will find a way to make homeschooling illegal and we will have to flee the country. Probably leaning closer to a Trump vote, but I don’t feel at all good about it.
No one ever mentions this, but I’m not sure why we actually believe that Donald Trump has our country’s best interests at heart in running for the presidency. He openly admits that he has financially backed candidates from both parties in the past for his own economic security. How can a person do this if he actually cares about political policy at all?
What we do know about Trump is that he is financially savvy. And would it be a stretch to imagine that he may use his position in office to further line his pockets?

8. Frank Walker - July 15, 2016

Hello TantumB. I don’t see a selection here that I can choose. I’m going to vote Trump, but he’s not ‘my man!’ It’s just that Hillary’s not ‘my girl!’

9. Converted - July 15, 2016

To say you WON’T vote is a vote for Hellary , to vote for a third party is a vote for Hellary. No that isn’t a misspelling. In this case Hillary means Hellary; which is what she is and what we will get .
We can always pray for conversion of one but I’m afraid for Hillary, the evil may run to deep.
In short I’m voting for Thrump.

10. oneholyapostolic - July 15, 2016

It’s globalism vs nationalism. You stay home and you vote for globalism by default. Welcome to the North American Union.

Dismas - July 15, 2016

You are correct on this point, and it is an important one.

Trump voter (UD alumna) - July 16, 2016

If more people would have gotten behind Pat Buchanan years ago, we wouldn’t need Trump for a nationalist candidate now. The Buchanan Brigade would have implemented policies which would still be in place and have far reaching effects. I heard him speak at the Univ. of Dallas (Irving) in ’92. Paul Tsongas (remember him ?) was also around campus at approximately the same time. Worthy of note: Pat was riling against gays even then, I remember it from the speech. I still have my ticket stub for the talk, it’s in my copy of “The Federalist” (papers). Yeah, I’m female and I voted Trump in the Texas primary. Go figure. My degree is in economics.

11. patt - July 15, 2016

Do we have a choice? I will reluctantly vote for him, my
son will vote for neither candidate.

12. Tim - July 15, 2016

All of you “NoTrumpers”……your position will help put this in power:


Please put aside your fears of Mr. Trump and help prevent this diabolical woman from becoming president.

tg - July 15, 2016

Amen. My sentiments exactly.

13. Tim - July 15, 2016

14. Pete - July 15, 2016

I view this as not so much the selection of the next president as it is the selection of Scalia’s replacement. And maybe Ginsburg’s. We can survive four years of Trump. We would not survive a generation of a majority-liberal Supreme Court, which is what a President Hillary would give us.

Tim - July 15, 2016


Camper - July 15, 2016


15. dthy - July 16, 2016

I suppose we can just vote straight Republican, say we’re supporting the policies of the Republican platform, which includes pro life. Whether the candidates, as individuals or as a group adhere to moral principles in their personal lives or in their public policy may be another question, but we can only do what is possible for us.

16. MrT - July 16, 2016

A few random thoughts. First, conservativetreehouse is extremely biased and nothing but proTrump. Second, I saw two other choices on two polls that I would think would be fun to add: Would you rather have the Sweet Meteor of Death slam into the Earth? and Would you rather be shot in the face? Third, read the Epistle for the Third Sunday of Lent (EF), Ephesians 5:1-9. Then tell us you Trumpidians and AnybodyButHillaryists that you still choose the Orange-Faced One.

17. MrT - July 16, 2016

Clarification: Trump professes to be a Christian. He professes to never have done anything requiring him to seek God’s forgiveness. Scandalous. His friend Maureen Dowd, referring to his history of sexual adventurism, asked him in an interview if he had ever paid for an abortion. His response, “That’s an interesting question.” Doubly scandalous. Now apply Ephesians 5:1-9 to this fellow Christian.

Tim - July 16, 2016

Have you voted before or interacted with any human beings? If yes then you’ve probably gone against this Epistle.

MrT - July 16, 2016

If you have voted or interacted with any human beings, then by your own question, you have gone against this Epistle. If you are saying that the Word of God is nonsense, and I am being nonsensical for believing in it, we have no common ground for discussion.

Tim - July 16, 2016

Where did I say the Word of God is nonsense? Please give a direct answer to my question.
Another question: who should we vote for, Hillary?

MrT - July 17, 2016

From “The Catechism Explained” by Frs. Spirago and Clarke. Part II.A.X, Transgressions of the Fourth Commandment, #3, an excerpt: “In the exercise of his civil rights, it is incumbent on the citizen to obey the will of the Lord and God, for he will one day have to answer for the manner in which he exercised that right. … And electors will be responsible for the men they have returned to [government by voting for them]. … Catholic electors ought not return as their representative one … who regards with indifference or contempt the teachings … of the Church. … better not to vote at all …” Deal Hudson, writing in publication “Christian Review” has explained that in politics our US Bishops have identified prudential matters, in which opinions and positions can reasonably vary, and five settled matters, which are tied to intrinsic evils and are non-negotiable. The settled matters are abortion, euthanasia, cloning, embryonic stem cells, and marriage. Clinton is hostile to Church teachings on two for sure (abortion and marriage), we can count on the other three as well. Trump is indifferent on the same two, we can count on the other three. Yes, he’s indifferent on abortion. He’s flipped-flopped and mealy-mouthed too much on it. Both Clinton and Trump are 5 for 5 hostile or indifferent to Church teachings on settled matters. Better not to vote for either. So be careful if you choose otherwise. A Fourth Commandment issue. Better have a reason you believe voting for Trump “can avert evil and promote what is good”.

Tim - July 18, 2016

You avoided my questions.

Tim - July 18, 2016

From the Gospel of the 8th Sunday After Pentecost: “And I say to you: Make unto you friends of the mammon of iniquity, that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings. “

18. Peter - July 18, 2016

Prolifers have no choice but to vote for Trump. The president is essentially impotent on abortion. Congress makes the laws. Courts uphold or overturn the laws. We need control of the Supreme Court. Only chance for that is Trump. I wonder if deliberately NOT voting for Trump is to be complicit in evil.

Tim - July 18, 2016


Baseballmom - July 20, 2016

Too bad DJ Jr. isn’t the candidate…. Young, articulate, married to one woman… Five children… A man who seems to have raised some very fine kids must have something going for him…

Baseballmom - July 20, 2016

“DT Jr”

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